Sparing No Words For Trump, Merkel Swears Cooperation With Biden

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday warmly offered to work together carefully with Joe Biden after his election as America’s next president, a sharp contrast to her stern warning to Donald Trump 4 years ago.

Highlighting the President-elect’s “years of experience in foreign policy” and recalling “good encounters and talks with him”, Merkel swore to “stand together” with Washington to get rid of international obstacles from the coronavirus pandemic to worldwide warming.

The significant change in tone to Trump’s 2016 triumph, which Merkel had actually greeted with an extraordinary warning over democratic values, came as Germany breathed freely at Biden taking the White House even if differences with Washington are expected to continue under the Democrat.

Merkel notably left the US billionaire leader and his administration entirely out of her message on the United States election.

Be it over military costs or Germany’s strong exports, Trump, who is still objecting to the United States surveys result, has actually made no effort to conceal his ire towards Europe’s biggest economy.

However it was his contempt of global treaties and multilateralism as he promoted “America First” that deeply surprised Germans.

Trump ripped up the Iran nuclear treaty early in his term, slapped tariffs on EU steel and aluminium, and as Americans went to the surveys last week, the United States officially left the Paris Climate Arrangement.

Hailing Biden’s victory, German leaders have rushed to advise him to make good on his pre-election guarantee to renew the US on the environment treaty once again.

” The return of the US to these common perfects offers the chance to stop the disintegration of the global order,” wrote German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in an editorial for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

” With a go back to the Paris climate contract, restored cooperation in the World Trade Organization, in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and likewise in curbing Iran’s nuclear program, the U.S.A. can when again counter the risk of global anarchy in which just ‘optimal pressure’ counts, with a more positive vision of our common future,” he included.

At the exact same time, Steinmeier highlighted that four years of Trump have likewise taught Germany the lesson that Europe required to stand on its own feet rather than wait for its transatlantic partner to take the lead.

A point echoed by Merkel who said Europeans would do more to pull their own weight.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers a declaration on the outcome of the governmental election in the United States SWIMMING POOL/ Michael Kappeler

” Germans and Europeans understand that we must take on more responsibility in this collaboration in the 21st century,” said Merkel, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the EU.

” America is and stays our crucial ally however it anticipates us, and rightly so, to increase our efforts and to ensure our own security and to stand up for our own convictions in the world,” included the German leader, who will step down next year.

The pragmatism came as experts noted that not all of Europe’s interests may dovetail with those of the US.

Locations of friction will likely stay on military spending, the controversial Russia-to-Europe gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, and Washington’s project against Chinese tech giant Huawei.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who assured a new start in transatlantic relationships, a “new deal”, said Berlin will make “concrete propositions on how we can close ranks– in negotiations with gamers like China” for example.

But confronted with a Covid-19 damaged economy, Biden may well eschew Trump’s protectionist tendencies while permitting some sort of “America First” vision for delicate industries to survive on.

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier himself warned that “specific sectors in the US have increased their competitiveness through tariffs … and Joe Biden will not take this lightly either”.

Foreign policy veteran Wolfgang Ischinger, who chairs the Munich Security Conference, likewise kept in mind that things will not “merely be all great” again between Europe and the United States under Biden

Washington is expected to keep a crucial eye on Germany’s softer method with China and Berlin’s unwillingness to let go of Nord Stream 2 which critics believe would provide Russia excessive control.

Nevertheless, a crucial difference lies in mindsets.

“We would be able to take on these problems together on the basis of a more reliable relationship in between leaders,” stated Ischinger.

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