Norway Accuses Russian Hackers Of Parliament Attack

Norway’s domestic spy company on Tuesday blamed a Russian hacker group linked to Moscow’s military intelligence for a cyberattack on the Norwegian parliament earlier this year.

The Norwegian intelligence company (PST) stated the likely criminals were the Fancy Bear cumulative– a group routinely accused of attacks consisting of on the US election– but there was inadequate evidence to pursue charges.

A “vast” cyberattack on August 24 accessed to the e-mails of some MPs and parliamentary workers, authorities announced at the time, without hypothesizing on the identity of the enemies.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide later implicated Russia of lagging the attack, and PST detectives have actually now enhanced her claims.

” The examination shows that the network operation which the Storting (Norwegian parliament) went through became part of a wider nationwide and international campaign that has been going on since at least 2019,” PST said in a declaration.

” Analyses show that it is most likely that the operation was led by a cyber star … referred to as APT28 or Fancy Bear. This star has ties to GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency.”

Norway’s intelligence service things the cyberattack on parliament might have been the work of hackers linked to Russian military intelligence NTB SCANPIX/ TERJE BENDIKSBY

Utilizing a method known as a “brute force attack”, where multiple passwords and usernames are sent with the hope of eventually getting the ideal combination, the hackers were able to download “delicate” info, PST stated.

” The investigation has however not yielded sufficient components to bring charges,” it said in a declaration.

Russia’s embassy in Norway said on Facebook Tuesday that “accusations without evidence are inappropriate”.

In October the embassy had actually also explained Eriksen Soreide’s claim as “unacceptable”.

” We consider this a major and wilful provocation, harmful for bilateral relations,” the embassy said on its Facebook page at the time.

While relations are normally excellent between NATO member Norway and Russia, which share a border in the Far North, numerous espionage cases on both sides have soured relations recently.

Norway’s intelligence agency frequently singles out Russia as one of the country’s primary espionage dangers alongside Iran and China.

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