This home hotstone spa experience will assist you to unwind

This house hot-stone day spa experience will help you to unwind

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Are you looking for a way to de-stress after a long day? Now you can get the advantages of hot stone treatment in your own home with the Elo at-home hot stone day spa experience. Take a look at this article to see how this gizmo can help you attain a state of deep relaxation.

Elo at-home hot stone experience with ambient lighting

Required a way to ease aching muscles and unwind in your home this winter season? Heat therapy always helps. And now, you can enjoy one of the most popular health club treatments right in your own bed room with Elo at-home hot stone health club experience. This heated volcanic rock kit is a fantastic way to de-stress and warm up while the snow is falling outside.

This home hot-stone medical spa experience looks much like the stones that unique medical spas attend to their guests. The Elo set consists of an Elo– a warming tray, along with a stone set, stone mat, position guide, dropper bottle, and stone polishing cloth. The stones are top quality basalt volcanic, which enables a better transfer of heat. And the Elo’s app-controllable light rings produce ambient light treatment, permitting you to set the mood. Most importantly, Elo can be used solo.

Why use hot stone treatment?? It’s a custom that goes back a thousand years. Hot stones decrease muscle stress, enabling you to sleep much better and relax. Positioning warm stones on the body assists to reverse actions connected with stress; they slow your breath and increase parasympathetic activity. After a hot stone session, you’ll feel calm and rested. Who doesn’t want to feel more at ease?

How does this home medical spa treatment work?? Elo utilizes hand-shaped volcanic rocks made from Basalt volcanic stone. It’s the same stone that the ancients used and is chosen by massage professionals all over the world. According to the business’s Kickstarter page, this stone has unbelievable heat retention properties considering that it stays warm for a very long time and then releases that heat gradually. The seven rocks you’ll receive in your set heat up quickly to three temperature level levels.

Who can use these stones ?? Another fantastic advantage to this house health club experience is that you can use it totally on your own. Elo lets you easily target muscle groups with their positioning mat and placing guide. This way, you can lie on top of the stones before bed each night, getting the relaxation you require to wander off to sleep.

You can utilize Elo at-home hot stone spa experience as part of a couple’s massage. In reality, the business declares that offering the perfect massage is easier with their item. And it’s an excellent way to unlock some quality time together.

How does ambient light therapy work?? Your soothing experience with Elo doesn’t end with the stones. This house spa treatment consists of ambient light treatment for optimal relaxation. The high-output LED lights in Elo’s rings create visual results that imitate the movement of sunset skies and natural aspects. So as you’re experiencing deep relaxation with the volcanic stones on your back, Elo’s ring creates the ideal lighting to accomplish a full sense of tranquility. What’s more, you can develop a customizable bedtime routine with the app that assists you drift off to sleep every night. So you’ll always wake up feeling your best.

Do these stones consist of aromatherapy?? Another terrific feature of this hot-stone medical spa experience is that it allows you to diffuse soothing oils as you relax. Put a couple of drops of your preferred aromatic oil on stones while they’re warming, and the entire space will smell like a health spa.

What stones are included?? Each set of stones consists of three stone shapes for a well balanced experience. The largest is the Sacrum Stone, a big, heavy stone that premises you. The medium-sized stone is the Body Stone, which is excellent for rubbing knots in muscles. And finally, the palm stone suits your hand and is excellent to meditate with.

Are you all set to experience a deeper sense of calm this winter? The Elo at-home hot stone experience can help and are a cost-efficient option to hot stone therapy at a beauty salon. These stones are made from high-quality volcanic rock that retains its heat. The ambient light treatment in the Elo gadget also sets the relaxing atmosphere you need. Lastly, drops of essential oils on the stones promote calmness. It’s a complete day spa treatment that you can delight in at home anytime, so this wellness gizmo is a really worthwhile one.

Elo at-home stone medspa experience costs $279 and is offered for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Is this a hot-stone medspa experience that you require once the cold months roll in? Let us know in the remarks.

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