This ingenious face mask container sanitizes with UV C technology

This ingenious face mask container sanitizes with UV-C technology

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Keep your face mask tidy and maximize its life with the Glouv Lite face mask storage. This innovative device is pocket-sized and sterilizes your face mask with UV-C light. Best of all, it’s a practical place to keep your face mask when you’re on the go.

Glouv Lite face mask storage in an individual’s hand

It’s difficult to keep your face mask tidy while you’re out. Saving it in your pocket or bag isn’t the response; these locations have plenty of bacteria and particles. And using disposables increases the waste in our oceans and garbage dumps. What you can do is designate a tidy spot for your face mask, and a device like the Glouv Lite face mask storage can help. This face mask container counteracts germ accumulation using UV-C technology and gives you a beautiful location to keep your face mask.

Glouv Lite resembles a wallet for your face mask. It’s palm-sized and suits big pockets, bags, and luggage, and it looks fantastic on your desk. The style is lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down as you set about your day. For the minute, this face mask container is available in three colors: Pearl, Charcoal, and Pistachio. So you’re sure to discover a color to match your design, and you will not have compromise tries to find performance.

Choose UV-C light

Possibly the most distinguishing quality of the Glouv Lite is its use of UV-C innovation to stop germs from growing. According to the business’s Kickstarter page, UV-C rays break down the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of bacteria and infections. This face mask container has a wave-like surface on its interior that sends UV-C rays throughout the surface of whatever’s inside it. After a thorough 15-minute UV-C blast from the 6+ UV-C lights, the Glouv Lite has a 270 mm peak germicidal efficiency. You can learn more about the business’s screening on its Kickstarter page.

Assistance sustainability with this face mask case

Face masks sure are effective at slowing the spread of airborne diseases. Sadly, since 2020, face masks get in the environment at a rate of 129 billion each month. It’s a shocking figure, specifically when you consider that numerous masks require to be tossed merely because they have actually been incorrectly stored or have actually fallen on the ground. However, this face mask container aims to supply a solution for individuals who wish to keep their masks much better when they’re on the go. Pocket-sized and stylish, this gadget is an excellent one to contribute to your EDC.

Get 15 cycles per charge

Don’t fret; Glouv Lite will not quit on you after one sanitation cycle. In truth, this facemask container offers you 15 sessions per charge. That’s more than two times a day for 2 weeks. So it’s certainly a product that’s simple to incorporate into your life since you will not need to stress over charging all of it the time. It’s a practical device for the brand-new regular.

Take this mask storage system all over

We already pointed out that Glouv Lite is extremely portable. Due to the fact that it’s the size of a typical hand, it fits in pretty much any bag or pocket, providing a tidy, hassle-free location to save your face mask when you’re not in the house. Best of all, considering that this health gadget is lightweight, it won’t weigh your bag down as you tackle your day.

This health gadget is safe to use

You won’t need to stress over safety with this hygiene gizmo. That’s because this face mask container immediately turns off if it’s unintentionally opened during a sanitation cycle. This security function is fantastic for moms and dads with young children who like to shuffle through mama’s bag or daddy’s knapsack. Or, if you’re an individual who’s continuously on the go from one conference to the next, you won’t have to worry about this gadget falling open during use.

What masks can this cleaning case sanitize?

According to the business’s Kickstarter page, Glouv Lite has enough interior area to fit most face masks, except those with fans as WHO does not authorize them. So it works on fabric and mesh deal with masks. Even your disposable and N95 masks can be sanitized in this device. And you can sterilize them as lot of times throughout the day as you would like. It sounds like a pretty remarkable gizmo.

Does this mask cleansing device require to be cleaned up?

No. Unless the mask you put within is extremely filthy, you shouldn’t need to clean this device. And that’s a relief for much of us who already spend more time than we ever utilized to sanitizing our valuables after venturing out.

The Glouv Lite face mask storage is a great, portable way to keep your face masks tidy and increase their lifespan. Best of all, they offer users a method to hygienically save masks while they’re on the go. And available in beautiful color options, this is an useful gadget that you’ll actually want to bring with you.

The Glouv Lite face mask storage costs $98.56, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter. What are your preferred brand-new regular gadgets? Let us learn about them in the comments.

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