ISS astronauts celebrate Christmas with decorating contest, canned

Christmas isn’t simply an earthbound vacation: Astronauts aboard the International Spaceport station beamed unique vacation greetings today from 254 miles above the planet.

Five members of the station’s Exploration 64 crew applauded ‘the strength of the human spirit’ throughout this trying time and shared their expect a better brand-new year.

There was also some holiday levity, as SpaceX Crew Dragon pilot Victor Glover displayed his socks, custom-printed with photos of his household, and Japan Aerospace Exploration Firm engineer Soichi Noguchi shared an early Christmas present for the group – a can of mackerel made by a group of schoolgirls.

The group also challenged Objective Control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to develop vacation decorations made only of materials found in the building.

For the first time ever, the FAA approved Santa an unique ‘business area license’ so he might visit at the ISS on his annual journey delivering presents around the world, according to NORAD.

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A can of mackerel contributed by Japanese schoolgirls drifts around the cabin as the team of Exploration 64 ring in the Christmas holiday from aboard the International Spaceport Station

In one video, NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins said the group picked to name the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule Strength ‘in tribute to people worldwide and to the teams that help make our objective possible during a year that altered all our lives.’

‘ There couldn’t be a more fitting name to describe 2020,’ Glover included. ‘The strength of the human spirit is something that we can truly celebrate in this unique season.’

Noguchi stated he hoped audiences seized the day to commemorate the vacations ‘prior to we turn the calendar to a fresh year with renewed hope and a spirit for the future.’

Glover also applaud the efforts of service members and frontline employees, while Hopkins commemorated all those who died in 2020.

Astronaut Kate Rubins (left) Victor Glover and Mike Hopkins want us a pleased vacations from 254 miles above the Earth. Rubins challenged Mission Control at Houston’s Johnson Area Center to a Christmas-decorating contest utilizing just products on hand

Astronaut Victor Glover flaunts his socks, which were custom-printed with images of his family

The three were part of SpaceX’s very first effective ‘area taxi’ flight, providing them and astronaut Shannon Walker to the ISS on November 16.

There they signed up with NASA’s Kate Rubins and Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, who were currently onboard.

In another video, Walker said that whether it’s on Earth or in area, the vacations indicate the ‘three Fs – household, friends and food.’

While they can’t precisely sculpt up a Christmas goose in the ISS’ microgravity, Noguchi revealed a special can of mackerel made by schoolkids in Japan.

Schoolgirls at Wakasa High School in Obama City, Japan have actually been studying space-safe food for several years and the canned fish they produced was recently authorized for astronauts aboard the spaceport station.

‘ This is a little, little can of mackerel, but a giant leap for Japanese high school women,’ Noguchi joked.

NASA deputy program supervisor Kenny Todd revealed previously that a December 6 supply delivery likewise consisted of ‘some type of Christmas-y food.’

The crew has December 25 off, however Rubins said they’ll follow tradition and deck the ISS with holiday decors made of items around the station.

She challenged NASA flight director Zebulon Scoville and the Objective Control team at the Johnson Space Center in Houston to do the very same with products in the workplace.

Wearing a joyful red-and-green Christmas sports jacket, Scoville responded ‘Obstacle accepted!’ prior to including ‘I might need to cut this coat up and make it into something brand-new later.’

NASA flight director Zebulon Scoville in a joyful red-and-green holiday blazer with the Objective Control team at the Johnson Space Center in Houston

This year, Santa made his first see to the International Spaceport station, according to the Federal Aviation Administration

‘ For the very first time ever, the FAA released Santa an unique business area license for a crewed objective to the International Space Station using his StarSleigh-1 space pill powered by the Rudolph Rocket,’ the agency stated. ‘The mission license includes both launch and reentry operations and will happen from a U.S.-based spaceport.’

FAA administrator Steve Dickson stated he was happy to assist Santa bring ‘great will and joy’ to the team.

‘Let’s face it, 2020 was a challenging year and we all might use some unique holiday cheer that only Santa can deliver.’

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