Remain at home daddy, 36, with history of drugs is apprehended for


Adam Johnson, 36, was arrested by federal marshalls in Florida on Friday and is presently being held at the Pinellas County Jail, according to detain records. The Parrish, Florida, local’s charges are pending

The stay-at-home dad who looted and smiled for a photo as he swiped a lectern has been detained in Florida, a day before the QAnon Shaman was likewise apprehended for his role in Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol.

Adam Johnson, 36, was apprehended by federal marshals in Florida on Friday and is presently being held at the Pinellas County Jail, according to arrest records.

The Parrish, Florida, citizen was charged with one count of intentionally entering or staying in any limited structure or ground without lawful authority, one count of theft of government residential or commercial property and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Jacob Anthony Chansley, the 33-year-old heavily-tattooed Trump supporter who sported horns, a fur hat and face paint as he inhabited the Senate dais, was likewise arrested on Saturday.

He was charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted structure or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol premises.

According to court documents, Chansley called the FBI field workplace in Washington and confirmed to a representative that ‘he was the male in the face paint and headdress in the Vice President’s chair in the Senate.’

Jacob Anthony Chansley, the heavily-tattooed Trump advocate who sported horns, a fur hat and face paint as he inhabited the Senate dais, was also detained on Saturday

Chansley informed the agent that he and other ‘patriots’ had come from Arizona at the request of the President that all ‘patriots’ come to D.C. on Jan 6, the documents state.

Angeli often known as the QAnon Shaman, became a fixture at recent right-wing rallies while dressed up in his signature attire.

Angeli has formerly confessed his belief in QAnon began after reading conspiracy theories on the web

One of his tattoos is stated to reveal the symbol of Wotanism, an acronym for ‘Will of the Aryan Nation.’

Johnson, a psychology graduate turned furnishings maker from Bradenton, Florida, was seen parading through the Capitol on Wednesday with Pelosi’s lectern.

Johnson is a stay-at-home dad to five kids; his better half is a doctor, according to The Bradenton Herald. He has formerly faced ownership of marijuana and offense of probation charges, the paper reports.

Images on his now-deleted social media accounts reveal him positioning beside a sign reading ‘near all tours’ inside the structure.

Johnson, who was imagined inside the Capitol snatching a lectern, appears to have actually removed his social media platforms in the consequences of the siege

Court files expose that the FBI spoke with members of the Speaker’s personnel to determine that the lectern was store in the Speaker’s Suite, located under a staircase to the third floor on the Home side of the structure

The lectern was discovered on January 7 by a member of the Senate personnel in the Red corridor of the Senate wing off the Rotunda in the Capitol. It deserves more than $1,000, according to your house of Representatives’ curator.

Johnson, who was envisioned inside the Capitol stealing a lectern, appears to have actually removed his social networks platforms in the consequences of the siege

Pictures on his now-deleted social media accounts reveal him positioning beside an indication reading ‘closed to all trips’ inside the structure.

In addition to the 2, a freshly sworn-in West Virginia delegate, the CEO of a Chicago information analytics business and a guy sentenced to eight years for attempted murder are amongst 16 individuals federally charged so far following Wednesday’s riots at the Capitol.

The Justice Department named in a conference call on Friday 13 individuals charged in the discontent, and Republican politician West Virginia State House member Derrick Evans, 35, was later on charged.

Evans was charged with one count of knowingly getting in or staying in any limited structure or grounds without lawful authority; and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Premises. Evans was collared Friday.

They also include a handyman whose child declared had been ‘radicalized’ and a white supremacist who got into Nancy Pelosi’s office to sit at her desk.

Richard Barnett, 60, was visualized putting his feet up on her desk.

Pictures from his social networks reveal him showing up in D.C.

Johnson shared images of himself sporting MAGA hats and sinking beers as he wrote that he had actually ‘made it to DC’ Tuesday – the day before the siege.

Barnett, who happily described himself as a white nationalist on social media, was charged with illegal entry. He was apprehended at his house in Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s unclear where he now is or if he’ll be extradited but he remains in custody.

Amongst them was also Michael Curzio, of Summerfield, Florida, who spent eight years in jail for tried murder.

Curzio was launched in February 2019.

Of the 13 – 11 guys, 2 females – 10 are charged with getting in a restricted public structure and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol premises.

The 13 included a Chicago CEO, Brad Rukstales, who released a groveling apology for his ‘incredibly poor judgement’ in joining in the chaos.

He stated it was the ‘single worst choice of my life’.

Brad Rukstales, a CEO, has been federally charged for storming the Capitol on Wednesday

Rukstales directs Chicago-based information analytics firm Cogensia

Douglas Sugary Food from Hudgins, Virginia, was held in jail for 8 hours and then launched.

