This high tech device kills infections in under 10 seconds

This state-of-the-art gadget eliminates viruses in under 10 seconds

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Desire a simple method to keep your household healthy this winter? Consider this portable disinfection gadget. It eliminates viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus, and provides numerous safety functions. Keep reading this blog post to read more about this practical gadget.

Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection gadget in a cars and truck

You want to keep yourself and your enjoyed ones healthy and safe in this brand-new typical. And you understand that the best method to do that is to focus on health: cleaning your hands, using a mask, and sanitizing high-touch surfaces. Sadly, you can’t splash whatever with alcohol and hand sanitizer: it can destroy tech, wood, material, and other delicate materials. Thankfully, there’s a non-damaging method to sterilize those items and everything else. It’s called the Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection device. This state-of-the-art disinfection gadget cleans high-touch surface areas and is even validated versus SARS-CoV-2.

The Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED is a gray, rectangular device and looks similar to the very first flip phones. In reality, the gadget turns open from 180– 270 ° for adjustable positioning, revealing 3 pink UV-LEDs and 2 blue LEDs. It’s a basic style, but that’s what makes this disinfection gadget highly portable and user-friendly. Let’s take a closer look at what this item offers.

Secure yourself versus SARS-Cov-2 and Coronavirus 229E

According to the company’s site, this disinfection gadget provides reliable disinfection versus SARS-like infections, including COVID-19. The Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED was confirmed by an independent third-party biosafety level 3 laboratory in New York. The lab showed that this UVC-LED device suspends more than 99.9% of coronavirus in 1o seconds. So its effectiveness is rather high. That indicates that when you shine the gadget’s light over a surface, coronavirus practically isn’t a concern.

Keep high-touch surface areas tidy with the power of UV LEDs

The Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED is geared up with effective UV-LED lights. Similar to the sun, these UV-LED lights ruin germs and infections on polluted surfaces. With just a wave of this “wand,” you can cleanse high-touch surfaces that usually collect and reproduce hazardous contaminants.

Disinfect carefree with this sanitation gizmo

Most importantly, the Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED is safe to utilize. That’s because it includes a number of precaution that safeguard you and your household. For instance, there’s a child security lock on the device’s side that slides to lock. And the double-click power switch design guarantees that the gadget only operates during purposeful use. Finally, the wand only arms when it’s opened to a minimum of 180 °. So this disinfection gizmo will not turn on unintentionally in your bag or knapsack. It likewise remains off if it occurs to fall.

Position this health gizmo from 180– 270 °

Required to sanitize under armrests or the interior angles of a steering wheel? It’s easily made with the Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED. This disinfecting gadget has adjustable positioning from 180– 270 °. So it can flex to reach even hard corners and tight spaces. This is likewise beneficial for distinctively shaped items like ornate front door handles.

Take pleasure in quick disinfection

Tired of spending so much time disinfecting the high-use surface areas of your house or work devices? Declare some of your time back with this disinfection gadget. It takes just 10 seconds to work and make surface areas pristine once again. So if you’re a personal trainer, this device can dramatically minimize the quantity of time you invest sanitizing your exercise devices every night. Or if you’re ill of washing your kids’ knapsacks and cleaning their shoes every day, this does the very same task in a portion of the time.

See the disinfection area with Blue LED mapping

Wish to see the exact location you’re disinfecting? You can thanks to the Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED’s Blue LED mapping. It supplies noticeable blue mapping on the item you’re cleaning to reveal you simply the location you’re targetting. This works, as you’ll understand the exact locations you have actually sterilized and if you’ve missed any areas. Inaccurate use is where lots of products prove inadequate. This disinfection device safeguards versus this all too typical problem.

Take this portable health device anywhere

Another terrific function of this product is its portability. We pointed out previously that this device is foldable, which makes it easy to bring. The Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED can actually fit in your pocket and, naturally, stows easily in bags and knapsacks. So this is a disinfection gadget that’s easy to take with you to work, school, on errands, and so on

. The Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection gadget is an exceptional gadget for these uncommon times. Equipped with effective UV LED lights and equipped with several security features, it can keep you healthy. Thanks to its portable style, it’s also a fantastic addition to anyone’s EDC. If you operate in a shared area or come into contact with others and their valuables throughout the day, this is an excellent product to think about.

The Acuva ™ SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection gadget costs $149.99, and you can order it from the business’s main site.

What are your favorite ways to remain safe and healthy in the new regular? Let us understand in the comments.

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