Now strip shamed Post Workplace boss of her CBE, MPs say

The female who presided over the Post Workplace IT scandal must be removed of her CBE, MPs said the other day.

Their need follows Friday’s dramatic Court of Appeal judgment in favour of 39 postmasters who were incorrectly branded wrongdoers.

Paula Vennells, who made ₤ 3.7 million over 6 years as chief executive at the Post Office, yesterday stopped the boards of grocery store chain Morrisons and homewares company Dunelm.

Paula Vennells, who was president at the Post Office throughout the scandal, must be removed of her honour, according to MPs

She had already stepped down from other functions but is hanging on to her honour for ‘services to the Post Workplace and to charity’.

Labour MP Kevan Jones stated: ‘She was head of the Post Office and oversaw this scandal, and yet ironically received a CBE for services to the Post Workplace. She ought to voluntarily give it up or have it withdrawn.’

Marion Fellows, the SNP MP who chairs the Post Office all-party parliamentary group, stated: ‘There has been a destructive failure from Post Workplace Ltd throughout Paula Vennells’ chairmanship.

‘ She ought to definitely be removed of any titles which recognise her contributions to the Post Workplace.’

Between 1999 and 2015 countless postmasters were implicated of taking from their own tills. In reality the ‘losses’ were caused by computer system problems on the Post Workplace’s Horizon system.

In its judgement, the Court of Appeal shamed the Post Office for pestering the accused and installing a cover-up. It stated the case was an ‘affront to the public conscience’.

MPs will today demand the Federal government launch a full query. A string of ministers accountable for the state-owned company stopped working to act when postmasters were incorrectly convicted.

Previous Liberal Democrat MP Sir Vince Cable television, service secretary in between 2010 and 2015, declared he was ‘not conscious there was a problem’.

Postmasters implicated of theft by Post Office celebrate outside the High Court In London after they had their convictions reversed

However Conservative peer Lord Arbuthnot, who has actually campaigned for postmasters for over a years, stated: ‘To recommend that ministers did not know anything about the unfolding Horizon scandal is clearly nonsense.’

Mrs Vennells joined the Post Office in 2007 as network director, and held the post of chief executive from 2012 to 2019. She said yesterday: ‘I am genuinely sorry for the suffering triggered to the 39 sub-postmasters as an outcome of their convictions which were reversed recently.

‘ My involvement with the Post Office has become a diversion from the good work undertaken by the boards I serve. I have actually therefore stepped down with instant impact from all of my board positions.’

The power to take away CBEs and other gongs rests with the deceptive honours loss committee– and eventually the Queen. Grounds for forfeit consist of a criminal conviction, misbehavior or dishonest behaviour.

RUTH SUNDERLAND: Repayment time for all the broken lives on her watch

Post Workplace Paula has actually lastly done the best thing and surrendered her profitable conference room seats at 2 leading merchants, along with relinquishing her responsibilities as a Church of England priest.

Now she should go an action further and renounce her CBE, a richly unjust award that, with splendid irony, was bestowed on her in part for ‘services to the Post Workplace’.

Handing it back is the only strategy left if Paula Vennells wants to make amends for her part in a debacle that messed up the lives of numerous her own sub-postmasters.

Her conscience must undoubtedly inform her she can not stick, limpet-like, to a design of which she is so unworthy.

In truth it is ludicrous she was ever given such a desirable honour in the very first location. Much more so that her investiture was in 2019, when the complete horror of the sub-postmasters’ plight was becoming obvious.

Returning the CBE of her own accord would spare her previous employer yet more humiliation.

She would likewise conserve herself the embarrassment of a noisy and well-justified chorus requiring it to be stripped from her.

Post Workplace Paula must renounce her highly underserved CBE, the only course of action available if she wants to make amends

There is a precedent: James Crosby, the previous chief executive of HBOS, volunteered to quit his knighthood after the bank imploded in the monetary crisis.

He never rather came in for the very same level of venom as fellow disgraced banking boss Fred Goodwin, whose title had to be by force wrenched from him.

If she is to salvage a shred of her former credibility, Mrs Vennells needs to begin revealing genuine contrition.

So far, this has appeared to be slow and grudging. Fulsome apologies have actually been a long period of time coming.

Perhaps she is consumed with regret, but she has actually brazenly carried on with the portfolio of high-status jobs she took after leaving the Post Office. She has remained in each of her posts right until they became entirely untenable.

Seen versus the damaged lives of the sub-postmasters, her evident determination to keep her career and her high profits takes a look at best insensitive.

The board seats at merchants Morrisons and Dunelm are the last ones to go, and now just the CBE stays.

A profession ending in disgrace was not how it was supposed to be for Mrs Vennells, 62. A previous Woman Guide, devout Christian and diligent executive, she is the last individual anybody would cast as a business villainess. In personal life, she is married with 2 children and lives with partner John, a former director of a chemical engineering consultancy, in Bedfordshire.

She rose from a working-class background, studying hard at Manchester High School for Girls and Bradford University. Until the Post Workplace disaster, her career, mostly in retail, had actually been exemplary.

Therefore, on the surface, it seemed to continue. In her time at the helm from 2012 to 2019, she won plaudits for modernising branches and bringing the Post Workplace back to earnings after making big losses.

It is difficult to fathom how this deeply religious family female, explained by acquaintances as ‘strait-laced’, might have presided over such a brutal persecution of sub-postmasters.

In fairness, the slowly deciphering scandal did not stem on her watch. However, during her period on top she missed out on several opportunities to stop the hounding.

As president, Mrs Vennells need to bear duty for the contemptible bulldozer techniques utilized versus a group of brave men and women whose lives were broken.

The culture under her management was one that selected to think its computer system instead of its personnel. This was regardless of the fact that an epidemic of scams by numerous people of previously unblemished character was inherently implausible.

She has presided over among Britain’s biggest miscarriages of justice and among its worst abuses of corporate power. Restoring her CBE is the least she can do.

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