TikTok users uncover 1983 CIA report about ‘Gateway Experience’

TikTok users have uncovered a bewildering CIA report from almost 4 decades ago which explains the company’s belief that people can transcend space and time utilizing a method called the Entrance Experience

The report entitled Analysis and Evaluation of The Gateway Process was penned in 1983 by United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M McDonnell.

McDonnell explained the Gateway Experience as ‘a training system developed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output in between left and ideal hemispheres so as to modify awareness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to eventually leave even the restrictions of time and area’.

In simpler terms, the Gateway Experience utilizes sounds tapes to control brainwaves with a goal of producing a transformed state of consciousness in which a person can communicate with nonphysical elements of reality.

Practical uses of the method, according to the CIA report, include manifesting objectives, converting energy to heal one’s body, and even traveling across area and time to access new information.

McDonnell’s report concluded that the Entrance Experience remains in truth ‘plausible’ in regards to physical science, and that it might potentially have practical uses in US intelligence – however that more research study was required to state upon his preliminary findings.

The report was silently declassified by the CIA in 2003 and mostly went unnoticed. Nearly two decades later, the Gateway Experience is now getting restored attention after igniting the interest of TikTok users.

It’s uncertain how the report suddenly grabbed TikTok acknowledgment, however over the past month dozens of users have tape-recorded videos discussing the Entrance phenomenon and sharing their – mostly not successful – attempts to access it using tapes available for purchase online.

TikTok users have actually uncovered an overwelming CIA report from almost 4 years ago which describes the company’s belief that human beings can go beyond area and time by reaching an alternate state of consciousness utilizing a strategy called The Entrance Experience.

TikTok user 16-part series breaking down the contents of the CIA report has actually amassed millions of views in the past month

McDonnell was commissioned to explore the Entrance Experience in the 1980s, at a time when United States intelligence firms were deeply thinking about various forms of psychic research study.

CIA records suggest that the fascination was driven in part by the belief that the Soviet Union was performing their own research into whether psychokinesis and extrasensory understanding (ESP) might be utilized for espionage functions during the Cold War.

More specifically, the Gateway task was rooted in a broader interest about ‘out-of-body experiences’. That term was created by a radio broadcasting executive named Robert Monroe, who began studying the impacts of noise on human consciousness in the 50s.

In 1975, Monroe’s business, Monroe Industries, registered patents for an audio method called ‘Hemi-Sync’, brief for hemispheric synchronization.

Monroe declared that the method might produce a modified state of awareness by using acoustic waves to integrate brainwave output in the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Those acoustic waves, made by the Monroe Institute, are still available today on Amazon beginning at $969.

McDonnell’s team of researchers, that included famous bioengineer Itzhak Bentov, utilized Hemi-Sync tapes and other relaxation techniques in their assessment of the Entrance Experience.

McDonnell opened his report with a short letter setting out how he utilized unbiased scientific techniques to comprehend and check out the Gateway Experience, with a goal of identifying practical usages for the CIA.

He appeared to acknowledge the reality that his desired audience may be careful of his findings, and emphasizes that understanding them will require not only left-brain logic, however likewise right-brain instinct.

The multi-pronged analysis included the following elements:

Biomedical designs to understand the physical aspects of the Gateway process

Quantum mechanics to explain the nature and performance of human awareness

Theoretical physics to discuss the character of the time-space measurement and the methods by which it could be transcended by broadening consciousness with the Entrance process

Classical physics to equate the ‘out-of-body experience’ into the language of physical science

McDonnell’s report included this diagram of what’s known as the Cosmic Egg, a representation of how individual awareness engages with a so-called ‘universal hologram’

In the first area after the initial letter, McDonnell sets out three main consciousness-altering methods – hypnosis, transcendental meditation, and biofeedback – with the purpose of describing how they compare to the Entrance Experience.

McDonnell asserts that grasping those three techniques can help prepare for attaining the Entrance Experience.

The essential difference in between those strategies and the Entrance Experience is that the latter needs creating Hemi-Sync – a state of awareness in which the frequency and amplitude of electrical brain patterns in both hemispheres are equal.

