Tesla Can Be Fooled Into Unmanned Driving: Report

Tesla came under renewed scrutiny Thursday following a report its vehicles might be fooled into driving without any one behind the wheel and as two senators required a federal probe of a recent crash.

Engineers from Customer Reports “easily fooled” Tesla’s Auto-pilot to drive without anybody in the driver’s seat, “a circumstance that would present severe threat if it were duplicated on public roads,” the magazine stated on its site.

On The Other Hand, Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Ed Markey of Massachusetts prompted United States auto safety regulators to powerfully respond to fatal auto accident in Texas last weekend including a Tesla that apparently had nobody behind the wheel.

” We urge you to carry out a comprehensive investigation of the accident and demand that your reports consist of recommendations on restorative actions that can be implemented to prevent future such accidents from taking place,” the Senators stated in a letter to National Highway Traffic Security Administration acting chief Steven Cliff.

The senators praised NHTSA’s prior announcement that it, together with the National Transport Security Board, were examining the crash.

The accident, which caused 2 casualties, included a Tesla Model S that ignited after hitting a tree late Saturday night near Houston.

Harris County authorities official Mark Herman told regional media the initial examination found nobody was in the chauffeur’s seat of the vehicle. One of the victims was discovered in the traveler seat, and the other in the rear seats.

Tesla is dealing with more scrutiny over its Autopilot system following the most recent fatal crash AFP/ Robyn Beck

The situations of the mishap have actually revived dispute on the electrical automobile’s existing semi-autonomous capabilities, such as Autopilot, which allows the car to park by itself or navigate on the highway.

Tesla President Elon Musk stated data logs reveal Auto-pilot was not engaged throughout the crash. The car manufacturer alerts that its motorist help systems do not make the cars self-governing, and active guidance is still needed.

In its test, a Customer Reports placed a weight on the steering wheel and maneuvered over to the passenger seat without undoing the seat belt.

” There were no cautions that no one was being in the seat, nobody was holding the guiding wheel and no one was looking at the road,” Consumer Reports’ Jake Fisher stated of the test on a Tesla Model Y SUV, which was videotaped.

” It continued to drive with no cautions to the chauffeur to stay engaged. We were surprised how simple it was to beat the insufficient safeguards.”

The magazine contrasted Tesla with cars made by General Motors, Subaru and other car manufacturers which utilize camera-based systems to track the movements of a driver’s eyes and make sure the lorries are not unmanned.

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