Ghislaine Maxwell will not call Prince Andrew as a defence witness at

Ghislaine Maxwell will not call ‘self-destructive’ Prince Andrew as a defence witness at her trial in the summer season, her bro has declared.

Describing the Duke of York’s notorious BBC television interview in 2019, Ian Maxwell told the Daily Telegraph: ‘It was the most impressive piece of self-destruction.

‘ I think he would be – as he proved because interview – I think he’s a pretty serious hostage to fortune. I do not believe that’s going to take place.’

Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother Ian has stated he does not think his sibling will call on Prince Andrew (pictured leaving his Windsor home this week) as a defence witness at her summer trial

Ian Maxwell, envisioned, has stated his sis Ghislaine is a victim of hate which she is being dealt with far worse than founded guilty male sex culprits such as Costs Cosby and Harvey Weinstein

He claimed his younger sis, 59, is a victim of hate as she is a woman and is being dealt with far even worse than convicted male sex culprits such as Harvey Weinstein and Expense Cosby.

Maxwell is on suicide watch at a Brooklyn detention centre. She is accused of conspiring with Jeffrey Epstein, her former enthusiast, to offer him with ladies as young as 14 to abuse in the 1990s.

She has likewise been implicated of taking part in the abuse and of perjuring herself in a civil case. Maxwell denies all of the accusations,

Mr Maxwell, 64, drew comparisons between his sister’s case and that of Lord Bramall in a letter written to Joe Biden’s Attorney General, advocating the US to offer her a fair trial.

Lord Bramall, the previous head of the Army and D-Day veteran, was imprisoned for 18 years after being wrongly implicated of being a paedophile.

Mr Maxwell befriended and worked with Lord Bramall at a military publishing company owned by the Maxwells – and is determined his sister has likewise been incorrectly accused.

Maxwell, imagined with previous enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein, is on suicide watch at a detention centre

Ian Maxwell drew comparisons in between his sister’s case which of Lord Bramall. Imagined: a court sketch of Ghislaine Maxwell after she appeared through video link during her arraingment

Mr Maxwell said: ‘My sis has actually been banged up for 280 days. It actually is grotesque.’

He claimed her representation as a sexual predator and procurer of women and young women is incorrect, adding it was ‘not in her nature to do any of these things’.

Mr Maxwell’s remarks came as the Duke of York dealt with renewed calls to be questioned by the FBI after advancements in the kid sex query expanded the breadth of the examination.

Maxwell, who was Epstein’s long time associate and former sweetheart, deals with brand-new charges of sex trafficking conspiracy and sex trafficking of a small in the eight-count indictment, in addition to earlier charges that include perjury.

A modified indictment versus Maxwell now covers supposed crimes stretching from 1994 to 2004 in New York City and Florida, consisting of accusations that she paid the woman, called Minor Victim-4, hundreds of dollars for each sexual act with Epstein. The woman was 14 when the grooming started, the indictment said.

She had formerly pleaded innocent to assisting Epstein hire and groom 3 teenage women for sex in between 1994 and 1997 in New york city. Maxwell, 59, has been kept in a prison in Brooklyn because her arrest last July.

Ghislaine Maxwell faces new charges throughout a time when Prince Andrew ended up being friends with Epstein and presumably had sex three times with among his victims, Virginia Roberts, allegations the Duke denies. Andrew is pictured with Virginia Roberts, aged 17, and Maxwell in 2001

Pictured: Prince Andrew leaves his house in the premises of Windsor Castle as his buddy Ghislaine Maxwell was charged with more offences in the United States on Tuesday previously today

The time frame of the new allegations has broadened to in between 1994 and ‘at least’ 2004, which covers the duration where Epstein was connecting with powerful males like Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton.

Throughout this period Prince Andrew ended up being good friends with Epstein and apparently made love 3 times with among his victims, Virginia Roberts, allegations the Duke rejects.

Neither Prince Andrew or Mr Clinton is pointed out in the court documents but it substantially raises the prospect of them both being raised at Maxwell’s trial

Earlier today, it was exposed that Ghislaine Maxwell declared that her treatment in prison is so bad it would be ‘suitable for Hannibal Lecter’.

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam declared that the conditions as she awaits trial would be suitable for the imaginary serial killer in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.

But they are not proper for a ’59-year old female who poses no threat to anyone’, Maxwell’s lawyers claimed.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys have repeatedly and vocally grumbled about her treatment in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn (pictured) where she is being held waiting for trial.

They suggested she is the victim of sexism due to the fact that prominent male detainees who had been implicated of severe criminal activities like Bill Cosby and mob boss John Gotti were offered bail while she wasn’t.

The claim was made in a 31-page file submitted in the Second Circuit appeal court in New york city by Maxwell’s legal representatives as they sought to reverse a judge’s rejection of her third attempt at bail.

Judge Alison Nathan previously this month refused Maxwell once again and said that she stayed a flight threat.

Maxwell’s legal representatives have repeatedly and vocally complained about her treatment in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York City, where she is being held till trial, which is because of start in July.

They have actually said she is losing her hair and reducing weight because the prison food is inedible.

According to court filings, the water in the taps is cloudy, Maxwell is kept in seclusion and she is woken every 15 minutes to be searched by a flashlight.

The current claims were made in a letter by David Oscar Markus, one of Maxwell’s lawyers, who called her conditions ‘nightmarish’.

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