Tesla autopilot handles to prevent crashing into animal crossing the

This is the heart-stopping moment a Tesla autopilot narrowly swerved on an icy road in a desperate, however effective, bid to prevent hitting a moose.

Dashcam video shows the smart car, Tesla Model S, rapidly turned to the side after its set up electronic camera spotted the wild animal delicately crossing in the dark in Sweden

The electronic vehicle was left without a scratch as it handled to stabilise itself after avoiding the disaster.

Dashcam video footage shows the smart car, Tesla Design S, rapidly relied on its side after its set up cam found the wild animal delicately crossing the dark roadway in Sweden.

The video begins with the cars and truck driving down a dark icy road, with snow accumulated on either side.

2 moose calves all of a sudden appear on the side of the roadway Whilst one makes a dash into the darkness, the other one delicately crosses the roadway.

The driver strikes the brakes but the icy conditions lengthen the stopping range. It appears the automobile is particular to hit the animal.

However, the Tesla driver, named David, uses cat-like responses to swerve around the moose and prevents disaster.

The automobile fishtails dangerously but it quickly straightens out thanks in part to some clever innovation on the car.

The electronic car was left without a scratch as it managed to stabilise itself after swerving on the icy roadway to avoid crashing into the wild moose crossing the roadway.

The Tesla Design S (file photo) is created to avoid the vehicle from moving out of control

David later posted on Facebook: ‘I can barely think it to be real myself. Which I likewise managed it without going to a workshop.’

Incredibly, there is an automobile test that originated in Sweden called ‘the Moose test’ during which vehicles have to swerve round a set of cones, to imitate a moose walking into the road.

Swedish car-makers Saab and Volvo both utilize this test when making their lorries.

The Tesla Model S is particularly created to prevent the car from moving out of control.

With four-wheel drive, it would send out differing power levels to each wheel in order to manage the lorry.

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