TALK OF THE TOWN: Kate Moss can’t resist turning every young model

Is Kate Moss’s love for child Lila, envisioned left centre, so terrific that she can’t resist turning every young model into a clone of her woman?

That’s what my fashionista spies are wondering after a look at the young women Kate has actually signed to her modelling agency.

Ella Richards, 24, granddaughter of Rolling Stone Keith, is imagined looking identical to fellow model Lila, 18.

And Stella Jones, 18, daughter of Clash rocker Mick, appears to have the same beauty consultant, makeup artist and hairstylist

Ella Richards, 24, granddaughter of Wanderer Keith, is pictured far left looking similar to fellow model Lila, 18. And Stella Jones, 18, right, daughter of Clash rocker Mick, appears to have the very same beauty therapist, makeup artist and hairstylist.

One spy tells me: ‘Kate (imagined today) dotes on Lila and believes her beauty is perfection’

One spy informs me: ‘Kate dotes on Lila and thinks her appeal is perfection, so she might be styling them all to have that appearance.’

It’s every doting mother’s dream: an army of lookalikes!

Which American actress purchased a female relative a pointed Christmas present– and by pointed I indicate a carving knife?

Though a Christmas carving set may appear harmless on the face of it, if you understood how much these two ladies abhor one another you may think it was a dig, or attempt I say it, a risk!

After making a substantial fuss of receiving a New Year’s Eve proposition, Sofia Abramovich, society daughter of billionaire Chelsea FC owner Roman, appears to have actually eradicated her future husband from her life.

Equestrian Sofia, 26, has actually cleaned all mention of the hunky American business owner known merely as ‘Jamie’ from her social networks pages, just three months after he proposed in St Barts.

At the time Sofia Abramovich described the proposition as ‘a night I’ll always remember’

The rather modest engagement ring Jamie presented to Sofia on New Year’s Eve

At the time she explained the proposition as ‘a night I’ll never forget’. However forget she has, obviously.

I ‘d state this Jamie chap, who presented a rather modest engagement ring, has actually had a fortunate escape. Imagine having the powerful Roman as a father-in-law!

I was sorry to hear rumours that the Marquis of Headfort, who memorably pressed his buddy Lord Brocket into a pool at the ex-jailbird’s South of France wedding, might not be getting married to his younger bride-to-be, Victoria Chapman, after all.

Jeremy Clarkson was expected to participate in the events this summer as Headfort, known as Christo, is joint owner of the petrolhead’s Oxfordshire estate.

Very little is learnt about Victoria, other than she was a great Chelsea-dwelling middle-class girl and, according to my source, was rather taken aback by her 62-year-old fiance’s aristo behaviour– by which I imply a lot of hanging out and not much settling.

‘They began to question if they were compatible,’ I’m informed.

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