Esther DIDN’T intentionally go missing to carry on nomadic life,

[h3] [/h3] The sweetheart of missing British hiker Esther Dingley has dismissed French cops declares that she might have deliberately vanished since she feared her nomadic way of life will end

A spokesman for Daniel Colegate stated ‘there is no sign Esther was seeking a brand-new life’ as brand-new CCTV footage emerged of his sweetheart in a grocery store prior to she disappeared.

Ms Dingley, 37, was last seen 3 weeks ago on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees after setting off on a solo walking.

In spite of a joint operation by French and Spanish cops, there are no clues to her location and heavy snowfall has actually led to mountain searches being called off.

The partner of missing out on British hiker Esther Dingley (pictured) has actually dismissed French cops claims that she might have intentionally vanished because she feared her nomadic lifestyle was about to end.

A representative for Daniel Colegate (visualized with Esther) said ‘there is no indication Esther was seeking a new life’

This weekend, gendarmerie captain Jean-Marc Bordinaro, who is leading the French side of the examination, stated one theory was that the knowledgeable hiker had actually intentionally gone missing.

He declared Mr Colegate had wished to go back to the UK after tiring of their six-year European camper van trip.

Cpt Bordinaro said: ‘Esther Dingley wanted to continue her present way of life, journeys in a camper van and sporting activities including hiking, while Daniel Colegate appears a little fed up with his nomadic life.

‘ Did she want to go off on her own to live her life and organise her own disappearance? There is absolutely nothing enabling us to eliminate this working theory. This situation provoked some tensions within the couple, but absolutely nothing excessive.’

However the theory was dismissed by Mr Colegate, 38, and Ms Dingley’s family, who spoke through the Lucie Blackman Trust Global, a charity that helps families of those missing out on abroad.

Grainy CCTV footage (visualized)– the last recorded motions of Ms Dingley– reveals her obviously querying the price of the seeds with the shop manager

Jose Antonio Ballarin said Esther discussed her route with him– and it was various from the one she was believed to have actually been planning

Matthew Searle, the president of LBT Global stated: ‘We are working closely with the family and Daniel and there is no indicator that Esther was looking for a new life. There is much speculation on this case and this is unhelpful and unfair to the household.’

Mr Colegate has actually been talked to three times by French and Spanish cops however is not considered a suspect. Ms Dingley left Mr Colegate in the French town of Gascony where he was house-sitting. On November 15, she drove the couple’s camper van throughout the border to the Spanish town of Benasque, where she left the lorry to climb the mountain range.

The authorities investigation is now concentrated on Benasque and the camper van has been forensically searched.

Ms Dingley, an Oxford graduate like her boyfriend, remained at the Angel Orus hostel on November 17, where the owner recalled seeing her in ‘excellent spirits’.

Two days later on, she was seen buying chia seeds at a grocery store. Grainy CCTV video footage– the last recorded motions of Ms Dingley– reveals her obviously querying the price of the seeds with the shop manager.

This weekend, gendarmerie captain Jean-Marc Bordinaro, who is leading the French side of the examination, said one theory was that the experienced hiker had actually intentionally gone missing. But the theory was dismissed by Mr Colegate, 38, (pictured with Esther) and Ms Dingley’s family

A British instructor then stepped in to serve as a translator and explained that discount rates were only available to individuals with shop commitment cards. Ms Dingley purchased the seeds and a shopper later explained her as looking ‘sad and thoughtful’.

The last contact Ms Dingley made with her partner was on November 22, when she sent out photos of herself at the Pic de Sauvegarde mountain, 9,000 feet above sea level. She was supposed to return to Gascony by November 25.

When she stopped working to show up, Mr Colegate raised the alarm.

Air and land searches have found no trace of Ms Dingley, and her family fear she might have been abducted. Since of the weather, the rescue effort might not resume till the spring.

Cpt Bordinaro said he did not think Ms Dingley suffered a mishap, was eaten by a bear or had actually fallen under a lake.

Ms Dingley and Mr Colegate began their journeys around Europe in 2014 after he nearly passed away from a flesh-eating bacterial infection.

In spite of the couple frequently blogging about their adventures, Cpt Bordinaro recommended their lives were not as ‘picturesque as the images posted on social networks suggest’.

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