He told WKTR he traveled to Washington since ‘Trump asked all the patriots to appear, so I did.’

He said: ‘I didn’t go with any malice or intent of malice of those that devoted those the fights – the tear gas and simply, you understand, tossing things at authorities.

‘ That wasn’t in my game plan at all.’

Asked if he has any regret, being involved in a riot where four people died, Sweet said: ‘From our actions, come response.’

Sugary food had also participated in the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, his daughter, Robyn Sweet, informed BuzzFeed News on Thursday.

Robyn said that her daddy had actually disowned her since she battled versus bigotry and bigotry while he had been ‘radicalized by conspiracy underground websites and groups.’

‘ I am completely embarrassed and disgusted of him,’ Robyn said of her dad’s actions at the Capitol.

Those charged also include Cleveland Meredith, charged with making risks versus Nancy Pelosi; Lonnie Coffman, of Alabama, charged with guns and explosives offenses and Christopher Alberts, of Maryland, who is charged with bring a firearm at the Capitol.

Evans, the political leader, transmitted his involvement in a Facebook Live video he took of himself as he entered the Capitol during the riots, yelling: ‘We’re in! We remain in! Derrick Evans remains in the Capitol!’

Douglas Sugary food, asked if he was sorry for being there, replied: ‘From our actions, come response’

West Virginia delegate Derrick Evans is facing federal charges for his role in the riots

West Virginia delegate Derrick Evans is pictured being apprehended at his home in West Virginia Friday. He’s dealing with 2 federal charges in connection with Wednesday’s Capitol riot

A lady declaring to be Evans’ grandmother ‘thanked’ Trump for prompting the riot

West Virginia Republican state Del. Derrick Evans exits the Sidney L. Christie U.S. Court House and Federal Structure after being arraigned, Friday

The affidavit, obtained by the news station, notes that during the live video, Evans can also be heard shouting to individuals in the doorway and the front of the of the crowd of rioters stating, ‘Move! Move! Move!’

FBI representatives were spotted reaching Evans home in Prichard, West Virginia, Friday afternoon and taking him into custody.

As Evans, using a Tolsia Rebels high school sweat fit, was accompanied to a cars and truck and driven away by authorities, a woman emerged from your home and told WSAZ that she was his grandma.

She stated that ‘He’s a great man,’ referring to Evans.

‘ And thank you, Mr. Trump, for conjuring up a riot at the White Home,’ she included.

Evans was taken to a federal court house in Huntington, West Virginia, for a hearing Friday and launched on a personal recognizance bond. Evans is charged in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, WV City News reported.

West Virginia Del. Derrick Evans shot himself going into the Capitol building (left). Evans is also envisioned at right

The federal affidavit against Evans kept in mind that prior to Wednesday’s riots, Evans had a meme mentioning: ‘A storm is coming, and there is nothing the left can do to stop it!’ on his Facebook page on New Year’s Eve.

On December 30, 2020, Evans was also said to have posted a meme with a picture of President Trump and the declaration: ‘Take America back. Exist. Be Wild. D.C., January sixth 2021.’

In the video, the affidavit kept in mind, Evans might be heard informing other rioters not to vandalize anything, WSAZ reported.

On Wednesday, after the riot, Evans published a declaration on his Facebook page which read: ‘I want to guarantee you all that I did not have any unfavorable interactions with police, nor did I take part in any damage that may have happened.’

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has stated that Evans should resign from his delegate position.

Evans’ attorney has actually said that Evans will refrain from doing that in a declaration on Thursday.

The charge of entering a restricted federal government building is a misdemeanor offense, which could cause fines. The charge could increase, however, ‘the offense results in substantial physical damage,’ according to WV Metro News.

The 2nd charge against Evans is likewise a misdemeanor and might result in 6 months of jail time if he’s convicted.

Richard Barnett, 60, has actually been charged with illegal entry

The DoJ announced on a call with press reporters on Friday afternoon that 13 individuals had actually been charged consisting of Barnett, who had actually also left a threatening note on Pelosi’s desk Wednesday.

Coffman has also been apprehended after authorities discovered his red GMC pick-up truck near the RNC – where a pipeline bomb was left. He has actually not been charged over the pipeline bomb however polices discovered two handguns, 11 Molotov cocktails and an M4 carbine attack rifle in his vehicle.

He has been charged with belongings an unregistered gun (devastating gadget) and carrying a handgun without a license.

Authorities on Friday called what he had actually produced ‘homemade napalm’ and said the Bomb

The MAGA rioter who put his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk was apprehended together with a man who brought 11 Bomb, two handguns and an assault rifle to the Capitol on Wednesday

More than 80 people have been arrested in overall and 55 are being pursued on federal charges, authorities said on the call.


