Ghislaine Maxwell sleeps with a jail issue sock over her head

Ghislaine Maxwell is sleeping with a sock on her face to shield her from prison guards shining a light into her cell every 15 minutes.

The British socialite is using a prison-issue sock as a makeshift face mask to stop herself being woken up, her lawyers said.

Maxwell’s attorney David Markus stated that she is likewise using a towel to cover her face when she doesn’t have a sock readily available.

He made the claim throughout a controversial hearing for Maxwell’s appeal versus her 3rd bail rejection.

The judges appeared surprised that Maxwell, the alleged ‘madam’ for Jeffrey Epstein, was being subjected to such treatment.

One of them asked the prosecution: ‘It’s regular to shine a light into the eyes of every detainee every 15 minutes? Are you really telling us that?’

Maxwell’s 3rd bail application was rejected by federal judge Alison Nathan last month.

Appearing frail with graying hair after months behind bars, Ghislaine Maxwell pleaded innocent today in her first in-person hearing since her arrest last year. Her legal representative recealed she sleeps with a sock over her head so she can sleep when prison guards shine a light into her cell to examine her well being

Friday was the first time she will appear in person after 9 months in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center – and the degree of how this has actually affected Maxwell’s look

She has actually rejected all 3 applications in spite of Maxwell setting up a $28.5 m bail bundle, promising to renounce her British and French citizenship and using to go under 24 hour a day armed guard.

Judge Nathan said that ‘no mix’ of factors would ensure that Maxwell would not get away the nation and deemed her flight danger.

Throughout the hearing at the Second Circuit appeal court in New york city, the judges questioned why Maxwell was having a light shone in her cell every 15 minutes.

Assistant US Lawyer Lara Pomerantz said: ‘The light is not being shined into her eyes, it’s being shined into the ceiling so (prison) guards can examine her security and that she uses some sort of makeshift mask to cover her eyes’.

Among the judges asked: ‘She is permitted an eye mask that protects around her head? So it blocks light from her eyes?’

Pomerantz replied: ‘My understanding is that’s not what she has, she utilizes some sort of material to cover her eyes?’

One of the judges called it a ‘makeshift eyewear or eye mask’ and Pomerantz stated she comprehended that was right.

However the judges were undeterred and among them asked Pomerantz: ‘It’s routine to shine a light into the eyes of every detainee every 15 minutes? Are you truly informing us that?’

Pomerantz confessed that the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where Maxwell is being held, had actually not notified her workplace that Maxwell was a suicide danger.

However any problems Maxwell had have been raised through Judge Nathan, and this has actually been attended to, she stated.

Addressing the court, Markus, Maxwell’s lawyer, stated: ‘The federal government has utilized the word regimen to say how Miss Maxwell is being dealt with.

Ghislaine Maxwell pleaded not guilty to new sex trafficking charges contributed to an indictment 3 weeks ago. Envisioned: A courtroom sketch of Maxwell from today, April 23, 2021

‘ There’s definitely nothing routine about it. She’s being treated differently than any other prisoner ever because institution.

‘ The idea she has an eye mask that wraps around her head to block out the light is wrong.

‘ She tries to utilize either a sock or a towel to shut out the light on her own, it’s not twisted around her head. You can imagine trying to keep that on your eyes at night so the guards don’t wake you every 15 minutes’.

Markus argued that all Maxwell wanted was a ‘fair shot’ to get ready for her trial and a ‘great night’s sleep’.

He declared that she was only undergoing such conditions since Epstein died in August 2019 while in a federal prison while waiting for trial on sex trafficking charges.

The judges stated they would schedule their choice to a later date.

Maxwell, 59, has denied sex trafficking of a small, sex trafficking conspiracy and perjury to name a few charges.

Judge Nathan is anticipated to rule soon on whether her trial will be delayed from July when it is presently due to occur.

Maxwell made her first in-person look in federal court in New York last Friday where she looked frail and used her black hair down, displaying her gray roots.

She was markedly different from her fresh-faced look last July for her very first bail hearing.

Her sibling Isabel was in the public gallery to give her support – however her other half Scott Borgerson was a no-show.

Appearing frail with graying hair after months behind bars, Ghislaine Maxwell pleaded innocent Friday in her very first in-person hearing because her arrest in 2015.

