Topless female sprints down Windsor High Street minutes after minute’s

A lady who whipped off her leading and ran half naked down Windsor High Street simply after the minute’s silence to the Duke of Edinburgh has actually been accused of insulting his memory.

The lady removed a jacket to expose her breasts as she shouted ‘save the world. Conserve the trees’.

She was captured by police and yelled as she was handcuffed while a security guard covered her with his coat before she was led away.

Teenager Aida Inauat, 17, who witnessed the event, said: ‘I was quite surprised. But it was completely unsuitable.

The female took her complete before diminishing Windsor High Street in an evident attempt for attention

‘ She might have been thinking that she was going to draw attention. But it was really embarrassing.

‘ There should be better times and better locations to do something like this. Not when we are trying to remember someone who has passed away.’

Her sister Sara.16, added:’ It appears like she came prepared for this. She had a yellow coat on and then threw it off and exposed the top of her body.

‘ She timed it just when the minute silence had finished and individuals had actually been clapping for Prince Phillip.

‘ This ought to not have taken place.’

Jaspreet Singh. 66, of Southall, said: ‘It was a disgraceful method to disrupt what was a very respectful minute silence for the Duke of Edinburgh.

The topless woman was rapidly stopped by cops after running down Windsor High Street

‘ This lady appeared to have no morals exposing herself like that. If she is attempting to save the world, that is not the way that she ought to be doing it.’

Linda Merryweather,51, of Wimbledon, said:’ what a rubbish method to demonstration.

‘ There are perfectly excellent ways to oppose and try to save the world. Not like that, when somebody has actually simply died who has actually done such terrific service for the nation.

‘ I hope that people quickly forget what happened and remember Prince Phillip with respect and self-respect. The same way that he appreciated and lived his life dignified.’

The woman was handcuffed and removed by authorities.

Thames Valley Police has been approached for comment.

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