France threatens ‘coup outlining army staff’ with PRISON

A group of retired soldiers who have raised the prospect of a military coup to ‘save’ France from radical Islam are to lose their pay and benefits of rank, the country’s armed forces chief said today.

The 18 serving officers who backed their calls have been threatened with jail.

Defence chief General Francois Lecointre said he would take disciplinary action versus the generals and retired officers, who were among 2,000 who signed an open letter to the French President.

Lecointre said: ‘These basic officers will each pass before a higher military council. At the end of this treatment, it is the President of the Republic who signs a decree expelling them’.

They will lose their pay and advantages as members of the reserve of senior officers, and won’t have the ability to use their rank.

A Paris mayor has backed military chiefs who threatened to seize control of the country to fight radical Islam and avoid the ‘disintegration’ of France.

In spite of extensive condemnation, politicians on the right like Rachida Dati, mayor of the 7th arrondissement, continue to throw their support behind the signatories, who consisted of 20 retired generals.

‘ What is composed in this letter is a reality,’ Ms Dati told France Details radio today. ‘When you have a country pestered by urban guerrilla warfare, when you have a consistent and high terrorist risk, when you have progressively glaring and ostentatious inequalities … we can not state that the country is doing well.’

Rachida Dati, mayor of Paris’ 7th arrondissement, said that the issues revealed in the letter to Emmanuel Macron stood. Ms Dati informed France Details radio today: ‘When you have actually a nation plagued by urban guerrilla warfare, when you have an extremely routine and extremely high terrorist risk, when you have increasingly glaring and ostentatious inequalities … we can not state that the country is doing well’

Army Corps General Christian Piquemal, 80, was the lead signatory of the 20 retired generals who backed the letter. He is imagined at an anti-Islam rally in Calais in 2016.

Department General Emmanuel De Richoufftz during his see to the central Ivory Coast location of Sakassou August 29, 2003. Gen. De Richoufftz was also amongst the 20 generals to sign the letter.

Rachida Dati cut her teeth as an adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy prior to she was selected his justice minister in 2007 (they are imagined together in Paris in August, 2007).

The 55-year-old was raised in a devoutly Muslim household by an Algerian mom and daddy. She has made a name for herself as a political leader who takes no prisoners, irritating left-wingers with her law-and-order crackdown as justice minister, and brushing off critics when she chose to take simply 3 days maternity leave after the birth of her daughter.

She stated that ‘the cops have actually ended up being a target for terrorists.’.

A policewoman was stabbed to death recently in Rambouillet southwest of Paris.

Anti-terror officers stated the suspect, a Tunisian nationwide, had actually been enjoying jihadist propaganda videos prior to the attack.

Ms Dati continued: ‘I am afraid that the cops will break down one day.’.

Referencing the military officers’ letter, she included: ‘And if they split, we go well beyond the disintegration of society.’.

The 55-year-old worked as justice minister under Nicolas Sarkozy from 2007 to 2009.

Raised in a devoutly Muslim home by Algerian immigrant parents, Ms Dati is no stranger to ruffling plumes and has actually been tipped to run against Macron in 2022.

She is renowned for taking no detainees, exasperating left-wingers with her law-and-order crackdown as justice minister, and brushing off critics when she chose to take simply three days maternity leave after the birth of her child.

Asked in September what her strategies were over the next two years, Ms Dati informed The Times: ‘To win the 2022 presidential election.’.

Her intervention today comes as the Chief of France’s Defence Staff General François Lecointre today condemned those who signed the letter, calling it ‘absolutely revolting.’.

‘ I hope that their automated retirement will be decided,’ Gen. Lecointre told the Parisien paper.

‘ This is an extraordinary procedure, which we are launching immediately at the demand of the Minister of the Armed Forces.

‘ These basic officers will each pass prior to a greater military council. At the end of this procedure, it is the President of the Republic who signs a decree expelling them’.

The 18 serving officers signed up with countless retired ones who had signed an open letter warning that France was heading for ‘civil war’ due to the fact that of extreme Islam.

It said action was needed to eliminate the ‘suburban hordes’ – a recommendation to the mainly immigrant population of the housing estates which surround French cities– otherwise there would be ‘countless deaths’.

President Macron’s federal government highly condemned the letter, which was released on the 60th anniversary of a failed coup d’etat by generals opposed to France granting self-reliance to Algeria, its previous North African nest.

Prime Minister Jean Castex stated the letter by military figures was ‘against all of our republican principles, of honour and the task of the army’.

