Mayor of Enfield captured cycling with other councillors regardless of

The Mayor of Enfield has actually been captured biking with 2 other councillors while happily using his chain of office – in spite of lockdown guidelines banning workout with numerous individuals outside of his household.

Mayor Sabri Ozaydin was recorded with a large group of cyclists as they took a break outside a Costa Coffee shop on Sunday.

Under coronavirus lockdown rules hanging out and exercising with several members of other households is prohibited.

But pictures posted online by Cllr Ozaydin showed him marketing around Enfield with two others.

He wrote: ‘Mayor of Enfield, Cllr Sabri Ozaydin, Cllr Ahmet Hasan, Cllr Mustafa Cetinkaya, are out biking getting their day-to-day exercise.’

Photos posted online by Mayor of Enfield, Councillor Sabri Ozaydin showed him pitching around Enfield with Cllr Ahmet Hasan and Cllr Mustafa Cetinkaya

When challenged by a passerby Cllr Ozaydin claimed they were ‘evaluating the cycle lanes’.

Cycle lanes implemented throughout coronavirus lockdown have sparked controversy just recently for clogging up roads.

In a clip revealing the mayor using his chain of office outside a Costa Coffee bar he was stood with at least 3 men. As a passerby filmed the mayor he stated: ‘He understands he’s done wrong. Look. The mayor of Enfield.’

Cllr Ozaydin was recorded with a big group of bicyclists as they took a break outside a cafe on Sunday

Cycle lanes executed throughout coronavirus lockdown as part of the Government’s questionable ₤ 2 billion ‘active travel’ plan have triggered debate recently for congesting highways. Imagined, photos shared by Cllr Ozaydin

The Mayor of Enfield (pictured) was chosen last year and sworn into workplace in June 2020

2 others standing near the mayor all of a sudden stepped back as the guy added: ‘So what are you doing out with a group of individuals?’

Guidelines for outdoors exercise in the middle of coronavirus lockdown You must reduce time invested outside your home, however you can leave your house to exercise. This ought to be restricted to as soon as daily, and you should not travel outdoors your local area. You can exercise in a public outdoor location: On your own

With individuals you cope with

With your support bubble (if you are lawfully allowed to form one).

In a child care bubble where providing childcare.

Or, when by yourself, with 1 individual from another family This consists of but is not limited to running, cycling, strolling, and swimming. Individual training can continue if participants are from the very same family or assistance bubble. It can likewise continue if it is individually, although this must only occur in a public outdoor place, and not in someone’s personal home or garden. Source: Ad.

Cllr Ozaydin, who is from Turkey, said: ‘We are just cycling.’.

The male stated: ‘However you’re not allowed to. We’re in a lockdown. You’re just meant to be satisfying another individual outside your household home and you’re out with a group of bicyclists.’.

The mayor stated ‘we are checking the roadways’ as he pulled a blue surgical mask over his nose and mouth.

The filmer stated: ‘But what you’re doing is breaking the law. A group of individuals, all satisfying up at a coffeehouse and going for a bike flight. It’s not on. You ought to be leading the way. Not breaking the law.’.

Another man, thought to be Cllr Ozaydin’s driver and personal assistant, advance to defend the mayor.

He stated: ‘We’re really attempting to find out what is wrong with the cycle lanes.’.

The man recording stated: ‘In lockdown. Do you all cohabit? You have actually all come from different homes. There’s a pandemic on. Mayor of Enfield, with his mates, out for a bike trip. Lovely.’.

Lockdown rules on the Government site plainly state workout with numerous individuals from other homes is prohibited.

It checks out: ‘You must reduce time invested outside your house, but you can leave your home to exercise. This must be restricted to once per day, and you should not take a trip outdoors your local area.

‘ You can exercise in a public outside location: on your own, with individuals you cope with, with your assistance bubble (if you are lawfully allowed to form one), in a childcare bubble where supplying childcare, or, when on your own, with 1 person from another home.’.

MailOnline has contacted Cllr Ozaydin for remark.

Those commenting underneath the mayor’s tweet were not satisfied.

One said: ‘The law is clear, at present you might cycle with a single person not from your own family, here we see you with at least 3 people, unless you live with two of them you have broken the law, checking cycle lanes is not mitigation.’.

Cllr Ozaydin tried to defend himself as he was recorded outside a Costa coffee shop in Enfield.

Those commenting below the mayor’s tweet were not impressed with his everyday exercise.

Nicola Hume, who said she was the daughter of Cllr Ozaydin’s assistant, composed: ‘The presumption was that he’s simply out with friends when he isn’t. He’s with colleagues.

‘ The man shooting has actually jumped the gun. He’s using his mayoral livery collar which shows he’s working. They took some social networks pics of him doing some workout and stopped outside a Costa …’.

But others did not accept this description. One composed: ‘It was The official mayor Twitter page that said they’re simply “getting their daily workout”. Uncertain why you need an entire group of councillors to “check the roads”.’.

Another included: ‘Are these the after photos of when 6 of you stopped for a coffee & chat that have actually been posted on FB … absolutely shocking, we’re in lockdown and this is not seen as essential, believe you require to consider an explanation and potential apology to enfield citizens.’.

Social network users did not agree the cycle flight was required. One said: ‘The law is clear, at present you might cycle with someone not from your own family, here we see you with a minimum of three individuals, unless you cope with two of them you have actually broken the law, examining cycle lanes is not mitigation’.

Nicola Hume, who said she was the child of Cllr Ozaydin’s assistant, composed: ‘The presumption was that he’s simply out with buddies when he isn’t’.

One wrote: ‘Disgraceful flouting of the lockdown rules. Possibly due to the fact that you are The Mayor you believe you are above the law. BTW using a Mayoral chain on a bike flight is entirely ludicrous !! Let’s await the condemnation from the leader of Enfield Council shall we ??!!’.

Another said: ‘What did one say. We are examining the cycle lanes. You ‘d believe they would come up with a better excuse. And using his chains. Beyond belief.’.

Last month it was revealed town halls wasted nearly ₤ 1million after being required to scrap controversial roadway schemes generated throughout the pandemic.

An investigation exposed councils invested millions more on plans that were filled with issues, consisting of increased pollution and traffic gridlock.

Freedom of Information demands sent to local authorities throughout the country found 138 plans have actually been completed, with 13 needing to be ditched and 25 altered after a reaction from locals and emergency services.

Motorists and local residents grumbled bitterly about the brand-new cycle lanes which they claimed triggered traffic chaos, pictured here Proclaiming High Street in September 2020.

In total ₤ 974,000 was invested in reversing short-lived traffic steps such as pop-up cycle lanes and roadway closures, with a more ₤ 86,000 invested in changes.

Nevertheless, the real expenses are believed to be much greater as some city center did not supply calculations for the overall quantity spent on stopped working plans.

A total of ₤ 7.7 million has been invested in 138 finished plans, with a more 76 planned at a cost of ₤ 7.1 million.

The procedures belong to so-called ‘low traffic area’ (LTN) plans motivated by the Department for Transport to increase biking and walking and lower automobile usage.

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