WADA Calls Russia Ban Over Doping ‘Extremely Strong’ Move

By omitting Russia from significant global sporting competitors for the next two years over systematic doping, the Court of Arbitration for Sport made a “very strong” relocation that validates the work of the World Anti-Doping Company (WADA), its director general Olivier Niggli informed AFP.

Niggli used his thoughts on the problem in an interview, key excerpts of which are below:

Q: Are you pleased with the choice by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which did not verify all of WADA’s suggestions against Russia?

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which is headquartered in Montreal, has actually hailed the choice by the Court of Arbritration for Sport versus Russia over its organized doping practices AFP/ Eric THOMAS

A: “We’re disappointed that a few of our recommendations were not adopted in full. But most of them were. At the end of the day, Russia will not be at the Olympics for an entire cycle, implying a summer season and winter season video games.

( Note: Russian professional athletes will be able to complete, however only as neutrals if they can prove no connection to doping.).

” Today’s choice is a lot more robust than the one in 2014. In particular, it validates that the new global requirements for compliance that came into force on April 1, 2018 provide a really strong legal framework for these cases.

” This choice validated with no appointment the manipulation that took place, and that CAS verified and accepted the allegations drawn up by WADA.

” WADA played its prosecutorial role. It left nothing to opportunity and we respect the court’s decision.”.

WADA director general Olivier Niggli says the next step is to pursue private unfaithful cases that include doping AFP/ Eric THOMAS.

Q: Are you preparing to appeal?

A: “At the minute, I do not think this belongs to our plan. We will require to evaluate the complete judgment prior to we take a decision. An appeal is possible in Swiss federal court on an extremely limited, technical, legal basis.

” For us, what’s most important now is to focus our efforts on private cases where cheating has been alleged that ought to be pursued. We will follow up with international sporting federations who received what they require to pursue these cases months back.”.

Q: Do you think this decision by the CAS will alter how USADA, which has been really critical of WADA, handles this concern?

A: “I hope that our friends at USADA who criticized the procedure that we followed on the Russian file, will accept that in the end, we have a strong choice against Russia, which allowed us to recover information from Moscow and launch proceedings in private cases– which would never have been possible if we had not proceeded as we did.

” We have actually now handled to have sanctions versus Russia and the confirmation that we have a strong and robust legal framework to deal with these cases going forward.”

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