How David Cameron sent lobbying e-mails to NHS chief

Emails sent by David Cameron lobbying on behalf of Greensill Capital were exposed for the very first time today.

At the height of the pandemic in April last year, the former PM sent out a message to Matthew Gould, head of NHSX, the health service’s digital arm.

Mr Cameron urged Mr Gould, who worked for him in federal government, to consider using Greensill’s services, describing it as ‘the UK’s leading fintech company’, according to the Sunday Times. The lending institution fell into administration last month.

He said it was ‘among the businesses I now work with’ and pointed out its Earnd app was being piloted in several NHS trusts.

He also offered to introduce Mr Gould to Expense Crothers, previously one of Britain’s a lot of senior civil servants who, it emerged last week, took a task with Greensill while operating in Whitehall.

The email will even more irritate the lobbying storm rocking Westminster. But Environment Secretary George Eustice – a previous press secretary for Mr Cameron – today insisted his old manager had actually not broken any guidelines or ‘capitalized’ of the arrangements.

He likewise recommended there will just be tweaks to the protocols for preventing conflicts, stating the existing arrangements were ‘pretty good’.

Mr Cameron has denied any wrongdoing however yielded that in hindsight he need to have made techniques in a more ‘official’ way.

E-mails sent out by David Cameron (pictured left in Saudi Arabia with Lex Greensill) lobbying on behalf of Greensill Capital have emerged for the very first time

Mr Cameron supposedly emailed Mr Gould (left) about the Earnd app in April in 2015. Boris Johnson (ideal) is struggling to get a grip on the lobbying storm

Hunt for Labour ‘moles’ in government A network of Labour Celebration ‘spies’ is operating at the heart of Whitehall, feeding secret details to Sir Keir Starmer’s group to destabilise the Federal government, senior Tory sources declare. The moles– Labour-sympathising civil servants– are thought to have actually played a key role in triggering the lobbying scandal which has permitted Sir Keir’s celebration to build a story of ‘Tory sleaze’ by dripping details of David Cameron’s contacts with Ministers and officials. They are likewise presumed of utilizing leakages to attempt to ‘mess up’ the Brexit withdrawal negotiations in 2015, and to provide advance notification to the Labour leader about Federal government policies in the pipeline– giving him time to structure his responses. The Tory spy-hunters think a ‘cell’ of Labour advocates, centred on the Cabinet Workplace, was triggered last year after Dominic Cummings, Mr Johnson’s previous senior consultant in No 10, declared that a ‘difficult rain’ was coming for the Civil Service as part of prepared reforms to break up Whitehall’s grip on the establishment. Mr Cummings is a long-standing critic of the Whitehall facility, explaining the permanent Civil Service as ‘an idea for the history books’ and proposing the abolition of senior civil servants’ functions. Advertisement

The 2020 email to Mr Gould read: ‘Greensill have actually recently released a digital solution (just recently rebranded from Greensill Pay to Earnd) which assists with among the SOS’s [Secretary of State’s] and your essential priorities: assisting all NHS staff members’ well-being, morale, and wellness.’

The previous Prime Minister asked NHSX to grant it access to the data of NHS workers.

Within months, Earnd revealed a partnership to provide quick payment to up to half a million NHS staff, having protected offers to get access to the popular information.

A spokesperson for Mr Cameron told the Sunday Times: ‘These discussions were about the mechanics to guarantee Earnd was provided for NHS employees in an effective way.’

Allies of the ex-PM stated today the concept behind Earnd was a ‘great one’, and was now being taken up by other tech service providers.

‘ There was absolutely nothing wrong with promoting this idea – undoubtedly it is one of the best ways to eliminate the scourge of payday lending,’ one source said.

The email also raises more questions for Matt Hancock, as Mr Cameron composed to Mr Gould to state that the Health Secretary was ‘incredibly favorable about this ingenious deal’.

Last week it emerged Mr Hancock satisfied Mr Cameron and Mr Greensill for a ‘personal drink’ in 2019 to talk about a brand-new payment plan for the NHS.

