Lots Arrested After Second Night Of Spain Rap Artist Protests

Lots of individuals were arrested in Spain following a second night of clashes over the jailing of a rap artist for questionable tweets, with the violence sparking a political backlash.

Angry presentations first appeared on Tuesday night after authorities detained Pablo Hasel, 32, who was holed up in a university in Catalonia to prevent going to jail in a questionable complimentary speech case.

Angry demonstrations initially erupted on Tuesday night after police detained Pablo Hasel, 32, who was holed up in a university in Catalonia to avoid going to prison in a controversial totally free speech case AFP/ Josep LAGO

The violence likewise set off a political reaction versus the tough left Podemos– junior partner in Spain’s leftwing coalition– which has actually opposed Hasel’s jailing and openly supported the protesters.

On Wednesday night, hundreds gathered in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol square calling for Hasel’s release, hurling bottles at authorities, who charged at them in clashes lasting a number of hours, AFP journalists stated.

Fresh clashes and demonstrations in Spain over rap artist’s arrest AFPTV/ Anahi ARADAS

Police arrested 19 individuals, while the city’s emergency situation services said 55 people were hurt, among them 35 policemans.

In Barcelona and 3 other Catalan cities, demonstrators lobbed objects at cops and set barricades ablaze, with authorities charging the protesters and in some locations shooting foam rounds.

Hundreds gathered in a Madrid square requiring Hasel’s release, tossing bottles at cops, who charged at them in clashes lasting several hours, AFP reporters stated AFP/ PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU

An overall of 33 people were jailed and 14 hurt, authorities said.

Protesters also took to the streets of the southern city of Granada, clashing with cops and burning rubbish bins, with four individuals detained, local officials said.

A chronology of legal spats for Spanish rap artists whose anti-establishment lyrics and tweets have actually landed among them in jail AFP/ Enric BONET-TORRA

Although understood for his hard-left views, Hasel’s case has ended up being a cause celebre among campaigners, who say prosecuting him is an unsafe assault on complimentary speech.

The violence was roundly denounced by figures across the political spectrum with Socialist deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo stating it was indefensible.

Hasel was founded guilty over tweets calling former king Juan Carlos I a mafia boss and implicating cops of torturing and eliminating demonstrators and migrants AFP/ PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU

” No right can be protected or revealed with violence. That is an outright red line,” deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo told RTVE public tv.

” An unauthorised presentation that resulted in arrests, injuries and a lot of product damage does not equate to flexibility of expression.”

Up until now, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has stayed quiet on the Hasel case and the demonstrations, which have actually highlighted a growing divide in between his Socialists and Podemos, which emerged out of the anti-austerity “Indignados” motion that occupied squares throughout Spain in 2011.

In the instant shooting line was Podemos MP Pablo Echenique who publicly tweeted his backing for the protesters as the clashes were raving.

” All my assistance to the young anti-fascists who are requiring justice and liberty of expression in the streets,” he wrote.

However much anger was directed at Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias– likewise a deputy prime minister– who has criticised Hasel’s jailing and used it to question Spain’s democracy.

” They have to get rid of Pablo Iglesias from the Spanish federal government. It is the only way to turn away from this unsafe path we’re decreasing,” Cuca Gamarra, spokeswoman for the opposition Popular Party’s parliamentary faction.

“( The Socialist Party) can not be complicit in the face of what’s going on. and this screen of ‘Trumpism’ we’re seeing from Podemos’ leaders,” she told RTVE, describing Donald Trump’s bid to incite supporters to storm the US Capitol last month.

Hasel was jailed after stopping working to turn himself on Friday in to start serving his nine-month sentence over tweets calling former king Juan Carlos I a mafia manager and accusing police of abusing and killing demonstrators and migrants.

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