Whatever floats your boat! Ship seems cruising across the sky

Optical illusion by the water and sky made the ship appear to cruise among clouds

A bemused guy has actually recorded a stunning visual fallacy showing a large boat appearing to float throughout the sky.

Colin McCallum spotted the red ship apparently hovering above the horizon as he travelled through Banff, Aberdeenshire on Friday.

Initially awestruck, he filmed the uncommon sight, prior to working out how the optical illusion had been created.

Low lying cloud make it challenging to see where the pale blue water ends and the similarly coloured sky starts.

Couple with this, the area of water better to the shore looks darker as it is in the shadow of another cloud development.

The ship’s keel is submerged in the water but the similar colours of the sea and sky make it appear like a shallow vessel hovering above the horizon.

Colin, a health and wellness worker from Turriff, Aberdeenshire, shared the clip and his images onto Facebook later that day, writing: ‘Saw a real-life visual fallacy in Banff today.’

Colin McCallum identified a stunning optical illusion of a red ‘floating vessel’ on the horizon as he took a trip through Banff, Aberdeenshire on Friday

Colin said: ‘When I initially saw the boat, I needed to do a double-take since I really believed it was drifting.

‘ Upon further evaluation, however, I discovered that it remained in fact simply an impressive optical illusion.’

He added: ‘It was brought on by a cloud formation closer to the shore which altered the colour of the water better to the land.

‘ The boat, being further away, was in a cloudless location and therefore the sky showed the sea- making it appear like the boat was floating.’

At first awestruck, he quickly exercised how the similar colouring of the sea and sky created a visual fallacy of the big vessel seems sitting amongst the clouds

He published his video online, captioning it: ‘Saw a real life optical illusion today.’

Social media users were left baffled by the video, with some explaining it as ‘freaky’.

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