Child of 2020: Toddler mistakes street furniture for hand sanitizer

A bittersweet clip catches a young child, who has matured throughout the coronavirus pandemic, mistaking random objects for hand sanitizers and trying to clean her hands.

The video, shot by the kid’s mother Katie Lightfoot, from Richardson, Dallas, Texas, shows Landry, who was born quickly prior to 2020, reaching for the sanitizer whenever she sees a comparable item.

Adorably the child is seen continuing the dispenser-shaped products prior to vigilantly rubbing her hands together, showing the daily safety measures that she only called normality.

Mrs Lightfoot shared the clip to her Facebook with the caption: ‘When your very first year of life is 2020, whatever is a hand sterilizing station …’.

In the video the toddler is seen stopping and pressing on power outlets, a brick wall and street lights, which she thinks to be hand sanitising stations, whilst on walks with her mom.

When the set lastly reach a genuine sanitising station, on their way into church, Landry is unable to reach and makes her aggravation known.

The clip was consulted with a mix reaction on social media as some found the woman’s mistake adorable whilst others deemed the video a sad reflection of the time we are residing in.

The one-year-old, Landry, stops at a power outlet at the base of a tree whilst on a walk with her mom Katie Lightfoot in Richardson, Texas.

After pressing on a course light sticking from the ground the youngster vigilantly rubs her hands together.

Landry reaches down to press a street light she believes is a hand sanitiser dispenser.

One Facebook user, Lowanda Davis-McBride, composed: ‘This cutie right here. It’s sad these babies are going to be excited about a hand sanitizer stand.

‘ I keep in mind the days when infants would be excited about a water fountain. The times we are residing in.’.

Whilst Becky Hale Heydt commented: ‘This is so unfortunate! She needs to be just enjoying whatever around her!’.

Another composed: ‘What a way to need to grow up! Such a cute little woman!!’.

Others recommended learning the sanitary habit was an advantage, writing: ‘She will be healthier for her hand sterilizing. We all must continue long after this pandemic.’.

When the household finally reach their location the young child is visibly upset that she can not reach the real hand sanitising station.

Filipa Santos took a various view, composing: ‘Awful. Constant gel alcohol is no good for anybody, much less for children/babies … They shouldn’t encourage this habits.’.

The FDA has cautioned moms and dads to ‘save hand sanitizer out of the reach of family pets and children’ and to only allow children to utilize the gel with adult supervision.

It mentions: ‘Young children, particularly toddlers, might be drawn in by the pleasant smell or vibrantly colored bottles of hand sanitizer.

‘ Drinking even a small amount of hand sanitizer can trigger alcohol poisoning in children. (However, there is no need to be worried if your kids consume with or lick their hands after utilizing hand sanitizer.)’.

The authority included that toxin control centers had seen ‘an increase in calls about unexpected ingestion of hand sanitizer’ throughout the pandemic.

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