lanistar start up company
lanistar start up company

Lanistar Start Up Company Plans to Hit 1 Million Clients

Lanistar a start up challenger company aims to hit one million customers in their first year of operation. Their launch is scheduled in 2021. Lanistar is expanding its operations across different verticals, using unique growth strategies to jump start consumer inclusion in every aspect of their business. Meanwhile, they aim to grow in leaps and bounds by words of mouth and customer testimonials.

A fintech company product offerings are entirely online and accessible on any device in Europe. The CEO disclosed that entering new geo graphics and market segments would boost their operations and benefit customers immensely. The company is introducing digital channels and new business models that aim to disrupt traditional banking systems.
Lanistar has invested heavily in digital and physical infrastructure to facilitate exploration of new markets. They continue to scale up their successes by investing further in digital technologies. In order to make markets easier for consumers, gaining more customers in the process. The result is a simple, interactive and intuitive experience that business customers embrace to further grow their own enterprises.

The management of Lanistar has cultivated unique growth strategies that include –

  • An intuitive and interactive fast account opening process
  • A seamless and integrated mobile and online customer interface
  • Interactive account management tools for business customers
  • A customer-care service that is completely personalized to assist customers
  • Instant and speedy financial transactions that are encrypted for greater security

Lanistar also engages its customers using online channels where company news and information are disseminated in real-time. Using a combination of Lanistar Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and TikTok, they are able to reach potential and existing customers wherever they are on the internet, boosting their chances for growth and profits. With this marketing strategy, Lanistar aims to hit one million clients or more within its first year of launching in 2021.

Lanistar promises all fintech resources remain primed to meet the needs of customers that will soon become a part of Lanistar success.

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