Remarkable moment town’s flood defences are breached after month’s worth


This is the remarkable moment a town’s flood defences are breached after Storm Christoph brought a month’s worth of rain in less than 2 days, leaving Britons still reeling from the disastrous deluge as the Met Office now warns that some areas could see up to four inches of snow fall today.

Pictures captured by a regional at Beales Corner in Bewdley, Worcestershire, shows water from the Severn pouring through the barriers during the early hours of this early morning.

Hereford and Worcester water rescue groups were also seen conserving a male and his 2 pet dogs, Poppy and Eddie, from the flood water in Bewdley. The river level is anticipated to peak at 5.53 m, simply shy of the record set in November 2000 at 5.56 m.

Meanwhile, authorities pled people not to drive to Devon and Cornwall today, warning that snow and ice is likely to turn roadways across Dartmoor and other exposed spots into death traps.

The Met Office has actually issued a yellow weather alert for wintry conditions across swathes of the UK, with as much as four inches of snow projection in parts of Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England from 4pm.

Wintry showers were possible throughout the majority of the country overnight and into this morning, other than locations near the east coast.

Up to 4 inches of snow was forecast for high ground, although most areas were most likely to see an inch at a lot of. And the snow is set to continue tomorrow across the South and Midlands after a mostly cold, dry and sunny day.

Forecasters stated cold conditions must remain until Tuesday, when milder, wetter weather condition is set to return. That could ‘intensify’ the existing flooding concerns with melting snow contributing to the water levels.

Footage recorded the remarkable moment that flood defences failed at Bewdley, Worcestershire, throughout the early hours of this morning. The clip was caught on cam by a local homeowner

Hereford and Worcester water rescue groups conserve a man and his two canines, Poppy and Eddie, from the flood water at Bewdley as the Severn breached floor barriers today. Another pet dog, Malcom, peered over a flood barrier at his house on Beales Corner with the water lapping listed below

Locals in the little North Warwickshire town of New Arley got up to a cold and snowy day this morning as the rain developed into snow overnight

Individuals pictured riding on bikes through Wimbledon Common, which was covered in heavy frost today on a cold freezing early morning with sub-zero temperature levels

The M6 in Lancaster is down to one lane due to snow. Weather cautions for floods, snow and ice have actually been put in location throughout Britain due to the conditions

The Met Office said the UK is set to be struck by more wintry weather as Storm Christoph moves away to the East, with a yellow weather condition warning for ice and snow currently in place throughout most of Britain

Remarkable aerial photos today exposed the shocking level of flooding in Bewdley after flood barriers were breached overnight leaving homes and organizations under water.

Floodwater began gushing over the barriers in the Worcestershire town ‘like a tidal wave’ as the River Severn increased to near-record levels. The temporary defences were installed earlier this week in a quote to safeguard houses and organization in the after-effects of Storm Christoph.

But the full impact of the swelling river got here early this morning as barriers on Beales Corner were breached and water spilled into close-by homes. River levels are now anticipated to be comparable to those of the February 2020 floods, which were the worst to hit the area in 20 years.

The river was anticipated to peak at 5.5 metres (18ft) in Bewdley with the water level expected to remain high for a number of days. Flood cautions stay in place along the length of the River Severn including at Bewdley, Blackstone and Stourport.

Councillor Simon Geraghty, of Worcestershire County Council, said: ‘We acknowledge the effect that Storm Christoph and the subsequent flooding has had, and will continue to have, on citizens, services and local neighborhoods across the county.

‘ The recent rains that we have actually seen, has led to some areas of the county being flooded in a matter of weeks.

‘ I wish to take this chance to thank our front-line personnel and the emergency services teams who are working relentlessly to keep the citizens of Worcestershire as safe as possible.

‘ This has been made even harder given the difficult and quickly developing situation in addition to dealing with an emergency during a pandemic and in national lockdown.’

Bird’s-eye view of flooding along the river Severn at Bewdley where regardless of the efforts by the environment firm, one side of the flood defences have been overtopped as storm Christoph continues to wreak havoc

Homeowners in some areas along the River Severn were earlier advised there could be flooding into today, with some levels peaking at heights comparable to the February washout last year. Imagined, flooding at Bewdley

As flood defences were topped at the River Severn groups tried to bring the situation under control

In Worcester, at-risk homeowners are being contacted by the city council and used rest-centre lodging. Visualized, the River Severn at Bewdley

Houses were flooded as the River Severn burst its banks in the consequences of heavy rains over the recently

A bridge shows the extent of the rising water level in Bewdley after the River Severn burst its banks today

Police in Hyde Park this morning as walkers involve coats to stay out the winter season chill as temperatures plunge

Bicyclists in the snow go through the ‘Seven Arched Bridge’ in the Rivington Terraced Gardens today

Individuals take their daily exercise in Greenwich Park, south east London this morning as parts of the country were struck by snow

Snow falls in Smithills, Bolton, Lancashire, this morning. Come the brand-new week the snow will as soon as again pave the way to more rain, with Environment Secretary George Eustice saying it offers cause for concern at the capacity for more flooding

Individuals take pleasure in the bright, cold start to the day in Hyde Park, today as an extreme lockdown continues in Britain

A runner is visualized in the snow in Smithills, Bolton, Lancashire, this morning. Chris Tubbs, deputy chief forecaster at the Met Office, said damp weather is most likely to return from the middle of next week

Residents in some locations along the River Severn were earlier advised there could be flooding into today, with some levels peaking at heights comparable to the February washout in 2015.

