Virginia man jailed for ‘trying to enter DC checkpoint with gun,

A Virginia male has actually been jailed for supposedly trying to go into through a Washington DC checkpoint equipped with a gun, 500 rounds of ammunition and fake credentials, according to a report.

Wesley Allen Beeler, from Front Royal, Virginia, was jailed Friday evening as he attempted to make his method through security checkpoints in downtown DC that have actually been erected ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration, reported.

The outlet mentioned a cops report and a police source which stated Beeler drove his pick-up truck to a police checkpoint at North Capitol and E Street NE close to the Capitol simply after 6:30 p.m. Friday.

He tried to get passed polices by flashing the deceptive inauguration documents however was stopped.

Police later on found the gun and ammunition in his vehicle.

The close call comes just one week after the Capitol ended up being the website of a violent siege that left 5 dead and as unprecedented levels of security have been set up to prevent a future attack on inauguration day.

Members of the National Guard and police officers patrol near the US Capitol in Washington DC on Saturday

Beeler presumably reached the checkpoint and showed officers his phony inauguration credentials in an effort to get in the border.

Officers asked the suspect if he had any weapons and he admitted he was bring a Glock semi-automatic pistol in the armrest of his truck, reported.

Cops discovered the handgun and discovered it was pre-loaded with 17 rounds of ammo and a round chamber prepared to fire, the source said.

A police report seen by the outlet states that officers found the handgun, 509 rounds of ammunition, shotgun shells and a pistol magazine.

It is unclear what Beeler was preparing to do as soon as inside the protected border.

Beeler was jailed for several offenses including having an unregistered firearm and having unregistered ammo.

A Virginia man has been apprehended for supposedly trying to enter through a Washington DC checkpoint armed with a weapon, 500 rounds of ammunition and phony credentials, according to a report

Washington DC has gone into lockdown and numerous blocks around the Capitol have actually been cordoned off to avoid a repeat of the mayhem seen on January 6 when Trump advocates stormed the seat of American democracy

The most recent attempt to breach the Capitol comes in the middle of issues of ‘significant security hazards’ at Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

Washington DC has gone into lockdown and a number of blocks around the Capitol have been cordoned off to prevent a repeat of the mayhem seen on January 6 when Trump fans stormed the seat of American democracy.

A Baghdad-style ‘Green Zone’ border has actually been established and more than 20,000 armed National Guard soldiers have actually been mobilized.

The Secret Service released its restricted access plan, that includes what the firm is calling a ‘Green Zone’ in the heart of DC.

The term ‘Green Zone’ was the very same name given to the heavily-fortified location in Baghdad during the Iraq War.

The majority of downtown DC is now off-limits to traffic and has already drawn contrasts to Baghdad’s high-security zone.

In remarkable scenes out of the capital, countless armed military members are patrolling the streets and anti-climb steel fences and roadway obstructs continue to be installed in the wake of recently’s fatal siege.

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