Defense fanatic, 63, pulls out 4 foot SWORD and partially severs

Browne imprisoned for seven years four months after admitting severe bodily harm

The 4ft sword struck a Met officer partially severing his finger and breaking his hand

Shocking video footage reveals the moment a police officer’s finger is partly severed after a guy takes out a concealed four-foot-long sword.

Video footage captured on bodycam reveals Anthony Browne, 63, suddenly lunging towards the officer after pulling the big weapon from behind his back at a home in Dagenham, east London.

The Met law enforcement officer, who was going to the home on reports of a male behaving aggressively, was hit by the sword which broke his hand and partially severed his finger

Browne was apprehended at the scene on suspicion of severe physical harm with intent and typical attack.

He was jailed for seven years and 4 months after admitting to GBH at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday, 16 April.

The officer was taken to an east London hospital for treatment. His injuries were not life-threatening however needed surgery and ongoing treatment.

Investigator Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman said: ‘Anybody seeing the body-worn video footage will concur that it is completely unacceptable that officers are consulted with extreme violence like this.

The Met police officer, who was attending the house on reports of Anthony Browne, 63, (imagined) behaving aggressively, was hit by the sword which partially severed his finger.

Here Browne can be seen charging towards the officer as he attempts to apprehend him

The officer pushed Browne to the ground grabbing the weapon from his hand

‘ The officer’s colleagues were definitely quickly on scene when the alarm was raised.

‘ The fact his injuries were not lethal was fortunate, particularly for Browne, who might have found himself facing even more severe charges.

‘ I’m quite sure that this will have a long lasting effect on the officer worried who showed terrific guts in the face of risk.

‘ The significant escalation of violence and aggression showed by Browne highlights both the bravery and threats policemans typically deal with, particularly in someone’s own house.

Anthony Browne (imagined) of Lodge Avenue, Dagenham, was sentenced to 7 years and four months’ jail time at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday, April 16

‘ It also demonstrates that anybody who attacks an officer whilst carrying out their responsibility, no matter what the scenarios, will find themselves prior to the courts, so be cautioned.’

The occurrence taken place when police went to a Dagenham address after reports of a disturbance and a male behaving aggressively at 7.40 pm on 30 November in 2015.

Officers were confronted by Browne who started brandishing the sword and waving it in the officers’ faces – Browne was tasered and apprehended by the officer.

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