Google outage: YouTube, Docs and Gmail knocked offline

Google applications including YouTube, e-mail and Docs have suffered an unusual service interruption, with users not able to access a lot of the company’s services.

The blackout started shortly before noon UK time, lasting over half an hour before being brought back.

Users worldwide reported issues with Gmail, Google Drive, the Android Play Shop, Maps, and more.

Google’s search engine, however, stayed untouched by the problems affecting its other services.

The brief outage had a significant influence on the business’s millions of users, much of whom count on Google services for basic work apps such as e-mail and calendars.

Users of Google Docs might continue to work if they had synced files offline, but were unable to use any online functions.

It also affected Google-connected clever gadgets, such as its Home speakers – leading some users to grumble on social media of being not able to turn off some lights in their homes.

It likewise had a knock-on effect on other apps, with gamers of the mobile phone video game Pokémon Go, for instance, reporting being unable to log in.

Despite the widespread interruption, Google’s service control panel at first showed no errors – before changing to red status across all services.

“We know an issue with Gmail impacting a bulk of users. The affected users are not able to gain access to Gmail,” the statement said, with the word “Gmail” replaced by other services.

The reason for the issue is unclear. However, during it, users were still able to access the websites’ landing pages in “incognito mode”, which does not keep a log of the users’ surfing activity.

Google has been contacted for comment, but one representative said they were not able to access their email throughout the failure.

Such failures in Google’s systems are unusual, though a problem with some servers caused problems for United States users in June 2019.

In that circumstances, the culprit was a change to server settings that was supposed to be applied to a couple of devices in a specific area – but was mistakenly applied to many more.

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