Borussia Dortmund confirm they and Bayern Munich will not be signing

Borussia Dortmund have actually verified they have no plans to enter the breakaway European Super League produced by 12 clubs on Sunday night.

The dozen European sides, including all of England’s ‘Big 6’ clubs, revealed their intentions to start a new league ‘as quickly as it is practicable’ to change their participation in UEFA competitors, including the Champions League

Dortmund not just revealed they declined the Super League however likewise declared German rivals Bayern Munich had joined them in not registering to the controversial tournament.

Borussia Dortmund have verified they will not be signing up to the European Super League.

Dortmund have actually also verified Bayern Munich have actually joined them in their Super League stance

The Ruhr-land club firmly insisted that they wish to continue reforming the Champions League instead of develop a new competitors altogether.

Dortmund chairman Hans-Joachim Watzke said: ‘The members of the European Club Association (ECA) board got together for a virtual conference on Sunday night and verified that the board choice of last Friday is still valid.

‘ This choice suggests that the clubs want to implement the prepared reform of the UEFA Champions League. It was the clear viewpoint of the members of the ECA board that the plans to found a Super League were turned down.’

12 European clubs, including England’s ‘Huge Six’, revealed their new competition on Sunday

The declaration also stated Dortmund and Bayern ‘represented 100 per cent congruent views in all conversations’ concerning their position on the Super League

The 2 German clubs opted not to register for the competition along with French club Paris Saint-Germain. Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Toolbox, Chelsea and Tottenham are the six teams signed up from England.

Spanish trio Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid and Italian clubs Juventus, A/C Milan and Inter Milan comprise the other signed groups to have actually registered.

The competition will see 15 groups certify automatically for the competition every season with five extra certifying places up for grabs.

Teams will be divided into 2 groups of 10, with the top three teams from each group qualifying for the quarter-finals – with play-offs to decide the other 2 teams reaching the knockout rounds.

Dortmund revealed a desire to work with UEFA to reform the Champions League.

The production of the European Super League has actually been met with severe criticism from the ECA, FIFA, UEFA, the Premier League and the Football Association – who have all threatened to take legal action against the teams.

On Monday, UEFA were set to announce their new plans to reform the Champions League in spite of the risk of a breakaway league, however Sunday night’s statement has actually put a drawback in those talks.

UEFA has actually threatened to expel any group signed up to the European Super League from European competitors, as well as denying gamers form those teams from playing in global football.

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