In the report McDonnell indicate the Monroe Institute’s meaning of Hemi-Sync and mentions a couple of studies on the tapes the institute marketed as being able to create it.

He likewise provides a metaphor that Monroe researcher Melissa Jager came up with to describe how Hemi-Sync works. Jager likened the brain’s regular state to a light diffusing energy out to a limited depth. When both hemispheres’ electrical patterns are brought to the exact same frequency and amplitude with Hemi-Sync, Jager said, the brain can focus energy into a ‘disciplined beam’ like a laser.

McDonnell then describes how Hemi-Sync is actually attained with what he calls a Frequency Following Action (FFR), ‘which implies that if a subject hears a noise produced at a frequency which replicates among those related to the operation of the human brain, the brain will attempt to mimic the exact same frequency by adjusting its output’.

The brain runs at a Beta frequency when an individual is completely awake, and at a Theta frequency when they are sleeping. With FFR, scientists can fool the brain into moving from Beta into Theta by introducing an external Theta frequency.

Hemi-Sync utilizes FFR in a somewhat more complicated way – presenting a frequency in the left ear that is 10 Hertz higher than the one introduced in the ideal ear.

The brain reconciles the opposing frequencies by choosing a single level in between the, called a ‘beat’ frequency.

When a beat frequency is reached with Hemi-Sync, the left hemisphere is unwinded, the body goes into a ‘virtual sleep state’ and the brain patterns in both hemispheres line up, creating the potential for the subject to modify their own consciousness, according to McDonnell.

The virtual sleep state created by Hemi-Sync concurrently decreases the subject’s heart rate, enhancing the frequency of brainwave output and producing a ‘vibrational system’ throughout the body that matches the energy continuum of the earth.

McDonnell composes: ‘By resonating the earth’s electro-magnetic sphere the human body creates a surprisingly powerful provider wave to help the mind in communication activity with other human minds similarly tuned’.

In other words, if 2 people reach that energy level at the very same time, they could communicate with each other within it.

The report then advances into a more abstract explanation of how consciousness is developed through the brain’s processing of energy in the physical world and changing it into what McDonnell compares to a hologram.

McDonnell portrays deep space as ‘one enormous hologram of unbelievable complexity’. The universal hologram is made up of connecting energy fields in movement and at rest, and consists of all stages of time – past, present and future.

Holograms formed by the human mind are ‘attuned’ to the universal hologram, McDonnell asserts, with the right hemisphere receiving energy from the universal hologram and the left hemisphere equating it into what we understand as consciousness.

By changing the energy matrix in the brain, the Gateway Experience expands and modifies consciousness in such a way that permits the mind to view and understand ‘ever more’ of the universal hologram, McDonnell composes.

The report provides an abstract explanation of how consciousness is produced through the brain’s processing of energy in the physical world and transforming it into what McDonnell compares to a hologram, as seen in the graphic above

All of the above is explained in the first 10 pages of the 28-page report. On page 13 he presents an uncomfortable truth check: ‘Approximately this point our conversation of the Gateway procedure has actually been reasonably basic and easy to follow. Now the enjoyable begins.’

He goes on to describe how the Entrance Experience can permit a person to go beyond time and area if the brain’s frequency reaches a certain level outside the normal series of understanding, getting to measurements of the universal hologram that are normally out of reach.

After laying all of that foundation, Monroe lastly describes the particular actions his research study team took with topics in an effort to reach the Entrance over the course of seven days. Those actions are summed up below:

Topic is taught to isolate ‘extraneous issues’ into a visualization gadget called an ‘energy conversion box. Topic is introduced to ‘resonant humming’ on a tape and instructed to simulate the sound. Subject repeats a ‘Gateway affirmation’ along the lines of: ‘I am simply a physique and deeply desire to broaden my consciousness.’ Topic is exposed to Hemi-Sync sound frequencies and motivated to ‘concentrate on a develop a perception of and appreciate for those sensations which accompany the synchronization of brainwaves that results’. Physical relaxation methods are presented as the Hemi-Sync frequencies are expanded to consist of ‘pink and white’ sound designed to put the body in a virtual sleep state, relax the brain’s left hemisphere and raise attentiveness in the best hemisphere. Subject is asked to envision an ‘energy balloon’ extending from the top of the head, around the body, and assembling at the feet, where it flows back through the body to the head and out once again. The balloon mimics the flow of energy in deep space, and is designed to ‘provide protection versus mindful entities possessing lower energy levels which the individual may encounter on the occasion that he accomplishes an out-of-body state.