Maxwell was arraigned in a Manhattan courthouse on brand-new sex trafficking charges added to an indictment three weeks back. Her legal representative got in a not guilty plea Friday and a padlocked black sedan believed to be carrying Maxwell was seen driving to the Brooklyn jail.

‘ Yes, your honor,’ and ‘I have, your honor’ were the only words Maxwell stated when answering the judge before waiving to have the charges openly read.

Today is the first time Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed madam appeared personally after nine months in what she referred to as ‘hell-hole’ Metropolitan Detention Center and her physical look revealed.

Maxwell’s signature short black haircut was grown out long, displaying the gray at the roots as she appeared noticeably more frail than her last hearing in July.

However there was no sign of the hair loss her attorneys declared she had experienced in prison and no sign of her husband Scott Borgerson who was prepared for to appear to support her.

Appearing frail with graying hair after months behind bars, Ghislaine Maxwell pleaded innocent today in her first in-person hearing considering that her arrest last year. Her sis Isabel is seen sitting behind her using a beret in a court sketch

A padlocked black sedan with dark tinted windows believed to be carrying Maxwell was seen driving to the Brooklyn jail

Padlocks were seen on the dark Dodge Caravan that is thought to have driven Maxwell back to prison

Ghislaine Maxwell pleaded not guilty to brand-new sex trafficking charges added to an indictment 3 weeks back. Visualized: A courtroom sketch of Maxwell from today, April 23, 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sis appeared at court wearing a black beret to support the implicated sex trafficker. Maxwell did not appear to see her sibling Isabel who was at the back of the court using dark glasses and a beret to disguise herself. She appeared very nervous and paced around

Maxwell was wearing a white mask and a blue jail concern top and pants. Her feet were shackled together as she strolled in and sat down between her legal representatives with two US Marshals behind her.

She was mainly impassive and just when questioned by the judge.

Ghislaine Maxwell (ideal with her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein in 2005) is set to go to a New York court today in her first in-person hearing since her arrest last year

At the end of the short hearing she waved at a blonde middle aged friend at the back of the court.

Maxwell did not appear to see her sis Isabel who was at the back of the court using dark glasses and a beret to disguise herself. She appeared exceptionally anxious and paced around.

There were just a few dozen individuals allowed into courtroom 24B of the Manhattan federal court due to Covid constraints.

Amongst them were David Boies and Sigrid McCawley, legal representatives who represent the second of four Maxwell accusers.

Maxwell’s legal group, Jeff Pagliuca, Laura Menninger and David Markus were seen showing up ahead of her arraignment.

The judge presiding said she is thinking about the defense’s demand to move the trial to the fall or winter.

Maxwell was confronted in court by an Epstein victim, a blonde woman called Danielle Bensky who beinged in the general public gallery. Bensky got to the last minute to the hearing and craned her neck to see Maxwell.

Speaking outdoors court later on, Bensky said: ‘To be truthful I was too afraid to come to the Epstien trial so this is a brand-new sensation for me to sit there and accept a lot (of things). I do think it’s difficult to sit through it (the hearing) and it hurts, but it’s excellent too, it’s recovery.’

She added: ‘After not having a trial for Epstein this will provide closure for the victims.’

David Boies, who represents the 2nd accuser versus Maxwell, mocked her media blitz which has made her out to be a victim of mistreatment by the federal authorities.

He said: ‘I do not believe there is any trustworthy basis whatsoever to assert Ms. Maxwell is the victim. The media blitz the accused is putting out, I don’t think it’s fair to the real victims. I believe it’s highly undesirable’.

Boies stated his customers were feeling ‘great’ and ‘anticipating the vindication of the trial’.

He stated: ‘This is a time of excellent stress for them, but likewise a time of excellent hope’.

Maxwell’s legal representative David Markus stated that her two brothers had actually attempted to come to court from the UK for the hearing but were unable to due to Covid limitations

Jeff Pagliuca and Laura Menninger, legal team for Ghislaine Maxwell, arrive ahead of her arraignment on new indictment Friday

Maxwell’s legal representative David Markus stated that her two siblings had tried to come to court from the UK for the hearing but were unable to due to Covid restrictions.

Maxwell’s spouse Scott Borgerson did not appear in court Friday to support her

He said: ‘Ghislaine remains in very, extremely challenging conditions none people would want on our worst opponent. She’s remaining strong, she’s getting ready for trial. Ghislaine is eagerly anticipating that trial and she’s looking forward to combating, and she will combat’.

