Myanmar Rebel Groups Back Anti coup Protests, Condemn Junta Crackdown

Ten of Myanmar’s significant rebel groups tossed their support behind the nation’s anti-coup movement Saturday, fanning fears that a broader conflict could emerge in a country long plagued by battling between the military and the ethnic armies.

Myanmar has actually been in turmoil since the military ousted civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1, activating an uprising that the junta has sought to quell with lethal crackdowns.

According to a regional monitoring group, more than 550 individuals have actually been eliminated in the anti-coup discontent, bloodshed that has outraged a few of Myanmar’s 20 or two ethnic groups and their militias, who manage big locations of area, mostly in border areas.

A rebel group has actually accused Myanmar’s military of using “excessive force” after air strikes hurt unarmed civilians ROYAL THAI ARMY/ Handout

On Saturday, 10 of these rebel groups satisfied virtually to talk about the scenario, condemning the junta’s use of live ammo on protesters.

” The leaders of the military council should be held accountable,” stated General Yawd Serk, leader of the rebel Remediation Council of Shan State.

Recently, the junta stated a month-long ceasefire with ethnic armed groups, though exceptions might be made if “security and administrative machinery of the government … are intruded on”.

The statement did not incorporate stopping lethal force against anti-coup presentations.

More than 550 people have been killed in Myanmarâ $ s anti-coup unrest, according to a local tracking group AFP/ STR

But Yawd Serk said the ceasefire needed security forces to halt “all violent actions”, consisting of versus protesters.

The 10 rebel groups that fulfilled online are signatories to an across the country ceasefire agreement that was brokered by Suu Kyi’s government, which attempted to work out an end to the ethnic militias’ decades-long armed struggle for higher autonomy.

However wonder about runs deep for the ethnic minorities of Myanmar, and Yawd Serk stated the 10 signatories to the nationwide ceasefire would “examine” the offer at their conference.

” I would like to state that the (10 groups) strongly stand with individuals who are … demanding completion of dictatorship,” he said.

The Myanmar militaryâ $ s lethal crackdown on anti-coup demonstrations has actually outraged a few of the countryâ $ s ethnic armed groups, triggering fears a wider dispute might appear AFP/ STR

Last week, a UN special envoy on Myanmar alerted the Security Council of the risk of civil war and an imminent “bloodbath”.

A minimum of 2 Myanmar cities saw security forces strongly respond to protests prior to midday on Saturday ANONYMOUS/ Handout

The rebel groups’ meeting comes a week after among them, the Karen National Union (KNU), took a military base in eastern Karen state, killing 10 army officers. The junta retaliated with air campaign.

The KNU has been a vocal challenger of the military junta and stated it is safeguarding numerous anti-coup activists.

On Saturday, the group condemned the military’s usage of “excessive force by taking part in non-stop bombing and air strikes” from March 27 to 30, which have “triggered the deaths of many individuals including kids”.

” The air strikes have actually likewise led to the additional displacement of more than 12,000 people,” it said.

Anti-coup demonstrators in Myanmar continue to come out en masse even as the military crackdown magnifies AFP/ STR

Junta representative Zaw Minutes Tun said the military has just been targeting KNU’s fifth Brigade– which caused the seizure of the military base.

” We had an air strike on that day only,” he told AFP.

” We have actually signed a nationwide ceasefire arrangement … If they follow the NCA, there is no factor for conflict to take place.”

Ethnic Karen regional media and rights groups have actually reported several bombings and air campaign across the state over current days.

With the junta cutting wifi services, mobile data and enforcing a nightly internet blackout that has actually gone on for almost 50 days, details circulation in the country has actually been successfully throttled.

Arrest warrants were likewise issued for 40 popular stars, designs and social networks influencers– the majority of whom remain in hiding– with authorities implicating them of spreading out information that might cause mutiny in the armed forces.

Thousands across the country continued to come out to oppose– with at least two cities seeing security forces violently crack down before midday.

In eastern Mon state, a male was shot in the stomach and passed away on his way to the hospital, while a rescue worker in central Monywa informed AFP “two were shot in the head” when facing off versus authorities.

Video footage of the crackdown in Monywa confirmed by AFP shows protesters having a hard time to carry a boy bleeding from his head to security as gunfire rings out in the background.

Meanwhile, state-run media said late Saturday that a police officer was found dead with his throat slit on the streets of Mandalay– an act by “unethical individuals”.

, which was given access by the junta, arrived this week– reporter Clarissa Ward was transported around Yangon in a military convoy.

On Friday, she spoke with 2 siblings– Shine Ya Da Na Pyo and Nay Zar Chi Shine– who were later detained in addition to another relative.

Local media reported they had actually flashed a three-finger salute– a sign of opposition to the junta– while speaking with Ward.

” We don’t understand where they’ve been apprehended,” stated a relative of the sis who did not wish to be called. “Our family is trying our finest for their release.”

A spokesperson stated the business understands the situation.

” We are pressing the authorities for details on this, and for the safe release of any detainees,” the representative stated.

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