Mr Eustice stated of Mr Cameron: ‘Well look, he himself has stated that with hindsight it most likely would have been better if, instead of texting ministers, if he had instead written letters to set out his views more officially.

‘ But I think the real point is. ‘has he done anything incorrect?’ Well, on the face of it, no. There’s a review that is going on, we should not prejudge that.’

Pushed on whether Mr Cameron exploited the guidelines, Mr Eustice included: ‘I do not think he took advantage of any guidelines, no. He diligently observed the guidelines there that he himself actually put in location after some concerns around lobbying a years earlier.

‘ He put in location these restrictions on what ministers can do for a duration of 2 years.

‘ But look, he himself has yielded that with hindsight, if he had his time once again, he would not have texted Rishi Sunak and wouldn’t have texted others– he would rather have composed through official channels.’

Mr Eustice stated the Government would be looking at whether changes were required – however firmly insisted the existing system for stating interests was ‘respectable’.

He informed Sky News’ Ridge On Sunday: ‘I believe the ideal thing is for these evaluations to go through their process, to conclude, to exercise precisely what did and what did not occur and then yes, of course there might come a time after that when it is right to consider tweaks to policy.

‘ But fundamentally, I think the systems we have in place with ministers stating interests with the ministerial code and the focus on that and how ministers conduct themselves in workplace is actually a pretty good one.

Boris Johnson was today warned failure to take on the ‘disgraceful’ lobbying storm might cost him votes as an important round of elections loom.

Senior Tory Sir Bernard Jenkin appealed for the PM to get a grip after a multitude of revelations in the wake of Greensill Capital’s collapse into administration.

Unless he is more ‘transparent’ the row could strike the ‘Red Wall’ support that delivered Mr Johnson’s historical 2019 majority, Sir Bernard said.

The scale of damage might end up being clear within weeks, with a wave of elections on May 6 including councils, mayors and a by-election in Hartlepool – a seat traditionally held by Labour but within the grasp of the Conservatives if their working-class surge continues.

Mr Johnson has purchased a Cabinet Office probe supervised by a legal specialist as he scrambles to defuse the lobbying row.

The saga deepened recently after it emerged the previous head of federal government procurement, Bill Crothers, took a part-time position with the company while in his Whitehall post.

In the most recent revelations today:

A procession of previous PMs are expected to offer proof to a Parliament questions into lobbying;

Environment Secretary George Eustice confirmed the main probe by Nigel Boardman will not make recommendations about tightening guidelines;

Mr Johnson is set to name a new consultant on ministerial interests tomorrow after the dramatic departure of Sir Alex Allan over his Priti Patel report;

Tories are searching for a suspected group of Labour moles in government thought to have been leaking damaging stories;

Mr Cameron is dealing with require an investigation into a meeting with Philip Hammond in the middle of suspicion that he may have utilized it to urge Government to support a ₤ 700million UK-China investment fund.

David Cameron’s partner Samantha accompanied him on the journey to China where she went to a banquet to welcome her to China with style entrepreneur Wendy Yu (Samantha and Wendy envisioned together).

