Audiences of Netflix’s Why Did You Eliminate Me? are divided

Audiences of Netflix’s Why Did You Kill Me? have actually been left divided over a mom who used a phony social networks account run by her niece to find her daughter’s gang killers – with some critics arguing it was far ‘too unsafe’ to get the teen involved.

Netflix’s brand-new true crime documentary ‘Why Did You Kill Me?’ informs the story of how 24-year-old Crystal Theobald’s family utilized the power of social media to discover the gang members who gunned her down in Riverside, California, in February 2006.

The victim’s mom Belinda Lane witnessed the murder and pledged in Crystal’s last breath to avenge her death. Keeping to her word, she enlisted her niece Jaimie, then 14, to make a phony profile for Crystal on the now-defunct MySpace platform in a bid to find responses and get justice for her child.

And those who tuned in to see the awful story unfold were quick to take to social networks to reveal their opinions on a rather determined Belinda.

‘ Not to be remarkable however Belinda is my absolute hero,’ composed one, while a 2nd rather argued: ‘Is it me, or exists something terribly incorrect w/Belinda asking Jaime, a small, to pretend to be Angel & Rebecca and use Crystal’s image to lure GANG MEMBERS in?! I know y’ all wan na solve the criminal activity, but that ain’t the way. Too hazardous!’

‘ Why did you kill me?’ audiences have actually praised Crystal Theobold’s mother Belinda (visualized) for the method she defended answers regarding why her daughter was eliminated – and for using social media to locate Crystal’s killer

Catastrophe: In 2006, 24-year-old Crystal (visualized) was gunned down in Riverside, California, while driving with her mom Belinda Lane, sibling Justin, and boyfriend

Requiring to Twitter, one viewer penned: ‘Not to be significant but Belinda is my outright hero’ (pictured).

Mother-of-two Crystal remained in the automobile with Belinda, sibling Justin, and partner when their automobile was sprayed with bullets – with Crystal being fatally shot in the head.

‘ The last thing I got to state to her, I assured her that I was gon na get ’em. They’re gon na pay,’ Belinda recalled.

Throughout the documentary, among the investigators dealing with the case described that law enforcement was trying to find a ‘particularly violent gang.’.

Belinda started a plan of secretly examining suspects on social media after the family was tipped off that the wrongdoers were on MySpace.

Fake profile: They called the personality they created ‘Angel,’ and Jaimie would pretend to be her on the platform.

Requiring to Twitter, one viewer branded Belinda ‘savage.’ Pictured, social media reaction.

In the documentary, which premiered on April 14, Jaimie recalled: ‘Auntie Belinda developed the idea of making Crystal a MySpace. I stated, “I can get information for you.”‘.

They named the persona they created ‘Angel,’ and Jaimie pretended to be her on the social media platform, attracting the males she was speaking with into an incorrect sense of security in a bid to withdraw any shred of details that might have helped.

‘ I was consumed with it. I understood how to make it appear like this woman on MySpace is genuine,’ she admitted. ‘It looked like I belonged. My typing was acting.

‘ Pretending to be her, I think that’s what made it challenging at the end. Making someone fall in love with someone who’s dead is not a good sensation inside.’.

Jaimie continued: ‘I was just making ’em like me, making ’em trust me before I start being like, “What sort of vehicle do you drive?”.

The documentary goes on to check out how the line in between justice and vengeance ended up being blurred for Crystal’s mom, who was figured out – no matter what it took – for those responsible to spend for her child’s death.

Belinda (visualized) created the idea to secretly examine suspects on social media after the family was tipped off that the perpetrators were on MySpace.

Some audiences were less accepting of Belinda’s actions – and called her out on taking things too far (imagined).

‘ I ‘d drive past their homes and go take images of the vehicles,’ Belinda discussed, previously later including: ‘I desired him to injure like we were injuring.’.

And speaking of Belinda when trying to bring Crystal’s murderers to justice, someone noted she was ‘just sort of psycho.’.

Belinda even went so far regarding confess that she wanted to murder the males who killed her daughter – despite assuring her family it would never come to that.

‘ I told them, “Okay, everybody, no violence,”‘ Belinda said, ‘however in the back of my own mind, I still knew I was gon na kill ’em.’.

Many fans took to Twitter to praise Belinda’s nerve in attempting to recognize and bring her child’s killer to justice – while others revealed their delight that the former druggie managed to turn her life around come completion of the documentary.

Sleuth: Jaimie (pictured) impersonated her killed cousin Crystal Theobald on MySpace to assist find the gang members who gunned her down.

‘ Belinda is a savage. Legit Mad Maxing,’ wrote one, while a second commented: ‘Enjoying #WhyDidYouKillMe on Netflix and Belinda– I like you.’.

A third included: ‘Was NOT anticipating that from Belinda at the end. Delighted she turned it around and found herself,’ while a fourth penned: ‘Belinda !!! Catfishing on MySpace with a revenge story,’ followed by a crown emoji.

A 5th commented: ‘Belinda is not to be f **** ed with okaaayyy,’ while a further wrote: ‘Belinda in why did you kill me is such a bad a ** lol she’s incredible.’.

Nevertheless, others were less accepting of Belinda’s actions – and called her out on taking things too far, especially when it pertained to getting Jaime involved.

Caught: William Sotelo, the final suspect to be jailed in 2016, was one of the gang members Jaimie spoke with on MySpace.

‘ Belinda’s responsibility list is getting longer and longer and longer as #WhyDidYouKillMe goes on. I comprehend she remains in so much pain however beginning a gang war and putting other individuals resides in danger is MADNESS!’ composed one, while a second commented: ‘Aunt Belinda is … the worst. She makes it very hard for me to feel bad for her.’.

Belinda spent over a decade attempting to pursue Crystal’s killers, and ultimately, through the fake MySpace profile she began with Jaimie, she was able to interact with William Sotelo, who was associated with the shooting.

In 2006, investigators brought him in for a voluntary interview, where he provided info that moved along the examination.

However, authorities still didn’t have enough proof to apprehend him at the time, and he vanished nearly as rapidly as he had actually appeared.

Belinda continued to inquire on Sotelo’s whereabouts on social media, and in 2014, she received an idea that said Sotelo was in Mexico.

She forwarded the details to investigators, who worked with the FBI and Mexican authorities to track him down.

Solito, who was the last suspect in the 2006 drive-by shooting, was detained in Mexico in 2016. He and numerous others had been driving around in two cars, looking for to avenge a shooting from earlier that day.

Detectives stated it was possible they mistook the vehicle Crystal was in for one coming from a rival gang.

Julio Heredia, the male founded guilty of shooting, was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2011.

10 other offenders pleaded guilty to various different charges – including everything from gang and weapon charges to witness intimidation and tried murder.

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