Keir Starmer alerts that present lockdown rules might need to be made

Sir Keir Starmer cautioned that lockdown rules may require to be made harder if they do not detain a surge in Covid cases – as he demanded nurseries be shut down instantly.

The Labour leader attacked ‘blended messages’ from ministers over the lockdown restrictions as he advised Boris Johnson to front everyday press conferences up until the lockdown is raised.

The UK’s Covid death toll passed 80,000, after a further 1,035 deaths were tape-recorded yesterday, increasing fears that the overall will surpass 100,000 by the end of the month.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said today he would not speculate on whether the lockdown guidelines could be enhanced. He was asked whether measures like a one-hour limitation on leaving home could be generated.

However appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr program, Sir Keir stated: ‘They are difficult and they’re required. They might not be tough enough.

‘ In a sense, I believe the most essential thing is people get that message about stay at home.

‘ And it depends on the Federal government to put that message out there the whole time. We have actually had actually mixed messages I’m afraid for the last 9 months which is why we have actually got a problem.

‘ I wish to see the Prime Minister out there every day with a press conference ensuring that message is definitely making it through.’

The Labour leader attacked ‘mixed messages’ from ministers over the lockdown restrictions as he advised Boris Johnson to front everyday press conferences up until the lockdown is raised

Sir Keir Starmer said nurseries ‘most likely need to be closed’, informing the BBC: ‘I think there is a case for taking a look at nursery schools, we’re talking with the researchers about that’

Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated today he would not hypothesize on whether the lockdown rules might be strengthened

Priti Patel today defended police as they started stringent application of Covid rules that includes ₤ 200 fines and less tolerance for rule-breakers.

The House Secretary alerted that officers ‘will not think twice’ to take action due to the fact that the increasing number of brand-new Covid-19 cases showed there was a requirement for ‘strong enforcement’ in cases where individuals were clearly breaking the guidelines.

Mr Hancock told Sky’s Ridge on Sunday more individuals were obeying the rules than in the November lockdown, but included: ‘Absolutely I’m going to back the cops. The difficulty here is that every flex can be fatal.

‘ You might take a look at the rules and think” well it does not matter that much if I just do this or do that”, but these guidelines are not there as limits to be pushed, they’re the limit of what people must be doing.’

Inquired about the possibility of tighter limitations in the future Marr he added: ‘I don’t want to speculate since the most crucial message is not whether the Federal government will further reinforce the guidelines.

‘ The most essential thing is that individuals remain at house and follow the guidelines that we have got.

‘ Which, in regards to the scale of the impact on the cases, that is the most crucial thing we can do jointly as a society.’

Mr Hancock, who provided the interview from his own house via video link, included: ‘It is hard, it is challenging. But if you can do something from home and you do not require to go outside of home to do it, then you should.

‘ Individuals require to not just follow the letter of the rules but follow the spirit also and play their part.’

Sir Keir Starmer stated nurseries ‘most likely must be closed’. Main and Secondary schools have actually been closed throughout the lockdown but pre-schools remain open for more youthful kids.

He told the BBC: ‘I think there is a case for taking a look at nursery schools, we’re speaking with the scientists about that.

‘ I believe individuals are shocked that main schools were closed however nurseries aren’t.’.

He added: ‘I think they probably should be closed, I do wish to talk with the scientists about that.’.

He said providing on the vaccine program targets was the best way of resuming schools.

However he stated opening class once again did not need to be contingent on immunizing instructors.

‘ We ‘d need to take a look at all the requirements but the most crucial thing is that vaccination program,’ he stated.

‘ It is really challenging to see how we can start raising limitations in any meaningful way until the vaccine programme, at least that first part of it is rolled-out effectively.’.

Pressed on whether resuming was contingent on inoculating instructors, he included: ‘No, I don’t understand that it always is, although if that can happen that would be an advantage.

‘ This argument that there are sectors where there is a very strong case for vaccination for apparent reasons, and I comprehend that and we are going to have that to accommodate that, quite frankly.

‘ However at the minute, we do require to concentrate on those who are more than likely to go into hospital and unfortunately to die.’

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