Trump was ‘reveling’ in bloodshed of Capitol riot, say Democrats


Lead House impeachment supervisor Jamie Raskin called Donald Trump ‘a man who praised and motivated and cultivated violence’ when it concerned the January 6th MAGA riot on Capitol Hill.

Raskin made his charge Wednesday as the prosecution started its case against the previous president. Trump is charged on one count of impeachment – prompting the insurrection at the Capitol that left 5 dead.

In his opening remarks, Raskin blasted Trump for inciting the insurrection and claimed the former president saw the violence coming.

‘ He saw it on TV like a truth program, he savored it,’ he charged. ‘There has actually never ever been a greater betrayal by a President of the U.S. of his office and his oath to the Constitution.’

Raskin, in his nearly 20 minute speech, painted Trump as betraying his duties as president in order to preserve his political power.

‘ He incited this attack and he saw it coming,’ Raskin argued. ‘To us it may have seemed like turmoil and madness but there was approach and the madness that day. This was an organized attack on the counting of the electoral college votes in joint session of the United States Congress.’

Raskin said your house managers, over the next 16 hours, will reveal Trump broke his oath of office and abdicated his duty as leader in chief.

‘ The evidence will show you that ex-President Trump was no innocent onlooker. The proof will show that he plainly incited the January sixth insurrection. It will reveal that Donald Trump surrendered his role as commander in chief and became the inciter in chief,’ he said.

Home Democrats on Wednesday started to make their case why Donald Trump need to be impeached for inciting the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill

Lead Home impeachment supervisor Jamie Raskin called Donald Trump ‘a guy who applauded and encouraged and cultivated violence’

Democratic Rep. Joe Neguse of Colorado charged Trump with failing to stop the insurrection

TRUMP: GEORGIA CRIMINAL PROBE ON ELECTION CALL Donald Trump is dealing with a criminal examination in Georgia into his call to its secretary of state asking him to ‘find’ votes to overturn the election, it emerged Wednesday. Newly-elected Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis, a Democrat, sent out a letter to state leaders, state officials informing them to save records associated with the call, state officials with knowledge of the letter informed The New York Times. Specifically, the criminal investigation is looking into the then-president’s doubtful January 2 call with Georgia’s Secretary of State where Trump told Brad Raffensperger to ‘discover’ sufficient votes to reverse his loss to Joe Biden in the Peach State. The letter does not specify what crimes are being investigated however specialists have actually recommended that Trump could have dedicated conspiracy to commit election scams, which can carry felony charges and a sentence of up to a year in prison on conviction. A Trump assistant dismissed the move as a stunt by Democrats on day two of the impeachment trial. Advertisement

Democratic Rep. Joe Neguse got Raskin’s argument and doubled down on forgoing his oath of workplace.

‘ That mob was summoned, put together and prompted by the former president of the United States, Donald Trump. He did that because he wished to stop the print transfer of power so he might get power even though he had actually lost the election. And when the violence emerged, when they were here in our building with weapons, he not did anything to stop it,’ Neguse said.

He focused his argument on demonstrating that Trump was ramping up his advocates long before his January sixth speech, intending to counter Trump’s defense that his speech was free speech and wasn’t a call to arms.

‘ I ‘d respectfully ask that you keep in mind those 3 phrases as you think about the evidence today. ‘Election was taken. Stop the steal. And battle like hell’ since they did not just appear on January 6,’ he stated.

He revealed clips of Trump speeches and rallies where the president complained – incorrectly – that the election was taken.

‘ He didn’t just tell them to fly like hell, he told them how, where, and when, he ensured they had advance notification, 18 days advance notice, he sent his conserve the date for January sixth,’ Neguse said.

He also revealed video of the rioters from January 6th, stating they were at the Capitol due to the fact that of Trump: ‘Defend Trump! Fight for Trump! Defend Trump!,’ one stated. ‘We were invited by the president of the United States,’ stated another.

Neguse argued Trump didn’t do enough to stop the rioters that day.

‘ He alone, our commander in chief, had the power to stop it. And he didn’t. You will hear proof tonight, tomorrow, throughout the trial about his refusal as commander in chief to react to numerous desperate pleas on the phone, throughout social media, asking him to stop the attack,’ he said.

As part of their case, Home impeachment supervisors will show never-before-seen Capitol security footage of the January sixth riot as they start their case for impeaching Donald Trump.

The video will show the extent of the violence that took place and the danger the rioters postured to everybody in the Capitol, senior assistants on the Home impeachment team informed.

They did not say what the new video was, or whether it came from Capitol Police or Washington DC’s Metropolitan Authorities.

The video will reveal ‘severe violence’ and make clear what extra security risks were posed by the insurrection, a Home assistant informed The Washington Post, consisting of ‘simply how close Trump’s mob concerned senators, members of Congress and staff.’