In Worcester, at-risk homeowners are being called by the city board and offered rest-centre lodging.

Met Workplace chief forecaster Steve Willington said cold air from Iceland and the Arctic will bring with it ‘a mix of wintry hazards throughout the UK’.

He said: ‘In clearer conditions, over night ice will remain a hazard, while a band of snow is most likely to bring falls of 1-3cm rather commonly across main areas of the UK, especially the Cotswolds and higher ground in the East Midlands on Sunday.

Up until now, around 400 homes have actually been flooded as the outcome of Storm Christoph, the Environment Firm said the other day, with Britons in northern and main England urged to prepare for additional flooding over the weekend due to ‘incredibly high’ river levels.

Come the brand-new week the snow will once again pave the way to more rain, with Environment Secretary George Eustice stating it offers cause for issue at the potential for more flooding.

Walkers in the snow in the Rivington Terraced Gardens this morning, left, and a runner in the snow in Smithills in Bolton, right

The breached flood barriers at Bewdley imagined early today. Locals in some areas along the River Severn were earlier recommended there could be flooding today, with some levels peaking at heights comparable to the February washout last year

Amongst the victims of Storm Christoph are George and Amal Clooney. The garden of their 17th-century, Grade II-listed estate (visualized) in Sonning, Berkshire was flooded by the burst banks of the nearby River Thames

Speaking yesterday he said: ‘The thing that worries us most is that late next week we are expecting more rains, that falls on wet, soggy ground.

‘ It is possible that we therefore might have some additional obstacles in a week’s time.’

Chris Tubbs, deputy chief forecaster at the Met Office, stated wet weather condition is most likely to return from the middle of next week.

He said: ‘Once the certainty increases about which areas are most likely to be impacted by possibly heavy rain, we might require to release further warnings, especially if next week’s rainfall is likely to compound the impacts from this week.’

The Environment Firm has actually warned of ‘incredibly high river levels’ following days of heavy rains in the wake of Storm Christoph, with numerous residential or commercial properties throughout the country flooded.

Care home residents were amongst those left in numerous locations across the North West, while, in Wales, a helicopter crew saved a family caught in their house due to fast-flowing floodwater.

The outline of a 400-year-old English Civil War fort in Earith, Cambridgeshire, has been highlighted after heavy rain and flooding filled a moat around the earthworks

River levels around Ironbridge in Shropshire were expected to peak at around 6.8 m overnight.

In Bewdley, Worcestershire, the peak was expected early on Saturday, at a ‘somewhat lower’ level than February 2020, according to Dave Throup from the Environment Agency.

The snow comes after families returned nervously to their houses the other day to discover what damage Storm Christoph had done as flooding continued to bring torment to thousands.

The clean-up started in parts of Cheshire, Wales and Yorkshire, where a month’s rain fell in less than 2 days, triggering rivers to burst their banks today.

However while some were mopping up, others in Shropshire and Herefordshire were awakening to freshly flooded streets and houses as the Severn and Wye overruned.

Water levels rose there a day or so after the North as the results of the heavy rains worked its way further downstream.

Residents, some of whom were left, told of their misery that they had not long completed repairs following Storm Dennis last February.

A shop owner starts to tidy up as floodwater starts to recede from the town of Northwich, Cheshire, in the aftermath of Storm Christoph yesterday

Dave Throup, Environment Agency manager for Herefordshire and Worcestershire, tweeted: ‘Sadly our flood defence at Beales Corner were jeopardized overnight. We’re reacting on website with partners. Other defences at Bewdley all ok.’

Irene Buxton, 70, who lives near the defences told the BBC she was woken by a ‘crash’ as the barriers collapsed last night. She stated: ‘I watched out of the window and it was like a tidal wave going towards the town. The water is in my hall and in my kitchen area and we’re just battling to keep it out of the living room.’

The Severn had actually been increasing steeply since Storm Christoph brought heavy rain at the start of the week and began spilling over its banks from Wednesday.

In Worcester, at-risk householders are being gotten in touch with by the city board and provided rest-centre lodging. This weekend the damp conditions will be replaced by freezing temperatures, prompting a yellow weather caution for snow and ice throughout the Midlands and much of the UK.

The Environment Agency said 139 flood warnings remained in location throughout England yesterday, consisting of an extreme warning on the Dee in between the town of Holt, North Wales, and the Cheshire town of Farndon. Aerial photos taken on the Welsh side revealed the scale of the flooding.

In Northwich, Cheshire, hair salon owner Charles Rose mopped the flooded floor of his hair stylists, which he just recently opened with his partner.

Around 20 miles away in Warrington, Catherine Myall, 39, said inadequate was being done to secure houses.

‘ Whatever’s been damaged– the couches, fridge freezer, washing machine, children’s toys,’ she said.

‘ The lack of action irritates me, it actually does. You might also speak to a brick wall. Each time it rains, flooding is a worry.

‘ We have actually only just had re-plastering and electrical work done from the last time we were flooded, in 2015.’

In other places in the town, Peter Morley mopped the downstairs of his house after it was flooded on Thursday and Woody Woodfine cleaned out the damaged ground flooring of his semi-detached home.

‘We have actually been here eight years and your house has been flooded 5 times,’ Mr Woodfine, 55, said.

‘The authorities have actually supposedly invested ₤ 260,000 in a brand name new pumping station,’ he added, however it was not due to be functional until April.

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