Headlines used to declare British media bias on Oprah interview were

Headlines shown on screen throughout the Oprah interview to paint British media protection as hostile and ‘racist’ were buffooned up by the production business, typically edited to remove context – and a third of them came from foreign media, brand-new analysis has exposed today.

The two-hour program, which aired on CBS This Morning, included cuttings of stories meant to confirm the Sussexes’ claim that UK papers were guilty of peddling racist abuse against Meghan.

One sector revealed a heading about how ‘Meghan’s seed will taint our Royal Family’ – without noting that the story was in fact exposing racist remarks made by a model.

The mocked-up version, which used a comparable page style, included the quote but cut the staying heading away.

Another story that appeared throughout the tell-all interview referred to a BBC programme that had actually represented Meghan as a ‘trailer trash American’.

The actual post consisted of an interview with starlet Gbemisola Ikunelo, who developed the character, discussing she invented it to find ‘humour in the absurd’ because it is ‘the opposite of how the Duchess truly behaves’.

And another appeared to utilize a quote from the story as if it were a heading – without showing the context behind it.

On the other hand, 11 of more than 30 headings revealed during the interview were from American and Australian publications, according research by the Telegraph.

WHAT THEY SHOWED: The heading read ‘BBC comedy portrays Meghan Markle as” trailer garbage” American who threatens to knife Kate Middleton’. However the character was in fact implied to be the reverse of what Meghan was truly like

IN REAL LIFE: The post as it appeared on the Telegraph’s site – with Defence spelled the English way, not how the Americans mocked it up – makes it clear that the comedienne portraying Meghan as ‘trailer garbage’ was doing so as it was ‘finging humour’ in a ‘ridiculous’ idea

How it appeared: A Telegraph article appeared in the very same segment about hostile paper coverage, quickly after the analyst described the reporting as ‘differing from what we’ve seen for any other royal’.

The truth: The heading checked out ‘BBC funny depicts Meghan Markle as” trailer trash” American who threatens to knife Kate Middleton’.

However the story, from June 2019, included quotes from comedian Gbemisola Ikunelo, who voiced the character and stated she developed it as the opposite of Meghan to ‘discover humour in the ridiculous’.

‘ Anybody who has actually seen anything of Meghan Markle in public will understand that she seems extremely agreeable and friendly, constantly smiling,’ she said.

WHAT THEY REVEALED: The mocked-up heading supposed to be from this site is decreased to a single quote and appeared as a commentator gone over ‘undeniable racist overtones’ in media coverage

IN REAL LIFE: The story – which was on the front of that day’s Mail On Sunday – was a story exposing the suspension of the sweetheart of the UKIP leader for utilizing the racist expression that appeared in the headline. Producers eliminated all that context

How it appeared: A Mail On Sunday short article – which was likewise published onto MailOnline – looked like an analyst gone over ‘undeniable racist overtones’ in media coverage.

The truth: It was really a piece exposing racist remarks about the Duchess by Jo Marney, the then sweetheart of former Ukip leader Henry Bolton.

The complete online headline said Marney had been suspended from the celebration over the remarks.

The front page headline in print for the very same story, from January 2018 – ‘Vile Racist Attack on Meghan by Girlfriend of Ukip Chief’ – was not shown in the programme.

WHAT THEY SHOWED: Oprah’s team reduced this Telegraph article to a headline suggesting the Duchess ‘does not speak our language’. As they buffooned up the Telegraph’s website, they spelled

IN REAL LIFE: The piece – an opinion column – has the subdeck that describes it is critiquing the Duchess’s ‘earnest gushing’ which the author finds to be ‘like pin downs a chalkboard’

How it appeared: Another Telegraph story flashed up as Oprah suggested Meghan had actually been the victim of media attacks soon after signing up with the Royal Household, and quickly after a commentator described the ‘racial overtones’ of media coverage.

The truth: The short article, by the sketch writer Michael Deacon, appeared 2 months ago – after the couple had actually left the UK.

It claimed Meghan ‘speaks Californian … a hippie variation of business management-speak’, prior to noting a series of gushing ‘Woke’ expressions.

The story was sub-headed: ‘No doubt the Duchess means well. However to seasoned British ears, her earnest gushing is like pin downs a chalkboard.’