And Florence Parly, the Defence Minister, said: ‘This is undesirable. There will be repercussions, naturally.

The soldiers behind the letter were all stated to be anti-immigration activists with racist views and strong ties to the far-Right Rassemblement National (National Rally).

The lead signatory was Christian Piquemal, 80, who commanded the French Foreign Legion prior to losing his privileges as a retired officer after being detained while taking part in an anti-Islam presentation in 2016.

Chief of France’s Defence Staff General François Lecointre today condemned those who signed the letter, calling it ‘absolutely revolting’ (Lecointre is imagined standing beside Emmanuel Macron in a car during Bastille Day ceremonies in July in 2015).

Marine Le Pen, the Rassemblement National leader, invited the letter, which was very first published last week in Valeurs Actuelle (Present Worths) magazine.

‘ I invite you to join us in taking part in the coming fight, which is the battle of France,’ Le Pen composed in a response to the letter.

Le Pen, who would become head of France’s Armed Forces if she changes Macron as president next year, was widely criticised by her opponents on both the Left and Right for her words.

France’s current 5th Republic has actually been threatened by military coups in the past, significantly by far-Right activists who were eventually defeated as they attempted to keep Algeria in the early 1960s.

There are some 5 million Muslims in France – the largest community of its kind in western Europe – and many have backgrounds in previous colonies, such as Algeria.

The Rassemblement National used to be called the Front National (National Front), and was founded by Ms Le Pen’s daddy, the founded guilty anti-Semite, racist and Islamophobe, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

No-nonsense Paris mayor raised in a devoutly Muslim household who took just 3 days maternity leave

The mayor of Paris’ affluent 7th arrondissement because 2008, Rachida Dati has gone far for herself as a politician who takes no detainees. The 55-year-old irritated left-wingers with her difficult law-and-order crackdown as justice minister in Nicolas Sarkozy’s government from 2007 to 2009. She took no notification of horrified judges when she streamlined the out-of-date provincial courts. And she brushed off critics who required to the airwaves when she chose to take simply 3 days maternity leave after the birth of her daughter. ‘I remained in health, my daughter remained in health, I wished to return and I had the ways to do it,’ she informed The Times in September. ‘I wasn’t asking anybody else to do the exact same thing. However I reckoned that I must be permitted to do it if I wanted. You see, you have to battle to be free.’ Rachida Dati, French previous Justice minister, participates in a TV debate for 2014 Paris Municipal Election with Paris’ deputy mayor Anne Hidalgo. She lost to the socialist incumbent Hidalgo however she had the ability to protect 34 percent of the vote – enough of a share for Le Monde to declare that she might challenge Macron. Ms Dati grew up in a devout Muslim family in Burgundy, the child of Algerian immigrants, her father was a stone mason. Regardless of residing on a council estate, Ms Dati’s dad was keen that she get an excellent education and sent her to a private Catholic school. ‘My parents were Muslims and we were brought up as Muslims, but he thought that all faiths, including Catholicism, taught you the distinction in between great and evil,’ Ms Dati stated. She included that numerous French Muslims have a similarly open outlook, however yielded that extreme Islam was taking hold in France. Ms Dati associates this to the Anglo-Saxon tradition of enabling people to maintain their customizeds and practices. ‘What bothered me about England is the fact that you state you appreciate people’s differences, but in fact you go further than that, and you allow individuals to live in isolation. There is extremely little social mix,’ she informed The Times. ‘The French design is totally various, although I fear that we are gradually moving towards a multicultural and multi-ethnic design that might create conflicts. ‘Everybody now wants to safeguard an identity and there comes a time when … what you have are individuals and neighborhoods requiring their own rights and their own rules. Which threatens. It creates departments.’ In 2015 she sealed her position as a governmental competitor when she ran for office as the mayor of all of Paris. Dati thinks about Sarkozy her political mentor (visualized together at the website of the Terracota Warriors in Xian, China, in 2007) Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy presents Rachida Dati during a meeting ahead of the first round of the mayoral elections on March 9, 2020, in Paris She lost to the socialist incumbent Anne Hidalgo however she was able to secure 34 percent of the vote – enough of a share for Le Monde to proclaim that she might challenge Macron. Throughout her success, Ms Dati stated she has dealt with derision from snobby Parisians, more so since of her working people background than her ethnic background. Under Macron’s government she has argued that such class divisions have actually been worsened. ‘Unemployment is high and we have extraordinary levels of youth unemployment,’ she informed The Times. ‘We have demonstrations all the time, the crime rate has taken off and we have an exponential debt.’ Advertisement

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