Markus added that he went to see Maxwell last night in jail and 3 guards followed him to a little space.

He stated: ‘I have actually never seen anything like how she’s being dealt with. She should not be dealt with like this’.

Markus decreased to comment when asked why Scott Borgerson, Maxwell’s partner, was not in court.

Maxwell’s ideal arm looked thin and knobbly as she sat down in court at a table next to one of her 5 legal representatives.

Her sis Isabel attempted to avoid being identified in court by whispering her name to a court officer so that journalists would not hear her.

Judge Alison Nathan asked Maxwell if she had gotten the updated indictment. Speaking in her British accent, Maxwell replied: ‘Yes your honor’.

Judge Nathan asked if Maxwell had actually read it and she replied: ‘I have your honor’.

Judge Nathan asked Maxwell if she would like to waive the general public reading of the indictment and she validated that she would.

Maxwell’s lawyer Bobbi Sternheim told Judge Nathan she wanted to plead innocent.

Judge Nathan stated that while she was still deciding if the case should be put back from its July start date to next January, ‘everybody should assume’ it is going on this summer for the time being.

Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, in June 2019 (imagined front) with her 6 living brother or sisters. Her sibling Isabel appeared in court today. The brother or sisters, L-R, are: Anne, 73, Kevin, 62, twins Isabel and Christine, 70, Philip, 71, and Ian, 64

Lawyer Bobbi Sternheim appears in court throughout the arraignment hearing in a court sketch

Her lawyers have actually formerly said she was requiring to be arraigned on the new accusations in person after the dial-in phone line on a previous hearing was pirated by QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Her lawyers failed three times to encourage Judge Nathan to launch Maxwell on bail after they claimed their customer is living in poor prison conditions and has actually dropped weight.

She had asked for a week’s delay to April 23 to officially plead to two additional charges at federal court in New york city

A document submitted by her lawyers states that this was to allow her ‘relative to change their schedules and make travel arrangements to go to the court proceedings’.

But Maxwell’s alleged victims pleaded with a federal court not to delay her trial since they are experiencing an ‘massive quantity of stress’.

Prosecutors said that two women who will provide proof against Maxwell will not be able to rest up until the case is heard.

One is feeling ‘significant stress’ while the other is feeling an ‘massive quantity of tension’ and means to give proof in person regardless of her individual responsibilities at the time.

They composed: ‘The longer this case remains pending, the longer the victims suffer the anxiety of expecting their trial testament and the uncertainty of awaiting a resolution.

‘ As an outcome, several victims oppose any adjournment of the trial date. In particular, Minor Victim-3 expressed sensation substantial stress throughout the pendency of this case and a strong desire to have the case brought to a close through trial as quickly as possible.

‘ Similarly, Minor Victim-2 likewise showed that she has actually experienced a huge quantity of tension while this case has actually been pending, wishes to see the case brought to trial as set up, and has actually currently prepared to be offered to testify at trial as arranged this summertime, regardless of her

Judge Alison Nathan is presiding over Maxwell’s case

Sources close to Maxwell’s household informed The Telegraph that her appearance in court today is about Maxwell wishing to ‘face her accusers head on’, along with being devoid of her prison cell for a while.

A rewritten indictment lodged against the 59-year-old British socialite last month added sex trafficking charges to allegations that Maxwell recruited 3 teenage ladies from 1994 to 1997 for then-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

New charges involving the sex trafficking of a minor extended the conspiracy to 2004.

According to the new indictment, the female was sexually mistreated numerous times by Epstein between 2001 and 2004 at his Palm Beach, Florida, residence, starting when she was 14 years old.

Maxwell’s legal representatives have actually claimed that she had actually dropped weight and her hair was falling out due to the fact that of her bad treatment while in custody.

They alleged she is ending up being a ‘shell of her former self’ due to the fact that she is being awakened every 15 minutes with a flash light.

Her legal representatives declared the conditions were more fitting for Hannibal Lecter, the fictional serial killer from the movie The Silence of the Lambs.

Her hubby Scott Borgerson was prepared for to travel 250 miles from his home simply outside Boston to reveal his assistance but did not make it.

