Cyberpunk 2077: How did the release go so incorrect?

It’s safe to state things haven’t gone efficiently for the makers of Cyberpunk 2077.

Most likely the most awaited release of 2020, it’s a game that took years of work and millions of Euros for CD Projekt Red to get onto shelves and into online shops.

It even stars Keanu Reeves.

And, if you have actually played the video game on an excellent PC, then you have actually most likely had a pretty sweet time.

However for a great deal of individuals jumping into the Cyberpunk 2077 world on older consoles, they found video game riddled with bugs, with little resemblance to what had actually been promised by developers and even some customers.

Sony and Microsoft removed the game from online shops and are providing refunds to anybody who purchased it.

CD Projekt Red had already offered refunds to gamers on either PS4 or Xbox who weren’t happy and has said it will work to bring the video game back to the Playstation store.

On top of all this, game ranking website Opencritic accused the company of “intentionally attempting to misrepresent its product” to players.

It says customers were just able to play the PC variation before the video game’s release, indicating the favorable scores it got were because its reviewers were using high-end computers – where the game works excellent.

‘ It looks like a Nintendo 64 game’

Patrick Swift from Milton Keynes bought a copy of the game from the Microsoft Shop to use his Xbox.

” I was truly ecstatic and everything but the very first thing I see is, it looks like a Nintendo 64 video game,” he tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

” I was really shocked by that and about 10 minutes in – the game crashes.”

” It was simply a really underwhelming experience after a lot buzz.”

Patrick says what he experienced in the video game was “absolutely nothing like how it was promoted” and is “gutted” after waiting years to play it.

Added to that, he’s now struggling to get a refund from Microsoft – which has actually not taken the game from its shop.

‘ It won’t look like high-end PC’

CD Projekt Red has actually apologised for disappointing console gameplay before release.

” We must have paid more attention to making it play better on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” it said in an apology.

It has stated two big patches will can be found in early 2021 – one in January, the 2nd in February.

” They won’t make the video game on last-gen appear like it’s running on high-spec PC or next-gen console, however it will be closer to that experience than it is now,” it included, confessing that some gamers would still not get the experience they expected.

Vic Hood, the gaming editor at Techradar, states it’s “huge” that a person of the huge games business has removed a significant title like this from its online store.

” I can’t think about the last time that’s been done,” she informs Newsbeat.

But it’s not the very first time CD Projekt Red has released a video game that’s been buggy and troublesome.

The company likewise made The Witcher 3 – commonly known, Vic states, as “one of the very best”. But that also introduced with bugs – although they were much less severe than the Cyberpunk issues.

” In regards to fans, it’s I believe it’s going to take a bit for them to possibly develop their reputation,” she states.

” And that truly depends on how rapidly they solve this issue, how quickly they implement those bug repairs.”

The business admitted it understood about the bugs, now it’s clear it didn’t understand the level of the issue, and was unaware it would not be as simple a repair as The Witcher 3.

Some gamers found that their characters had their (customisable) genitals outside their clothes, for instance.

John Perry, 26, has actually been having a bumpy ride taking pleasure in the game as it is. He’s been playing it on his PS5, where a PS4 variation is readily available. The main next-gen releases are set up for next year.

” It’s a buggy mess,” he states.

” I’ve had over 30 crashes which took me back to the grey screen. It’s clearly not working.”

He asked for a refund this morning, and states the video game can “just improve”.

” At least the designers are confessing their fault about the concerns they need to repair, which is a good thing.”

But the bugs people have actually experienced, and how severe they have been, have differed for different individuals.

Jordan Moseley, who’s 28, says he’s seen worse however does think what’s going on is “immersion breaking”.

He’s already asked for a refund from Sony.

However it’s not all doom and gloom. He’s played the video game on PC too, and says that’s a better experience.

” It does not seem to have a great deal of problems because it’s a brand-new PC so there’s enough there for it to run appropriately.”

Vic states she remained in 2 minds about whether she ‘d speak to Newsbeat about Cyberpunk, due to toxicity amongst fans of the franchise, which began as a table-top roleplaying game – a bit like Dungeons & Dragons.

Games reporters have actually been targeted online for what they’ve discussed the game and even the individual designers – who Vic says are rumoured to have developed to 100 hours a week to complete the game – have actually been attacked too, because its release.

” It’s an executive concern, where they are the ones pulling the strings,” she states.

” There was frustration from individuals who had pre-ordered the video game each time it was postponed which most likely played into a sensation of pressure on them.

” It does not imply the game needs to have been released with those bugs, but I believe that was a big factor of this.”

‘ Some things require to be delayed’

The game was due to be released on 16 April, but after initially being delayed up until September, then November, it eventually dropped in early December.

Vic states that if there’s something she hopes the games industry gains from the Cyberpunk 2077 experience, is that “there requires to be perseverance.”

” What I’ve learned from reviewing video games and even being a fan is that if something is postponed, there are great reasons that it is delayed,” she states.

” In some cases things need to be delayed, just so that they’re right. It’s so tough to repair something once a horse has bolted. That is much more difficult to do.”

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