Among the final actions of the Gateway Experience includes eliminating oneself from the body, as displayed in the graphic above

When a subject masters all of the actions above, they can advance into more exploratory phases of the Entrance experience, wherein they learn how to communicate with and control newly-discovered measurements of awareness.

The strategies used at this moment consist of:

Problem fixing – Subject jobs their problems into their expanded awareness and seeks to solve them by collecting new details from the universal hologram.

– Topic jobs their issues into their expanded awareness and seeks to solve them by collecting new details from the universal hologram. Patterning – Subject concentrates on a preferred goal and projects it into deep space as if they have already attained it to ‘establish the basis for actual awareness of that objective’.

– Topic focuses on a desired goal and tasks it into deep space as if they have already achieved it to ‘develop the basis for real realization of that objective’. Color breathing – Topic envisions colors in a ‘particularly extreme and vivid manner’ within their expanded awareness to trigger the body’s energies.

– Subject thinks of colors in a ‘particularly extreme and vivid manner’ within their expanded consciousness to trigger the body’s energies. Energy bar tool – Subject thinks of a pulsating dot and seeks to charge it into an energy bar that can ‘funnel force from the universe to chosen parts of his body for functions of healing and revitalization’.

– Topic envisions a pulsating dot and seeks to charge it into an energy bar that can ‘direct force from the universe to selected parts of his body for functions of recovery and revitalization’. Remote viewing – Topic transforms their energy bar tool into a ‘whirling vortex’ that allows them to activate their subconscious and creativity.

Lastly, McDonnell gets to the time travel element, beginning with accessing the past by magnifying the noises on the Hemi-Sync tapes in what’s described as ‘Focus 15’.

Topics are instructed to think of time as a wheel with spokes pointing to different parts of their past.

McDonnell composes that less than 5 percent of all participants had the ability to effectively travel into the past over the seven-day training period.

‘ Nevertheless, Monroe Institute fitness instructors verify that with sufficient practice, ultimately Focus 15 can be achieved,’ he adds.

‘ They also state that not just the person’s past history is offered for examination by the one who has achieved Focus 15, however other aspects of the past with which the private himself has actually had no connection with may likewise be accessed.’

In other words, subjects who achieved Focus 15 were able to see not just their past, but likewise other individuals’s.

After reaching the past, topics are welcomed to venture into the future with Focus 21. McDonnell did not state how many subjects in his job were able to reach Focus 21, if any, however said it would ‘probably’ take months or years of practice.

The final tape includes ‘out of body language’, wherein a subject looks for to raise themself out of their physical body when their brainwave pattern and energy levels have actually reached harmony with their surrounding electro-magnetic environment. McDonnell does not state whether any of his subjects attained this goal.

In a summary of the report, McDonnell concluded: ‘There is a sound and reasonable basis in terms of physical science parameters for thinking about Entrance to be plausible in regards to its essential objectives.

‘ Intuitional insights of not just personal however of an useful and expert nature would appear to be within the bounds of reasonable expectations.

‘ Nevertheless, a phased method for entering the Entrance Experience in a sped up mode would appear to be required if the time needed to reach innovative sates of modified awareness is brought within more workable limitations from the standpoint of establishing an organization-wide exploitation of Gateway’s potential.’

In other words, McDonnell found that the Gateway Experience is genuine and possible, however more research study was required to get to a place where the CIA might actually use it.

He then laid out recommendations for how the CIA must go about developing additional Entrance research studies – though its unclear if the company ever launched any.

Oddly, one page of McDonnell’s report is missing – number 25 – in the middle of a section where he was outlining prospective practical usages of the Gateway.

The omission caught the attention of some readers who introduced a Change.org petition requiring the CIA to launch it.

The CIA, however, states that it never had the page to start with – fueling a theory that McDonnell left it out on purpose as a difficulty for someone to master the Gateway Experience and seek it out themself.

Check out McDonnell’s complete report below:

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