South Korean TELEVISION actress Tune Yoo jung, 26, is found dead in Seoul

A 26-year-old South Korean starlet has been discovered dead in Seoul, the most recent young death to strike the country’s controversial show-business market.

Tune Yoo-jung died on Saturday and a small funeral service was held in accordance with her household’s dreams, her firm verified.

‘ Actress Tune Yoo-jung has left us,’ Sublime Company said today. ‘Yoo-jung was a pal who always provided us joy with a brilliant smile, and an amazing starlet who acted with an enthusiasm larger than anyone.’

Yoo-jung made her name with a starring function in TELEVISION drama Make A Wish and won financially rewarding commercial deals with cosmetics company Estee Lauder and American ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins.

Her death yet again raises concerns about the extreme glare of the spotlight in Korea’s television and K-Pop culture, particularly for young women who are gotten by companies at a young age and face vicious shaming on social networks.

There was a profusion of sorrow from fans on Yoo-jung’s last Instagram post today. Three weeks ago she posted a picture of herself beaming at the video camera.

Fans left sincere messages on her last Instagram post

Breakout: She appeared as Han Da-Won in the series Make A Desire and her true breakout was available in 2019 with the web series Dear My Name

There was an outpouring of grief from fans on Yoo-jung’s last Instagram post today.

3 weeks ago she posted a picture of herself beaming at the video camera.

K-Pop deaths December 2017: Kim Jong-Hyun, 27, took his own life after struggling with anxiety. The Shinee band member published a heartbreaking message prior to his death: ‘I’m broken from the within … The depression that has actually slowly eaten away at me has actually lastly consumed me, and I couldn’t beat it.’ October 2019: F( x) band member Sulli, 25, is discovered dead. She had actually suffered abuse following the ‘no bra’ scandal which saw her shamed online for not using a bra. November, 2019: Vocalist and starlet Goo Hara, a good friend of Sulli’s, is discovered dead at her home in Seoul’s upscale Cheongdam-dong location. The 28-year-old tried to kill herself 6 months previously. November 2020: Comedienne Park Ji-sun, 36, and her mother were found dead at their house in Seoul. Park had actually been struggling with a long-lasting illness and their deaths are thought to have actually been a double suicide. Advertisement

‘ Behind every smile there’s a concealed story that no one knows. I wish you rest in peace and recover from whatever you were fighting,’ one comment stated.

She made her acting debut 6 years back and had found current success starring in the extremely popular romantic drama, Dear My Name.

Yoo-jung played an architecture trainee looking for her soulmate.

Aside from her acting work, she was a supporter for people with impairments, working for an initiative called Warm Accompaniment.

She is the latest young Korean actress to pass away at the height of her fame.

In November 2019, K-Pop singer and starlet Goo Hara was discovered dead at her house in Seoul’s upscale Cheongdam-dong area, six months after attempting to kill herself.

The 28-year-old had actually posted a haunting ‘great night’ message on Instagram simply hours before her death.

The month prior to Hara passed away, Sulli, a previous woman band singer and close friend of the vocalist’s was discovered dead at her home after battling ‘serious depression.’

Sulli had actually suffered online abuse in what ended up being known as the ‘no-bra’ scandal after she showed her nipples on social networks.

It was reported that she had actually been required to suspend her music profession due to the fact that of the abuse she had actually gotten in conservative South Korea.

K-pop stars like Hara and Sulli are gotten by companies at a young age – generally in their early or mid-teens – and their lives then taken control of by gruelling singing and dancing training.

Taboos about mental illness dissuade numerous South Koreans from seeking assistance.

Their deaths echoed that of fellow K-pop star Kim Jong-Hyun, who took his life in 2017 after battling with depression.

Suicides: Over the last few years, there have actually been a rash of suicides among K-pop artists, including singers Kim Jong-hyun in 2017

Grieving: The South Korean entertainment community remains in grieving, as they grieve the loss of rising star Song Yoo-jung

The 27-year-old Shinee band member left a heartbreaking final message, writing: ‘I’m broken from the inside … The depression that has slowly eaten away at me has finally consumed me, and I couldn’t beat it.’

His death caused sorrow to countless fans worldwide and focused analysis on the Korean popular song market.

Lots of Korean stars face tremendous pressure to look and behave perfectly in a market powered by so-called ‘fandoms’ – groups of well-organised admirers who invest massive amounts of time and cash to assist their favoured stars climb up the charts and attack their viewed rivals.

In return, the stars are anticipated to tread carefully in an industry where today’s most-fervent fans can be tomorrow’s most vicious critics if their idols fail to fulfill their expectations – or ‘betray’ them.

Supporter: Aside from her performing work, she was a supporter for individuals with specials needs, acting as an advocate for a South Korean effort dubbed Warm Accompaniment

Commercials: The actress started her profession as a performer when she was 20 years old, appearing in commercials for Estee Lauder, Baskin-Robbins and many video

Substance abuse or drunken driving are seen as career-breakers, while behaviour that causes a ‘stir’ – anything from a social networks gaffe to a failure to smile ceaselessly at public appearances – might be criticised for years.

Numerous are constantly gone after by paparazzi and camera-touting fans who share or offer each and every single detail and images of the stars’ daily lives online for public analysis.

Such difficulties prevail amongst celebrities around the globe, but are enhanced in hyper-wired South Korea, which has a few of the world’s fastest internet speeds and greatest mobile phone usage, and a society where pressure to adhere is high.

Suicide is a persistent social problem in the extremely competitive society and is the leading cause of death for people aged between 10 and 39, according to government information.

More than 13,700 individuals took their own lives in 2015.

For confidential support call the Samaritans on 116123 or check out a regional Samaritans branch, or see for details.

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