Evaluation: The J.Rosea diamond simulant precious jewelry collection looks so genuine

This diamond simulant precious jewelry sparkles just like the real thing

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Love diamonds however feel anxious about using something so pricey and delicate every day? You do not have to stress over that any longer with the precious jewelry in the J.Rosea simulated diamond fashion jewelry collection. The stones in this collection have been hand cut 109 times for an appeal that’s scarily similar to what you ‘d see on a genuine diamond. Take a look at this blog post to find out more about this distinct collection.

J.Rosea simulated diamond precious jewelry collection locket and ring

Provide yourself that extra shimmer with the J.Rosea simulated diamond jewelry collection. The gems in this diamond simulant fashion jewelry have been cut 109 times by master craftsmen with more than 3 years of experience. While real diamonds are wonderful, these gems are equivalent from the real thing and are 1/100th of the cost of a real diamond. Treat yourself without blowing your spending plan with the J.Rosea collection.

The pieces in the J.Rosea collection are sensational. Made from zirconia, a diamond simulant, this jewelry consists of a ring, necklace, and earrings readily available in silver or rose gold. The styles are modern-day and stunning, devices you’ll be proud to use. According to the business’s Kickstarter project, while the majority of diamond simulants have 58 cuts, those in the J.Rosea collection have 109. This high number of cuts provides it just as many reflections and subtleties as you ‘d anticipate on true diamonds, and those are quite pricey. The technique the artisans utilize is called Sixteen A and it offers imitation diamonds an exceptional gloss and sparkle compared to other stones.

Have a look at the Sixteen A technique

The campaign’s Kickstarter page composes that the leading one percent of diamonds reveal styles of eight hearts and 8 arrows under a microscopic lense. However, with the Sixteen A technique, the stones in this diamond simulant fashion jewelry actually have sixteen hearts and sixteen arrows. With more hearts and arrows, more light gets shown, which produces a brighter, more outstanding gem. So the products in this collection appearance quite fancy.

Discover the J. Prong setting

Have you ever saw how simple it is for finer jewelry to get caught on clothing or another piece of product? In time, the impact can weaken the setting, and the stone might fall out. For this factor, the J.Rosea collection counts on 1.16 mm prong setting legs, thicker than the 0.5 mm leg preferred by most jewelry business. The additional density lets you wear this simulated diamond fashion jewelry without a worry. Similarly, the earring backs, or clutches, in this collection are 6mm large, wider than the basic size (3– 4 mm).

This replica diamond jewelry has all the information

Another detail that makes this diamond simulant jewelry special is the necklace’s adjustable lengths: 15.75, 16.5, and 17.3 inches. So with this necklace, you won’t have to buy different chains depending on the length of time or short you wish to use it. And every link on the chain has 4 cuts to make it even shinier. The ring’s prong has actually also been improved. It’s set at a height that’s ideal for everyday activities. And on the sides, 11 small holes surrounding to the small stones let the light shine through the ring for additional brilliance.

10 Mils plating prevents stain

Have you ever bought a piece of precious jewelry that tarnished or triggered an allergy to your skin? This typically arises from low-cost or thin plating, which can easily come off. Thankfully, the plating on this diamond simulant precious jewelry is thicker and is called 10 mils plating. The J.Rosea collection utilizes 10 mils of gold plating and 5 mils of white gold plating. So this is a plating that’s rather heavy duty and will not chip off or alter colors after a few uses.

You can use this fashion jewelry every day

If you believe you can only use great jewelry on unique celebrations and when you aren’t taking a trip, you ‘d be misinterpreted. The pieces in the J.Rosea collection are unique and glamorous, however you can wear them every day. That’s thanks to their durable products, craftsmanship, and skillfully created settings. So, proceed, wear the ring, earrings, and pendant to work, while you’re out on errands, and even when you travel. The pieces are durable yet look so gorgeous and delicate.

Wear fashion jewelry like you’re abundant

According to the business’s Kickstarter page, the really rich don’t purchase genuine diamonds. That’s because they understand that as soon as they leave the jewelry expert’s, the rock right away loses over 50% of its worth. Instead, actors and wealthy people tend to use simulated diamonds, fashion jewelry like the J.Rosea collection. Then, they don’t have to worry about theft or damage throughout their travels and red-carpet occasions. Possibly the rest of us ought to follow their lead.

Treat your woman to this simulated diamond jewelry

And, naturally, the pieces in the J.Rosea collection make a great present for your mother, sweetheart, or granny. The classy styles are modern-day yet captivating and provide any attire an unique radiance. Most importantly, they can use this precious jewelry every day, without the fear of harming it.

The J.Rosea collection is an awesome selection of simulated diamond precious jewelry. The stones in each piece have been hand cut 109 times by artisans with over 30 years of experience. The lustrous gems equal any real diamond. and are true artworks. Also, with thoughtful details like a thicker prong setting, you can wear this fashion jewelry as you set about your normal activities. You’re going to wish to treat yourself, or the woman in your life, to this diamond simulant fashion jewelry.

The pieces in the J.Rosea simulated diamond fashion jewelry collection generally start at $180. You can currently preorder choose products from the collection for $120 on Kickstarter. Do you own any simulated diamond jewelry that you swear looks similar to the genuine thing? If so, let us know about it in the remarks.

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