UN Condemns Usage Of Force In Myanmar After Rubber Bullets Fired At

The United Nations on Monday condemned Myanmar for its increased usage of force versus protestors, after authorities fired rubber bullets and tear gas at anti-coup demonstrators defying a military restriction on rallies.

Demonstrations erupted for a fourth straight day against last week’s coup to oust civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, as worldwide condemnation of the putsch grew.

Myanmar military chief General Min Aung Hlaing declared that this time, things would be “different” from the army’s previous 49-year reign, which ended in 2011 Myawaddy TELEVISION/ –

The rallies came in spite of a caution from the junta that it would act against presentations that threatened “stability”, and a new restriction on events of more than five people.

In Naypyidaw, the remote capital purpose-built by the previous military routine, witnesses said cops fired rubber bullets at protesters after earlier blasting them with water cannon.

Myanmar’s generals have enforced a ban on events of more than 5 individuals in demonstration flashpoint websites AFP/ YE AUNG THU.

” They fired warning shots to the sky 2 times, then they fired (at protesters) with rubber bullets,” a resident informed AFP.

It stays unclear how many people were hurt, as a hospital in Naypyidaw would not permit loved ones to see their member of the family, stated Tun Wai, who rushed there when he heard his 23-year-old son remained in the operation room.


” My kid was shot when he tried to use the megaphone to ask individuals to oppose quietly after the police utilized water cannon to disperse them,” the 56-year-old goldsmith informed AFP.

” He got struck in the back … I’m very concerned about him.”.

Because the junta staged a coup on February 1 and ousted Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi from power, waves of dissent have swept the country– with hundreds of thousands collecting in major cities AFP/ STR.

In Mandalay, the nation’s second-biggest city, cops fired tear gas to disperse protesters.

A witness, who decreased to be named out of worry of the authorities, stated she offered safe shelter to about 20 of the tear gassed protesters, offering them water, towel and fresh face masks.

Protesters face off with authorities standing guard on a road throughout a demostration against the military coup in Naypyidaw on February 8 AFP/ STR.

By nightfall, the United Nations expressed “strong concern” over reports of many people being hurt by security forces on Tuesday.

” Using out of proportion force against demonstrators is unacceptable,” said Ola Almgren, the UN citizen planner and humanitarian coordinator in Myanmar.

After watching numerous thousands of individuals rally in opposition to recently’s coup, junta chief General Min Aung Hlaing made a telecasted speech Monday night to justify taking power.

Anti-coup protesters rally across in Yangon on Tuesday, defying cautions from the military threatening “action” against big events. AFPTV.

The first of a series of restrictions on events in demonstration hotspots was also revealed on Monday, as was a nighttime curfew.

But on Tuesday, fresh demonstrations emerged in various parts of Yangon, consisting of near the head office of Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD).

A protester uses an indication with a hashtag #justiceformyanmar as they take part in a presentation against the military coup in Yangon on February 8 AFP/ YE AUNG THU

. The protesters brought placards some of which read “We want our leader”, in referral to Suu Kyi– who is presently apprehended by the military– and “No dictatorship”.

By afternoon, thousands had collected in neighbouring Kamayut municipality, carrying umbrellas and wearing raincoats as they took on versus police, who had water cannon trucks blocking protesters from marching ahead.

On Tuesday early morning, fresh protests emerged in various parts of Yangon, consisting of near the headquarters of the National League for Democracy AFP/ Sai Aung Main.

” Naturally we are worried (about a crackdown),” stated protester Khin Thida Nyein, a teacher. “We only have one life but we still come out … as we are more concerned for the future of our children.”.

Protesters dispersed by nightfall, without any reports of clashes with Yangon authorities.

The three-finger salute has ended up being the trademark indication of protesters in Myanmar AFP/ Sai Aung Main.

In a televised address Wednesday, his very first because the coup, Min Aung Hlaing firmly insisted the seizure of power was justified, mentioning the scams claims.

The NLD won last November’s national elections by a landslide however the military never accepted the legitimacy of the vote.

Quickly after the coup, the military revealed a 1 year state of emergency and promised to hold fresh elections after that.

Minutes Aung Hlaing on Monday insisted the military would abide by its promises and re-install democracy. He also declared that things would be various from the army’s previous 49-year reign, which ended in 2011.

” After the jobs of the emergency situation period are finished, free and fair multi-party general elections will be held according to the constitution,” he stated.

However those promises were accompanied by dangers.

In the face of the significantly bold wave of defiance, the military warned that opposition to the junta was unlawful.

In a declaration read on state media, it said “action should be taken” against activities that threaten stability and public order.

New Zealand on Tuesday became the very first foreign government to take concrete public action, revealing the suspension of high-level military and political contacts with Myanmar.

The United States has actually led international require the generals to give up power, and provided a fresh statement on Monday following the junta’s cautions versus the protesters.

” We stand with individuals of Burma and support their right to put together quietly, including to oppose peacefully in assistance of the democratically chosen government,” United States State Department spokesman Ned Price stated Monday, using Myanmar’s previous name.

Cost likewise said US demands to speak with Suu Kyi had actually been rejected.

Pope Francis on Monday called for the timely release of sent to prison political leaders.

Meanwhile, loved ones of an Australian economic consultant to Suu Kyi said they were “distraught” over his detention.

Macquarie University teacher Sean Turnell was the very first foreign nationwide verified detained by the new junta.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne has summoned the Myanmar ambassador over the case.

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