Weirdest tech from CES 2021 you need to see

Weirdest tech from CES 2021 you require to see

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CES is always a testing ground for brand-new– and often strange– tech. And 2021 was no exception. That’s why today we’re assembling the weirdest tech from CES 2021. Have a look at this post for tech designs and principles that will make you laugh and scratch your head.

WOWCube system portable game in use

Every year, CES showcases its share of cool, intriguing, and sometimes simply plain bonkers tech. Today we’re focusing on the latter given that it’s constantly fun to see styles that are a little off the wall and question how they may influence future innovation. And we’re quite sure that the weirdest tech from CES 2021 will not dissatisfy.

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On the gaming end of the spectrum, there was a full-body haptic suit with 40 built-in feedback points. Obviously, if you get shot, you feel the vibrations immediately in the specific area where you got hit to respond more quickly. And, for the over-stressed, this space-age massage chair by Bang & Olufsen has a built-in AI function that recognizes your voice and reveals the targeted muscles and blood spots. So let’s have a look at some of the weirdest things CES 2021 had to provide.

Mojo Vision Lens AR Contact Lenses

First up on our list of the weirdest tech from CES 2021 is the

Mojo Vision Lens AR Contact Lenses

These contact lenses bring tech right to your eyeball. Utilizing microelectronics, they show helpful info in your field of vision. So they can reveal you things like directions to a designated destination, the weather condition, or notes for an essential discussion. It’s literally like having a cheat sheet for your eyes.

MOFLIN AI Robotic Family Pet

Yes, you can snuggle up with tech, and its name is the

MOFLIN AI Robot Family Pet

This charming AI robotic pet really grows and develops its own feelings thanks to an algorithm that evaluates modifications in its environment through sensing units. Over time, this little family pet becomes attached to its owner and expresses its feelings towards you through a range of sweet sounds and movements.

Razer Task Brooklyn Idea Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for an unusual, albeit practical, method to game, you might be up for the

Razer Job Brooklyn Concept Video Gaming Chair

It’s virtually a video gaming setup in one piece of tech. At simply the touch of a button, a 60 ″ rollout OLED emerges from the back of the chair. Modular 4D armrests have a collapsible table stowed within, letting you change quickly between console and PC video gaming. And with Razer HyperSense Innovation integrated into the chair’s structure, you’ll feel every bump, hit, and explosion.

Samsung Bot Handy Smart Home Robot

Another of the weirdest tech gizmos from CES 2021 is the

Samsung Bot Handy Smart Home Robotic

This robot acts like an automated home butler given that it can put away the meals, tidy a messy room, and even pour white wine. Ok, this one isn’t as unusual as it is remarkable. Bot Handy completes these remarkable jobs and more thanks to innovative AI that helps it recognize and get objects of various sizes, weights, and shapes.

LG Display Transparent OLED TELEVISION

Watching TV is about to get a whole lot more comfortable with the

LG Display Transparent OLED TV

This concept TV rolls out from the foot of your bed and is 40% transparent. So it can also work as a wise home gadget, showing info like the time, the weather, or when an alarm is arranged to sound. The designers behind this ingenious TV visualize its use in public areas like dining establishments and transportation.

LG Rollable Phone

Have you ever desired a phone that rolls? Now you can have one with the

LG Rollable Phone

, another interesting product on our roundup of the weirdest tech from 2021. This phone’s screen extends into the size of a small tablet, becoming a two-in-one device. It improves your on-the-go video-watching and work experience. Plus, it’s fun seeing the screen furl and unfurl in landscape mode.

bHaptics TactSuit X40 Full-Body Haptic Match


bHaptics TactSuit X40 Full-Body Haptic Match

provides users an entire brand-new way to end up being immersed in their material. With 40 integrated feedback points, it delivers a tactile feedback experience whether you utilize VR, PC, or console gaming– or are simply seeing a motion picture. You’ll feel raindrops and wind, and the vibrations from a hit. You’ll also communicate with other individuals on social platforms more realistically.

ArcX Sports Ring

Another peculiar product on our list of the weirdest tech from 2020 is the

ArcX Sports Ring

This unusually shaped ring makes it much easier to access your phone while you ride your bike. It has a small joystick on the top that lets users easily answer calls, switch tracks, and total practically any task on their phone. There are likewise a number of cases you can strap the ArcX into to strap it onto a handlebar or oar. It also connects to Bluetooth-controlled equipment like action electronic cameras or wireless speakers.

QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen Massage Chair


QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen Massage Chair

looks a little sci-fi with its gold product and futuristic style. According to the company, this seat delights the senses of touch and hearing with features like no gravity mode and ventilated cooled and heated seats. It likewise features AI technology that recognizes your voice and lets you see the muscles and blood areas targeted during a massage.

WOWCube System Handheld Game

A brand brand-new take on the old Rubik’s, the

WOWCube System Handheld Video Game

is another of the weirdest tech from CES 2021. It features 24 high-resolution screens and 8 autonomous modules. It also has an integrated CPU and multiple magnetic adapters. And, given that it’s made with an open API and SDK, you can even establish new games to use this device.

As you can see, there was a lot of interesting, off-the-wall tech at CES 2021. Which ones did you discover the most interesting? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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