Croatia Earthquake Toll Increases To 7 As Search Continues

A search for survivors in Croatia stretched into the night Tuesday after an effective earthquake eliminated a minimum of seven individuals in the nation’s interior, taking apart rooftops and stacking bricks in the streets.

The 6.4-magnitude quake was felt as far afield as Vienna however the heavy damage was concentrated around Petrinja, a town of around 20,000 some 50 kilometres (30 miles) south of Croatia’s capital Zagreb.

Map finding an earthquake which struck Croatia on Tuesday. AFP/ Tupac POINTU

Rescue groups shovelled away debris in search of victims as night fell after the mid-day tremor, while the European Union announced that more assistance was on its way.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said late Tuesday that seven victims had been discovered up until now which there would “most likely be more”.

Locals and rescue workers were scouring through debris after the quake Croatian Red Cross/ –

Among the dead was a young girl in Petrinja, reported to be 12 years of ages, and a minimum of five individuals in a nearby town, according to Croatian authorities, who stated that around 20 people were hurt.

6 people were saved from the rubble with the assistance of canines, Croatia’s Mountain Rescue Service said.

Many in Petrinja hesitated to return house at night in worry of aftershocks, while damage from the quake left most of the buildings in the downtown area “unfit for usage”, according to building and construction professionals.

The damage was focused in the town of Petrinja, home to some 20,000 people, where roofs caved in and bricks and other particles lined the streets AFP/ DENIS LOVROVIC

” All the tiles in the restroom are broken, all the meals fell out,” Marica Pavlovic, a 72-year-old retired meat factory worker, informed AFP of the damage to her house.

” Even if we wished to, we can’t go back in, there is no electrical energy,” she stated, gathered with others in a downtown park, wrapped in blankets.

Map locating the earthquake that struck central Croatia Tuesday AFP/ Alain BOMMENEL

Some people decided to invest the night in their vehicles or stay with relatives in other cities, while almost 200 took shelter in a military barracks.

In the nearby town of Sisak, also severely harmed by the quake, schools opened their sports halls to those who could not sleep at home.

The European Union’s crisis management chief, Janez Lenarcic, stated the bloc was preparing aid and that he would go to Petrinja on Wednesday.

‘ The city is really a big mess up,’ stated the mayor or Petrinja AFP/ DENIS LOVROVIC

” At the minute, primarily winter tents, electrical heating systems, sleeping beds and sleeping bags are needed along with housing containers”, Lenarcic wrote on Twitter.

Petrinja’s mayor Darinko Dumbovic said a kindergarten was amongst the structures that collapsed from the force of the quake. Fortunately, it was empty at the time.

” The city is in fact a huge ruin,” Dumbovic told national radio. “We are saving individuals, we are conserving lives. We have dead people, we have missing people, injured people … it is a catastrophe.”

The earthquake, which hit around 1130 GMT according to the US Geological Study, rattled Petrinja and the surrounding location just a day after a smaller earthquake struck in the very same vicinity, causing some damage to structures.

Josip Horvat, a 44-year-old artist, stated that when Tuesday’s tremor struck he was repairing a buddy’s chimney that had been damaged the previous day.

” I grabbed the seamless gutter and I was simply praying to God that it ends as quickly as possible,” he informed AFP.

Tuesday’s quake likewise shook the capital Zagreb, where worried homeowners collected in the streets as the shocks tore the tiles off roofings.

The tremblings resounded across neighbouring countries, consisting of Serbia and Slovenia, which as a preventative measure closed down the Krsko nuclear reactor it co-owns with Croatia.

The Balkan region rests on major fault lines and sees routine earthquakes.

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