FBI investigates whether Nashville bomber tried to target police

The FBI has apparently identified an individual of interest in Nashville’s Christmas Day battle that left three people hurt and caused serious damage to the city’s downtown.

CBS has actually recognized the guy as regional man Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, but they did not say whether he had actually been collared.

According to the network ‘a minimum of two ideas were hired to the FBI about Warner prior to the explosion.’

Friday’s blast emanated from a white Recreational Vehicle parked outside the AT&T structure on 2nd Opportunity at 6.40 am.

Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon, footage shared to Twitter by USA Today reporter Natalie Neysa Alund showed federal agents outside a Nashville home which has been connected to Warner.

Remarkably, neighbors reported seeing a white RV parked outside his property within the past two weeks. A comparable vehicle can also been seen on a Google Street View search of Warner’s address.

Nashville’s Christmas Day battle left 3 individuals injured and triggered extreme damage to the city’s downtown. The blast originated from a white RV. A Google Street View photo of the home linked to a person of interest – Anthony Quinn Warner – reveals a comparable looking automobile parked outside his residential or commercial property prior to the blast

The RV which blew up on Christmas early morning is imagined. Cops are now supposedly examining whether it belonged to Anthony Quinn Warner

The blast injured three individuals and triggered serious damage to the city’s downtown area

The blast took place Friday morning in downtown Nashville after a bomb detonated from inside a white Recreational Vehicle. On Saturday, authorities browsed outside a home in the city’s southeast linked to Anthony Quinn Warner. Old Google Street View images show a similar looking lorry out front

During a press conference on Saturday afternoon, the FBI refused to identify anybody in their examination.

They state they are still pursuing roughly 500 leads and have near 250 representatives and experts appointed to the case.

The Bureau is likewise examining whether the blast was deliberately developed to target law enforcement officers.

Cops had been called to second Opportunity shortly before the surge amid reports of a shooting. However, they showed up to discover the white RV playing a recorded announcement stating that it would blow up in 15 minutes.

One specialist is now thinking that the spooky recording was created to bring as many cops and first responders as possible into the area with the objective of eliminating or maiming them.

‘ I sort of think it was most likely a concept to get very first responders to come in,’ ex-NYPD Investigator Costs Ryan informed Fox News on Saturday.

Six police officers have actually now been hailed as heroes after the descended on the location and attempted to clean out pedestrians and residents prior to the bomb went off.

Meanwhile, Nashville cops confirmed late Friday that they are investigating whether human remains have been discovered at the website of the bomb blast.

According to, tissue was found at the scene, and forensic experts are now working to determine whether it is human.

It is uncertain whether anybody was inside the Recreational Vehicle at the time it detonated.

The massive blast caused damage to more than 40 structures, with new videos showing the extensive effect it created.

One shocking clip shared on social networks shows an apartment building strongly shaking during the blast.

A resident told on Saturday: I’ve never ever seen anything like it. It shook whatever’

On the other hand, other videos being shared extensively on social media show individuals concealing for cover in buildings along second Avenue as they were cautioned by cops that the Recreational Vehicle might explode.

One guy was walking his pet right by the RV and heard the caution message emanating from the automobile.

Quick believing polices rapidly informed him to return just before the bomb went off. He informed WKRN that it is a ‘Christmas wonder’ he is still alive.

One man was walking his pet dog right by the Recreational Vehicle and heard the warning message emanating from the automobile. He is seen in a lobby on the city’s downtown location prior to the blast

Quick thinking cops quickly informed him to get back just before the bomb went off. He informed WKRN that it is a ‘Christmas miracle’ he is still alive.

This was the scene immediately after the surge on Friday morning in downtown Nashville

On Saturday early morning, the Federal Aviation Administration categorized the airspace over the website of the battle as “National Defense Airspace’.

The order forbids pilots from flying over the site and a surrounding area of one nautical mile. The restriction will stay in place until December 30.

On the other hand, the location on the ground has actually still been cordoned off and there is a strong authorities presence.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper says it will be ‘a long time’ prior to second Opportunity is open as normal.

On Friday evening, he announced curfew on the area around the bomb website as the investigation continued.

‘ A curfew will begin at 4:30 pm, Friday Dec 25. and be raised Sunday, December 27 at 4:30 pm,’ he revealed in a tweet.

The blast blew in windows from at least 41 structures, according to. One building is now partially collapsed.

The Recreational Vehicle was parked outside an AT&T center, with the explosion triggering network interruptions to the business’s phone and web services.

That issue triggered safety worries as 911 dispatchers were apparently having difficulty recognizing the location of callers.

USA Today reports on Saturday that blackout concerns lasted into the night. It is now believed they have actually all been dealt with.

Since Saturday early morning, the area has still been cordoned off and there is a strong authorities presence in the location

Nashville Mayor John Cooper says it will be ‘some time’ before second Opportunity and the surround downtown area is open as typical

On the other hand, more info is being discovered the hero police officers who attempted to clear the location after they showed up to discover the RV playing a recording saying it would blow up.

They were named by Metro Authorities Chief John Drake as Officer Brenna Hosey, Officer James Luellen, Officer Michael Sipos, Officer Amanda Garnish, Officer James Wells and Sergeant Timothy Miller, as he praised them for hurrying into threat to conserve others.

The officers had been responding to reports of shots fired 40 minutes before the explosion when they found a Recreational Vehicle situated outside of an AT&T transmission structure which was playing an announcement featuring a lady’s voice saying it would explode in 15 minutes.

There was no evidence of shooting at the scene and it is not known of the sounds might likewise have originated from the Recreational Vehicle’s recording. Cops have actually not exposed who made the initial shooting report.

They hurried to get individuals out of their homes while the threatening, pre-recorded message played over and over once again with music playing inbetween each countdown, before the van eventually took off at round 6.40 am.

‘ These officers didn’t care about themselves,’ Chief Drake said. ‘They didn’t think of that. They appreciated the people of Nashville. They went in and we ‘d be talking not about the debris that we have here however prospective individuals.’

Despite the devastation of the blast, unbelievely just 3 individuals were injured.

They were rushed to healthcare facility in non-life threatening conditions.

Imagined, Officer Amanda Garnish, Officer Michael Sipos, Officer Richard Luellen

Imagined, Officer Brenna Hosey, Sgt. Timothy Miller, and Officer James Wells

This is what is left of Second Avenue in downtown Nashville after the surge on Friday morning. Cops have not yet identified a suspect

A bird’s-eye view of the scene in downtown Nashville on Friday morning after an ‘intentional’ explosion came from a parked car

The scale of the debris was huge. All of 2nd Opportunity in between The entire street on 2nd avenue was covered with it

FBI Special Agent in charge Matt Foster made a plea to the general public for details on Friday night.

‘ The FBI stands with the city of Nashville today in this extremely terrible Christmas Day event.

‘ This is our city too. We live here, we work here. We’re putting whatever we have into finding who was accountable for what happened here today.

‘ There are leads that need to be pursued and technical works require to happen.’

Anyone with info about the incident has actually been asked to get in touch with the FBI at www.fbi.gov/nashville or by calling them.

On Friday night, star of CNBC’s The Profit Marcus Lemonis likewise provided a $250,000 benefit for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the offender.

It brought the benefit overall to $300,000 after previous smaller sized reward offers from Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp., FOX Sports host Clay Travis, and Lewis Country Shop.

Emergency situation workers work near the scene of an explosion in downtown Nashville, Tenn., Friday, Dec. 25, 2020

A police member walks past damage from an explosion in downtown Nashville, Tenn., Friday, Dec. 25, 2020

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