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Project Scale:

Warehouse area: 3000m2

Rack height: 7m

Storage capacity: 5200

Number of shuttle: 6

Project Description: 

Nestlé Qingdao is headquartered in Switzerland and is the world's leading food company. Nestlé Qingdao Co., Ltd. started operation in 1996, and the existing warehouse capacity and operating efficiency have been unable to meet their growing needs.

Customer Requirements:

Warehouse expansion to meet increasing inventory requirements
Accelerate warehousing efficiency to meet 500 pallets/8 hours

WAP Solution:

Using a combination of shuttle& selective racking system, spliting batch operationand  single product picking areas to achieve 600 pallets/hour of high-speed operation.
At present, starting from Nestle in Qingdao, similar projects have been implemented in many locations suchas:  Shanghai Nestlé, Tianjin Nestlé, DongguanNestlé, TaizhouNestlé, Guangdong XujiNestlé, Zhejiang Xuji, Henan Xuji, Shandong Yinlu, Xiamen Yinlu, etc., with a total of200,000 storage capacity and more than 150 radio shuttles.