David Cameron’s complete e-mail to NHS digital chief Dear Matthew I hope you are protecting and well in these very odd times – and no doubt extremely busy too! On that, I understand that Laurence in my workplace has passed a number of people onto your team who have contacted me with tech options they believe might be released in the UK to help with the Covid effort. Thanks so much for considering these and handling them, particularly when you’re so busy. I do value it. I hope you do not mind, but I did want to get in touch myself about one of the businesses I now deal with, Greensill (the international leader in supply chain financing (SCF) and, probably, now the UK’s leading fintech firm, and introduce you to Bill Crothers, a fellow board member and member of the exec team. Costs worked in the Cabinet Office during the coalition years, leading the federal government’s procurement and business agenda. e also informs me that you each got your CBs at the same investiture! As you may understand, Greensill have recently launched a digital solution (just recently rebranded from Greensill Pay to Earnd) which assists with among the SOS’s and your crucial concerns: helping all NHS employees’ welfare, spirits, and wellness. Simply put, this is an app that enables NHS employees to draw their income made, not yet paid, in real time utilizing an easy app. Significantly, it is complimentary for employees and for companies, and Greensill have actually committed that they will never charge for the service to the NHS and will never sell a worker’s information. This provides the capacity for a product benefit throughout the NHS (and will lead the way for social care also). Workers (specifically low paid) will benefit, as well as it providing cost savings to trusts. As you can picture, Matt Hancock, David Previous [NHS England chairman], Simon Stevens [NHS president], along with the many trust CEOs, are extremely favorable about this ingenious deal. The service is currently reside in Royal Free and in pilot at two other trusts. Jim Mackey [previous head of NHS Improvement], for instance, and other trusts such as Salford, Moorfields and others, will likely execute it rapidly once they get some breathing time. NHS Professionals have actually written to reveal a willingness to proceed in concept. Our ask is about ESR [electronic personnel records], as Earnd will be much slicker if it can obtain access to employee information in ESR. The group at Greensill remain in positive conversations with the pertinent members of BSA [NHS Business Solutions Authority] on this (BSA is a crucial client of Greensill, where Greensill pay, as part of their other core ‘SCF’ offering, about ₤ 1.5 billion p.a. early to pharmacies? this is expected to increase to closer to ₤ 8 billion p.a. by end of this fiscal year), however I think some help from you would go a long method. Separately, they are seeking to get to trust data held by the dominant rostering system, Designate. This is of such possible significance in contributing to the top priority of doing all we can to help NHS staff members at the current time, and in the future, that I believed you need to be aware and would be interested to understand a little bit more. It remains in this context that I want to introduce you to Expense and recommend that you meet (albeit virtually) to go over further, specifically the ESR concern. I hope you don’t mind me making this introduction. Finally, and importantly, once this is all over, it would be terrific to see you again – maybe for lunch? Let’s stay in touch! Thank you Matthew for all you’re doing and for your assist with this. I look forward to catching-up soon. Absolute best wishes, David Advertisement.

Commons requirements primary calls for probe into suspicion David Cameron lobbied Philip Hammond to back mutual fund set up by good friend Lord Chadlington.

A query into lobbying by David Cameron must likewise take a look at a meeting that the previous Prime Minister had with Philip Hammond amidst suspicion that he might have used it to press the Government into supporting a lucrative ₤ 700million UK -China investment fund, according to the Chairman of the Commons Standards Committee.

As PM, Mr Cameron– the subject of an independent query by legal representative Nigel Boardman over his lobbying of Ministers and Whitehall authorities on behalf of loans firm Greensill Capital– hailed a ‘golden era’ in trade relations in between Britain and China.

After leaving Downing Street, he apparently hoped to cash in with a new personal equity fund proposed by his pal Lord Chadlington, who had actually donated countless pounds to his Tory management project.

By January 2018, Mr Cameron was back in Beijing, this time for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping (imagined together) about the initiative which might possibly net him millions.

Mr Cameron flew to Beijing in September 2017 to go over the plan with China’s Vice Premier Ma Kai.

In October that year– 15 months after stepping down as PM– he consulted with Mr Hammond, the then Chancellor, and two months later the Treasury gave its crucial assistance for the fund for which Mr Cameron was to be Vice-Chairman.

By January 2018, Mr Cameron was back in Beijing, this time for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the effort which might potentially net him millions.

‘ Outstanding meeting & satisfying dinner with President Xi Jinping in Beijing, to discuss the ‘Golden Era’ in UK-China relations & prepare for the new UK-China Fund,’ he tweeted at the time.

Mr Cameron’s office last night said his conference with Mr Hammond had actually been only to seek Federal government support for the ‘idea of a bilateral fund’ and he had not lobbied Ministers on behalf of the fund’s financiers or partners.

He informed the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba), which encourages previous Ministers and civil servants on outdoors employment, about the conference, his agents included.

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