Adam Johnson Jacob Anthony Chansley Derrick Evans Cleveland Meredith – making interstate hazards to Nancy Pelosi Richard Barnett – burglarizing Pelosi’s office Lonnie Coffman – possession of an unregistered firearm and bring without a license. He had 11 Bomb in his truck. Mark Leffingwell – going into a restricted structure, punching a police officer Christopher Alberts – bring a 9mm weapon Joshua Pruitt – getting in restricted structure Matthew Council – getting in limited building, disorderly conduct Cindy Fitchett – entering a restricted structure, disorderly conduct, violent entry Michael Curzio – entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct Douglas Sugary food – going into a restricted building, disorderly conduct Bradley Ruskelas – getting in a restricted structure, disorderly conduct Terry Brown – going into a limited building, disorderly conduct Thomas Gallagher – going into a limited building, disorderly conduct Derrick Evans – entering a restricted public structure and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol premises Advertisement

Lots more stay free and the FBI is rushing to capture them with public appeals for help and rewards for information after Wednesday’s devastating efforts by law enforcement to manage the crowd.

Their failure to jail the rioters – much of whom had weapons and overpowered them – has actually outraged millions of Americans who compared the soft touch to the harsh crackdown by authorities on BLM protesters during the summertime.

The polices discovered Coffman’s lorry and searched it after securing a border in the area surrounding the DNC and RNC, where 2 pipeline bombs had actually been left.

The bomb team had actually been contacted to help with that.

It was throughout a sweep of the area that they found Coffman’s van.

‘ One black handgun was recuperated from the ideal front traveler seat of the automobile.

‘ After locating the black handgun, officers proceeded to browse the rest of the pickup, including the bed of the truck, which was protected under a material top.

‘ During the search of the taxi of the truck, officers recovered, to name a few things, one M4 Carbine assault rifle along with rifle publications filled with ammunition,’ the affidavit supporting his arrest says.

Coffman was jailed after approaching police officers in a female friend’s automobile, asking if he could access his vehicle once again.

He inquired: ‘Did discover the bombs?’ which the police officers believed was a recommendation to the materials in his cars and truck but he says remained in reference to those left outside the DNC and RNC.

The police who Leffingwell is accused of punching signed his arrest affidavit.

In it, he describes how he attacked him in the Capitol building.

‘ In the course of this effort and while inside the Capitol building, I encountered an adult male who later on recognized himself to me as Mark Jefferson Leffingwell.

‘ Leffingwell attempted to press past me and other officers.

‘ When he was prevented from advancing further into the structure, Leffingwell punched me consistently with a closed fist.

The DoJ announced on a call with reporters on Friday afternoon that 13 people had been charged consisting of Richard Barnett, 60

‘ I was struck in the helmet that I was wearing and in the chest.

‘ Working with other officers, I was able to acquire control over Leffingwell, who attempted to have a hard time while being apprehended.

‘ I transferred Leffingwell to United States Capitol Police headquarters for processing,’ the cop, Daniel Amendola, composed.

Another cop explained seeing a ‘bulge’ in Christopher Alberts’ pocket which he acknowledged to be a pistol at 7.25 pm, more than an hour after the curfew had actually been put in place.

‘ While pressing Alberts towards the line, I tapped the bulge with my baton and felt a hard things that I instantly acknowledged to be a firearm. At the time, Alberts was also wearing a bullet-proof vest and bring a backpack,’ officer Dallan Haynes composed.

Pruitt was amongst a group of people who declined to leave the Capitol after the 6pm curfew. Council was among the group that pushed a barrier down to get into the structure.

Cindy Fitchett, Terry Brown, and Thomas Gallagher are also charged in the exact same complaint for declining to leave.

No one has actually been detained yet in connection with the death of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, 42, who died in the hospital after being struck, allegedly in the head, with a fire extinguisher.

‘ This is a continuous investigation we’re working this with our partners to establish what occurred in that scenario.

‘ We are one hundred percent on it and are getting to those responses,’ FBI Washington Field Office ADIC Steven D’antuono said.

Sicknick was himself a Trump fan who posted on social networks about his support of the President.

A transport worker from New york city who called out ill in order to participate in the mob has actually been suspended from his job with MTA Metro-North.

Metro North staff member Will Pepe, 31, was acknowledged by both associates and management from a photo dispersed by law enforcement. He has actually because been suspended from the MTA

Will Pepe who worked at Metro-North’s Brewster rail lawn in upstate New York is now being examined by the FBI who are checking out what role he played during the rally.

Pepe, 31, from Beacon, New York, had actually been with the MTA for 7 years earning $74,000-a-year but decided to call out ill to head to the event which in itself is a ‘false usage of authorized leave’.

He has actually now been suspended as the firm looks to fire him in the coming days.

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