India Hails Kamala Harris As Historymaking VPelect

Citizens set off firecrackers in the ancestral home of Kamala Harris on Sunday as India commemorated the vice president-elect’s success in the United States election, as others hailed her accomplishment as historical and a “happy moment” for the country.

Harris– child of breast cancer professional Shyamala Gopalan from the southern Indian city of Chennai– commemorated her late mother, who “believed so deeply in an America where a moment like this is possible” in a national address with president-elect Joe Biden on Saturday.

A poster bears the image of Kamala Harris in her ancestral town of Thulasendrapuram AFP/ Arun SANKAR

At Thulasendrapuram town in Tamil Nadu state, as soon as house to Harris’ maternal grandfather P.V. Gopalan, celebrations broke out with locals lighting firecrackers, hoping at its primary temple and waving posters bearing the 56-year-old’s face.

Women in the town made a rangoli– a colourful work of folk art made use of the ground– with the words: “Congratulations to Kamala Harris.”

Harris’s uncle Balachandran Gopalan said her household in India would fly to the United States to attend her inauguration AFP/ Prakash SINGH

” It is a matter of pride for the entire womenfolk,” homemaker Arul Mozhi Sudhakar told AFP.

Harris’s uncle, scholastic Balachandran Gopalan, said he constantly understood she would achieve success.

Harris and Joe Biden celebrate their election win in Wilmington, Delaware GETTY IMAGES The United States And Canada/ POOL

” I am relieved, due to the fact that I understood she’s going to win, and I told her yesterday … my tension is now gone away,” he told WION TV in the capital New Delhi.

Gopalan told AFP on Friday that Harris’ family in India would fly to the United States to attend her inauguration.

” We were together as a family when she was sworn in as senator. And we will all be together now during her swearing-in as vice president of the US. It’s a huge minute for us,” he stated.

Sunday papers hailed Biden and Harris’s success with front-page photos and stories including the pair AFP/ Prakash SINGH

In Delhi, people cheered the Harris household’s Indian origins. Yash Iyer, 25, informed AFP “it’s a happy minute for us too as Indians since she traces her roots here”.

” Kamala Harris being the United States VP is a huge accomplishment not only for the United States and Indians however for females across the globe,” Smitashree Mishra, who works in global health and advancement in the capital, told AFP.

” What I remove from this triumph is a ray of hope, hope to stand strong in a society that constantly judges you on antiquated ideas of gender, race and ethnic culture … I am proud as a woman to see another woman represent our viewpoint in the politics of the world’s most effective country.”

Early Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Biden on his White House triumph and called Harris a source of “tremendous pride”.

” Your success is pathbreaking, and a matter of tremendous pride not just for your chittis, but also for all Indian-Americans,” Modi wrote.

” Chitti” is a Tamil regard to endearment for the more youthful sis of one’s mother, which Harris used in her approval of the Democratic election for vice president.

Senior opposition Congress celebration figure Rahul Gandhi added on Twitter: “It makes us proud that the first lady to work as Vice President of the U.S.A. traces her roots to India.”

Sunday newspapers hailed the Democrats’ success with front-page photos and stories featuring the pair.

Harris “creates history” as the very first vice president-elect of Indian descent, The Sunday Express said in addition to the heading: “Finally.”

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