‘ It will show the extent of what Donald Trump let loose on our Capitol,’ said the assistant.

The Democratic impeachment managers will begin their prosecution on Wednesday.

They will argue the riot, which left 5 dead and a wake of destruction in the Capitol, was not just the result of Trump’s January 6th speech, where he advised advocates to ‘battle like hell’ and march on the Capitol. They will declare the insurrection was the conclusion of Trump’s conduct over numerous months, where consistently and falsely claimed the election was stolen.

The House members are not expected to utilize the full 16 hours they are allocated for their discussion. After they finish, the defense will make its case and also is not expected to utilize its complete 16 hours.

Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial could end as soon as this weekend. He is anticipated to be acquitted.

The Democratic impeachment managers previewed their case against the previous president with a 14-minute video on Tuesday which contained significant video of Trump fans storming the Capitol and ridiculing policemans with profanities as they bashed in doors and windows.

Democrats showed video of the rioters on January sixth, stating why they were there

The new video will show the extent of the violence that took place and the hazard the rioters presented to everyone in the Capitol

Trump’s defense tried to counter the lingering picture of the video, which visibly affected numerous senators in the chamber. Those lawmakers were also in the Capitol on January sixth.

But Trump wasn’t delighted with his defense group after their very first day making arguments, according to reports.

Trump, seeing the proceedings from his brand-new home at Mar-a-Lago, was aghast that one of his attorneys, Bruce Castor, acknowledged the potency of the opening argument put forward by Home Democratic impeachment managers, ABC News reported.

Castor even acknowledged that his group altered course after viewing the Democrats’ dramatic video.

‘ I’ll be quite frank with you, we altered what we were going to do on account that we thought that the House supervisors’ discussion was well done,’ Castor admitted. ‘And I wanted you to know that we have reactions to those things.’

One Trump advisor even informed getting good legal representation was an issue if he is ever charged in criminal court, which is now possible considering that he runs out workplace.

‘ Trump is f ***** if anyone ever charges him. Nobody wants to work with him,’ said the consultant.

Raskin compares Trump to a fire chief ‘who set the theater on fire’

Democratic impeachment manager Jamie Raskin sought to explode the First Change defenses put forward by Donald Trump’s attorneys in their impeachment legal brief.

Trump’s group had actually argued that the president’s require his supporters to ‘battle’ where not an incitement to riot but secured political speech.

Raskin, a constitutional law professor, chose apart the claim and brought up the well-worn example of a limit on totally free speech– that you can’t scream ‘fire in a congested theater,’ a concept checked out by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

‘ But even that time-honored principle doesn’t begin to catch how off base the argument is,’ Raskin said. ‘This case is much worse than someone who incorrectly shouts fire in a congested theater. It’s more like a case where the town fire chief who’s paid to put out fires sends a mob yet to yell fire in a crowded theater but to in fact set the theater on fire,’ he said.

He continued: And who then when the emergency alarm go off and the calls begin flooding into the fire department requesting for assistance, does nothing but relax, motivate the mob to continue its rampage and view the fire spread on TELEVISION with glee and pleasure.’

Raskin was mentioning Trump’s inactiveness throughout the riot, and his tweets applauding rioters even when he lastly asked them to go home.

‘ So then we state this fire chief should never ever be allowed to hold this public job again and you’re fired and you’re completely disqualified and he things. And he states, we’re violating his free speech rights even if he’s pro-mob or pro-fire or whatever it might be,’ he included.

Then he quoted conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. ‘As Justice Scalia as soon as stated, memorably, you can’t ride with the polices and root for the burglars.’

Raskin acknowledged the potential appearance of the free speech argument– but said it didn’t use.

‘ They present president trump as simply like a person at a rally revealing a political viewpoint that we disagree with, and now we’re trying to put him in prison for it. That has nothing to do with the reality of these charges where his constitutional offense,’ he said.

He stated his legal team would demonstrate ‘with frustrating proof representing Trump as a person on the street being penalized for his concepts is an incorrect description of his actions, his intent, and the role that he used January 6th when he willfully incited an insurrectionary mob to riot at the Capitol.’

Impeachment manager Rep. Joe Neguse indicated the specifics of some of Trump’s remarks around the riot.

‘ He didn’t’ stop it. He didn’t’ condemn the violence. He prompted even more,’ Neguse stated.

‘ He didn’t’ just tell them to eliminate like hell. He told them how, where and when.’

‘What time was that rally set up for?’ Neguse informed senators. ‘The specific very same time that this chamber was accrediting the election results in joint session,’ he said. He noted that Trump concluded his Jan. 6 speech ‘actually minutes’ after Pelosi gaveled your house into session.

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