Medical professionals applaud Chief medical consultant Chris Whitty

Chief medical consultant Chris Whitty overcame the Christmas weekend and bank vacation Monday treating covid-19 clients at a busy London medical facility, just as he said he would.

The Teacher, 54, spent Christmas Day doing his rounds on the respiratory ward of a University College London Healthcare Facility, in North London, his associate exposed.

Fellow doctors praised the effort of the professor, who has actually continued to practice as a doctor regardless of being appointed as the chief medical officer for England in 2018.

Teacher Chris Whitty (visualized) worked through the Christmas weekend and bank vacation Monday dealing with covid-19 patients at a hectic London medical facility

Neil Stone, a specialist at the University College London Hospitals Trust, tweeted: ‘A really happy Christmas to everyone and especially all the #NHS workers – in particular our fantastic ID group (consisting of Dr Michael Marks and Teacher Chris Whitty) who will be on the wards so the rest people can have a little bit of time off! Next year will be much better!’

Professor Whitty was also stated to have been spotted hard at work on the festive weekend by another source, The Independent reports.

The face of Teacher Whitty has actually ended up being familiar to many over the in 2015 due to his discussions of Public Health data throughout Downing Street’s coronavirus interview.

Responding to a concern from a journalist at a Downing Street press instruction prior to Christmas Prof Whitty stated: ‘In answer to your direct concern about what I’ll be doing, really I will be on the wards.’

Neil Stone, a consultant at the University College London Hospitals Trust, tweeted: ‘A very pleased Christmas to everybody and especially all the #NHS workers’

Dr Marina Soltan, Chair of Health-Ed at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, thanked Professor Chris Whitty and an entire host of other healthcare professionals for their effort

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) and Chief Medical Officer Teacher Chris Whitty throughout a media briefing on coronavirus (COVID-19) in Downing Street, London. December 16

Professor Whitty added that he did not encourage people to hug and kiss relatives as he restated the importance of taking precautions to keep the number of covid infections down.

And the physician has continued to release warns as part of SAGE, as the Mail understands Teacher Whitty this week warned the Prime Minister that the number of patients in medical facility with coronavirus is on course to match the April peak by New Year’s Eve– and will continue increasing in January.

Considering that mid-December the variety of Covid clients in London’s intensive care unit has actually doubled, figures exposed by HSJ revealed.

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