WHAT THEY REVEALED: The interview flashed up a Guardian heading obviously referring neutrally to Danny Baker talking about comparing Archie to ‘a chimp’

IN REALITY? No such headline is instantly readily available on the Guardian’s site. This, from the consequences of Baker’s sacking, is their story about him talking about his Tweet and apologising for it

How it appeared: Following comments about ‘racist abuse’ Meghan apparently suffered from the press was a heading in the Guardian referring to an infamous tweet by BBC radio speaker Danny Baker.

The BBC Radio 5 Live host stimulated outrage after he published this picture of a couple sticking on to a monkey wearing a fit with the caption: ‘Royal child leaves medical facility’

The reality: Baker’s 2019 tweet revealing a couple with a monkey tagged ‘Royal child leaves medical facility’ prompted an outcry and led to him being sacked by the BBC.

Lots of saw the tweet as racist. Nevertheless, after the story was at first released, the 61-year-old broadcaster rejected this and called it a ‘stupid unthinking gag’ about class.

Baker said that he was unaware of who the mother of the infant even was: ‘I didn’t know which of our royal princesses had given birth.

‘ My go-to photo when any chic individuals have a baby is this ridiculous chimpanzee in a stovepipe hat leaving the hospital. Had it not been Meghan – completely excellent joke. I was trying to make a point about class and it’s simply preposterous.’

Baker’s response to the allegation of racism was not discussed in the Oprah broadcast.

WHAT THEY SHOWED: The producers produced what seemed a grab from this website with a line about ‘rich and exotic DNA’ written in a large typeface where the heading would generally be

IN REALITY: The text the program included appeared in a column by the Prime Minister’s sibling Rachel Johnson. This is how it actually appeared online. The line of text that the show made appear to be the headline was in reality taken from the middle of paragraph 3 of the 11-paragraph piece

How it appeared: A 2016 column by Boris Johnson’s sister, Rachel was shown as a single sentence, ‘Rich and unique DNA, Miss Markle’s mother is a dread-locked African-American lady from the incorrect side of the tracks …’ It came in a segment describing the ‘racist abuse’ Meghan presumably got.

The reality: The real remark piece, which appeared in the Mail On Sunday and was also published on MailOnline, explained Meghan as genetically ‘blessed’.

It stated she would help the Windsors ‘thicken their watery, thin blue blood and Spencer pale skin and ginger hair with some abundant and exotic DNA’, before admiring the duchess for her acting success and social conscience.

Following criticism at the time, Rachel Johnson discussed that the post ‘celebrated the reality that she was blended race’ – although she confessed she was sorry for the phrasing.

She told the Express: ‘I meant that in marvellous contrast to the gingery white blood of his own blood family on his maternal side. However it didn’t go down well and I thus apologise Harry.’

The mocked up version (left) compared to the real variation (right). Both are nearly the same, with photos, and other text gotten

How it appeared: ‘Meg Made Kate Cry’ on top of a header for newspaper.

The reality: This was the exact same, albeit a buffooned up version with the remainder of the stories and furniture got rid of – probably for legal functions. The main story text and sub-headline have actually also been gotten rid of.

The sub-head sheds more context on the alleged incident, adding that the row was due to the ‘bride-to-be’s stringent demands’ over Princess Charlotte’s gown for her wedding event.

The real variation that was published on the Express’ website – with the sub head beneath

The mocked up version – which does not bring the sub-head underneath

How it appeared: Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle rift: Why did Kate cry throughout Royal Wedding event rehearsal?

The reality: The mocked-up variation does appear practically identical to the real variation. However, it does remove the sub-head, which gives more context over the row in 2018.

The interview showed a series of other cuttings from newspaper and publication stories as the analyst described ‘an everyday assault of vitriol and condemnation from the UK press

However, a 3rd of the headings revealed were likewise drawn from foreign media, according to the Telegraph’s analysis

How it appeared: The interview revealed a series of other cuttings from paper and magazine stories as the commentator explained ‘an everyday attack of vitriol and condemnation from the UK press.’

The truth: A third of the headlines shown were likewise drawn from foreign media, according to the Telegraph’s analysis.

One said ‘Harry caught in marriage from hell!’ – but that was taken from the American tabloid the National Enquirer.

Another National Enquirer heading was also used which stated ‘Monster Meghan exposed!’

In total 11 of more than 30 headlines shown throughout the interview were from American and Australian tabloids, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Of the 23 headlines from British news outlets which featured, around 14 were not published in print and only appeared online.

Other foreign publications utilized consisted of United States Weekly, a star publication based in New York, and the Australia-based New Idea magazine.

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