Volvo Goes All in On Electric Cars, Online Sales

Chinese-owned Swedish car manufacturer Volvo said Tuesday it will produce only electric lorries by 2030 and sell them all specifically online.

Volvo is among a growing crop of business planning to ditch nonrenewable fuel source cars in the next few years, as demand for zero-emission cars increases and governments put pressure on firms to cut pollution.

Indian-owned Jaguar stated last month it would produce only electric cars from 2025, while United States auto giant Ford stated it would aim to have an all-electric fleet in Europe by 2030.

” The company means to only offer fully electrical automobiles and phase out any automobile in its global portfolio with an internal combustion engine, consisting of hybrids,” Volvo stated in a statement.

The business said half of its automobiles must be electrical in 2025, with online sales accounting for half of its volume.

China’s Geely Holding bought a struggling Volvo Cars in 2010 from Ford and has since helped it take pleasure in a renaissance as a maker of high quality automobiles.

Nevertheless, last month Geely Auto stated it would not go on with a planned merger with Volvo but the two companies would rather enhance their cooperation on electric lorries.

Volvo is amongst a growing crop of companies planning to ditch fossil fuel lorries in the next few years, as demand for zero-emission cars increases and federal governments put pressure on companies to cut contamination. AFP/ Tolga Akmen

Volvo is due later on Tuesday to unveil its 2nd all electrical automobile, a C40 SUV, and is readying a smaller design particularly fit for European road conditions.

The company states its transfer to online sales will provide more openness on pricing and choices for its consumers.

” If you ask people it is quite a big inflammation that you do not have a clear picture of the price,” company boss Hakan Samuelsson informed AFP.

” The purchasing process seems quite complex today, it ought to be simpler and more transparent,” he stated.

” We are also simplifying the menu. You have a great deal of choices. We will introduce a sort of a ‘meal of the day’ however we will likewise introduce great combinations and people can pick in between those.”

Volvo proved resistant through the coronavirus crisis in 2015, restricting the recession in sales to simply six percent worldwide, helped by strong markets in China and North America which balance out a sharp slowdown in Europe.

Sales of hybrid vehicles did especially well on the back of government support for more eco-friendly vehicles.

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