Johnny Mercer claims Boris Johnson is surrounded by ‘cowards’

Previous veterans minister Johnny Mercer has actually stepped up his war of words with Downing Street after he accused Boris Johnson of surrounding himself with ‘cowards’ and ‘desperately weak’ special advisers.

Mr Mercer was sacked earlier this week after revealing aggravation at a lack of development over legislation to secure British veterans who served during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The former Army officer has actually delivered a savage assessment of his time in the Federal government as he said he had been ‘dealt with like s *** throughout’.

He claimed Mr Johnson had actually surrounded himself with ‘people who will constantly tell you what you wish to hear’ and struck out at the way in which he left the Federal government after he was sacked through text – a relocation he referred to as ‘weak’ and ’em barrassing’.

The comments followed Mr Mercer had actually currently described the Federal government as the ‘most distrustful, dreadful environment’ he had ever worked in and compared UK politics to a ‘cesspit’.

Inquired About Mr Mercer’s viewpoint today, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson told press reporters: ‘We would decline that. The Prime Minister has actually set out in his letter to Johnny Mercer his appreciation for the work that he has actually done in the function and the significance of the continuous work that the UK is taking forward. I do not plan to add to that.’

Mr Mercer said he left the Federal government due to the fact that he seemed like he was the ‘last guy in the room who wants to fulfil our manifesto commitments’.

He also accused ministers of a ‘gross betrayal of people who signed up to serve in the military’.

Mr Mercer has been replaced in the veterans minister function by previous Scots Guard captain Leo Docherty, the MP for Aldershot.

Johnny Mercer has stepped up his war of words with Downing Street after he implicated Boris Johnson of surrounding himself with ‘cowards’ and ‘frantically weak’ special advisors. He is visualized on ITV’s Peston programme last night

Mr Mercer claimed Mr Johnson had surrounded himself with ‘people who will endlessly tell you what you wish to hear’

In his formal exchange of letters with the Prime Minister, Mr Mercer stated he was ‘required’ to offer his resignation with a ‘heavy heart’.

Mr Mercer informed The Telegraph that ‘management is everything about who you surround yourself with’ in an apparent jibe at Mr Johnson.

‘ If you surround yourself with frantically weak people who will constantly tell you what you wish to hear, driven by SpAds [unique advisors] who have that traditional combination of overconfidence blended completely with overall ineptitude, you will get surprises,’ he stated.

The Tory MP had actually notified Number 10 ahead of time of his intention to stop at the despatch box in your house of Commons however the information went public and Mr Mercer has accused Downing Street of ‘dripping’ it.

He told the newspaper: ‘It’s safe to say I felt like I was treated like s *** throughout, and the last act of dripping my resignation, which I sent out as a courtesy only to Number 10 so that I didn’t assail them, was a substantial error.

‘ And after that when I declined to resign I challenged the Chief Whip to look me in the eye and sack me. He couldn’t do it, I left and he texted me. That summed it up. What cowards.’

Mr Mercer told ITV’s Peston programme about being sacked by text: ‘It is a bit of a disaster. It didn’t go as I planned. I believed I was doing the right thing.

‘ It is bad. It is weak. It is humiliating. But that is the method some people run in Westminster.’

Mr Mercer had blasted the Federal government the other day afternoon in an interview with Times Radio.

He said he thinks Mr Johnson is ‘deeply committed’ to the Northern Ireland veterans issue ‘but the truth is that absolutely nothing, nothing has been done’.

He stated: ‘And we’ve had an incredibly challenging year with coronavirus and all the rest of it and he’s the Prime Minister. He’s got all these challenges going on. And I respect that and I completely accept that.

‘ But he should, you know, he ought to expect his ministers I believe to be as dedicated to the manifesto as he is, alright. And if I’m made to seem like I’m the last man in the room who’s willing to satisfy our manifesto commitments, there’s something incorrect. We reached that point, so I left.’

Mr Mercer continued: ‘This is the most distrustful, dreadful environment I’ve ever worked in, in government.

Mr Mercer published his resignation letter which exposed he was ‘required’ to leave Government

Mr Mercer stated he will lobby on behalf of Northern Ireland veterans in Parliament, having stated he made promises to those soldiers in Mr Johnson’s name

10 Downing Street claimed Mr Mercer resigned, however the previous veterans minister said he was ‘alleviated of my duties’

‘ Nearly no one informs the truth is what I have actually exercised over the last 36 hours. And, you know, so I don’t believe anyone really can get on their high horse about trust and ethics and all the rest of it in politics, since as far as I’m concerned, most of it is a bit of a cesspit, I believe we do have a clear dedication to follow through on our guarantees and do right by those who serve.’

Mr Mercer said he believed the Federal government was guilty of a ‘gross betrayal’ by failing to do more to safeguard British veterans who served throughout the Troubles.

He said: ‘The truth is that for these individuals, their experiences after having actually served this country, 50 years later on, they are constantly being dragged over to Northern Ireland, and asked to relive their experiences, it is individuals are drinking themselves to death.

‘ It is separating families, it is ruining our finest people. And all they did was serve at the wish of this government at the wish of the House of Commons, to support the guideline of law on the peace and when the peace in Northern Ireland.

‘ And yet now we enjoy to cut them off to individuals who wish to reword history. And that is all that’s going on, you know that nothing’s altered here.

‘ But the politics, and for me, it’s a gross betrayal of people who registered to serve in the armed force.’

Mr Mercer has actually been heavily associated with the Overseas Operations (Service Worker and Veterans) Bill, which was being thought about by MPs today as it goes through its lasts in Parliament.

The legislation was developed in response to legal claims made after operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, however does not cover incidents in Northern Ireland.

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