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East China Yonghui Logistics Co., Ltd.

Project Scale: 

Warehouse Area: 36,000m2

Rack Height: 8.1m

Storage Cell: 19,178

Cold Storage Environment: Normal temperature storage + fresh storage + steel platform

Project Overview: 

Yonghui Superstores is one of the first circulation enterprises in mainland China to introduce fresh agricultural products into modern supermarkets. It has been named as a model of "Wet Market Transforming into Food Supermarket" by seven national ministries, and praised by the people as "people's supermarket, people's Yonghui".

Customer Requirements: 

Developing integrated logistics, contracted logistics outsourcing, warehousing & distribution, and special transportation.

WAP Solution:

Push-back racking system is adopted, and the FILO operating mode guarantees both the access efficiency and dense storage. Compared to the pallet racking system, the storage space is increased by about 30%, which is suitable for the storage needs featuring less varieties and large quantity. The push-back racking system has a large storage capacity and an extremely high utilization rate.