Her bro Ian, who launched a public PR project to have Maxwell freed from custody after she was denied her bail 3 times, is unable to travel from the UK due to Covid-19 limitations.

Maxwell’s trial is set for July 12 on charges declaring she hired and groomed teenage ladies from 1994 to 2004 to offer sexual massages to her one-time boyfriend.

Recently, her lawyers asked for that the trial be delayed until next January, saying the new charges need months of investigation.

Judge Nathan has said the perjury matters will be attempted independently but Maxwell wants a hold-up on the primary accusations too.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Maurene Comey, left, daughter of former FBI Director James Comey, spoke in court Friday. She seen throughout a news conference, in New York, Monday, July 8, 2019 as federal district attorneys announced charges against Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell, far right, is imagined with Prince Andrew and accuser Virginia Roberts in her townhouse in London. Roberts has submitted a criminal lawsuit declaring that she had under-aged sex with Prince Andrew and pedophile Epstein

Maxwell has actually pleaded not guilty. Epstein eliminated himself in 2019 in a Manhattan federal lockup as he waited for trial on sex trafficking charges.

Due to the coronavirus most hearings in the Southern District of New York are taking place by means of Zoom or through a dial-in phone line.

The dial-in phone line on a previous hearing was hijacked by QAnon conspiracy theorists, resulting in Maxwell’s attorneys to say their customer is requiring to be arraigned on the new accusations personally.

All 500 areas on the general public phone line in the separate civil case were inhabited and someone live streamed the hearing on YouTube up until the judge told them to stop.

Maxwell’s attorney Bobbi Sternheim called that hearing a ‘fiasco’ and said that Maxwell is demanding a bail hearing where witnesses can testify concerning the ‘supposed strength of the federal government’s case’.

As they have actually repeatedly argued prior to, attorneys for Maxwell wrote that she is being penalized in part because Epstein is out of reach.

‘ She is no monster, but she is being dealt with like one because of the ‘Epstein impact, ´ ‘they composed.

The lawyers prompted the 2nd Circuit to ‘check the actual strength’ of the government case by insisting on a more thorough bail hearing where they might show that each story informed by the 4 people who say they were victims of Epstein and Maxwell ‘has actually dramatically changed over the years.’

‘ In the beginning, none of the confidential accusers even pointed out Ms. Maxwell. As they hired the very same law practice, sought cash and fame, signed up with a movement, and only after Epstein died, did the accusers begin to blame Ms. Maxwell. Far from corroboration, this is fabrication,’ they composed.

A spokesperson for prosecutors decreased comment.

The launch of the web page is a noteworthy shift in tone by the famously tight-lipped family, who appear to be attempting to salvage Maxwell’s reputation ahead of her trial in July

Today was the very first time she will appear in person after nine months in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center – and the degree of how this has impacted Maxwell’s look

Previously this month, the judge declined Maxwell ´ s arguments to toss charges that she hired 3 teen women from 1994 to 1997 for then-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

Judge Nathan denied claims that a non-prosecution arrangement Epstein reached with federal prosecutors over a lots years ago safeguards Maxwell from prosecution.

She likewise disagreed that some or all charges need to be tossed out for a range of other viewed flaws.

Maxwell has actually remained in jail given that her arrest on July 2 in Bradford, New Hampshire at her $1 million nation house.

She is accused of luring women as young as 14 for Epstein to abuse and sometimes participating in the abuse.

An alternate sketch by Mona Shafer Edwards reveals Maxwell in court

A sketch by Mona Shafer Edwards was sent on the Twitter account, which is run by Maxwell’s member of the family

Maxwell, the child of disgraced newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell, likewise perjured herself in a civil case.

She denies all the allegations.

Earlier this month, Maxwell’s household has actually introduced a site in support of the British socialite, insisting she’s ‘no beast’ and opposing her innocence.

The site,, welcomes people to ‘get to know the genuine Ghislaine’ on the website, where they shared biographical details, details about her upcoming trial, prison conditions, along with the books she reads behind bars.

‘This website has actually been established and is preserved by siblings, siblings, household & good friends of Ghislaine Maxwell, the people who have known the real Ghislaine all her life, not the imaginary one-dimensional character produced by the media,’ it mentions.

‘Our company believe completely in our cherished sister’s innocence and motivate visitors to this website to sign up for updates from the household on her case by providing your e-mail address listed below in the strictest of self-confidence.’

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