ASK TONY: A little extra assist with my banking? Not from Halifax!

I have an account with Halifax in Chesterfield. My niece signed up Power of Attorney (POA) over my financial affairs in April. She needed a debit card as she was taking care of my shopping during the first lockdown

All subsequent correspondence and documents were released in the name of J. Jones, which is neither her nor my name. When a debit card was ultimately issued, it was incorrectly under the title ‘Mrs’.

A brand-new card was sent, but then my card quit working. When I went to the branch, I was ensured this had been repaired, however a trip to the supermarket showed otherwise.

Card crisis: A reader has had a hard time to get her local Halifax branch to offer her niece with a debit card so she could help out with the shopping throughout lockdown.

I was issued with a new card, but then my niece’s would not work. She was sent out a fresh card however no PIN. She was told the old PIN would work, but it did not.

I have actually now made numerous trips to the bank to attempt to resolve this. Every one means a 20-mile round trip and costly parking. Personnel have said that two people can have a card for the very same account, so what is the problem?

Mrs E. A., Alfreton, Derbys.

The ageing population means more people are likely to need assistance with our financial affairs, or have to help older relatives. Yet when it concerns handling POA, banks can prove especially inept.

As someone with POA myself, I discover account application confusing, as it is always unclear whose name is implied to go where.

Then, as you have discovered, banks can make a mess of something as straightforward as providing an extra debit card.

You have health problems and ought to have been protecting, however Halifax’s incompetence suggested you were forced to travel to the branch. The POA was signed up appropriately, but branch personnel purchased the debit cards improperly.

I understand the branch manager has actually now spoken with you to apologise. A payment of ₤ 162.40 has also been made to compensate for the distress and trouble triggered and to cover the expenses of your sees.

Halifax has also asked the branch manager to make sure staff receive pertinent additional training to avoid this mistake from taking place again.

Straight to the point When I left my flat in 2015, I paid a ₤ 300 bill to British Gas. But, in January, it reimbursed me ₤ 335. In May, it told me I owed ₤ 115, which I paid. In August, I received a bill for ₤ 383, and after that a letter from a financial obligation collector stating I owed ₤ 411. I paid, but have complained. A. D., Stoke, Staffs. British Gas has reimbursed you ₤ 279 and apologises for the hold-up. It says the modified costs was because of a conflict with the brand-new occupier over the final meter reading and an issue with the meter readings supplied by you. *** I was charged two times for the repair of my cooker by Domestic & General, amounting to ₤ 239.98. I was informed to call the maker Hotpoint, but it stated there was no record of a repair work. C. S., Southport, Merseyside. Domestic & General says it has refunded you and used compensation as a goodwill gesture. It apologises for the inconvenience, which was brought on by system mistakes. *** In between 2016 and 2019, my Premium Bond numbers won 25 times (around 6 times a year). How can it be that I have not won when this year? Exists an opportunity my numbers have been omitted from the monthly draw? M. H., by email. NS&I says bond numbers are not actually participated in ERNIE, its electronic random number indicator devices. Rather, numbers are produced arbitrarily then matched against eligible bond numbers. So it is impossible your bonds were lost out. The Government’s Actuary Department likewise performs an independent check each month to make sure the draw is random.

My cars and truck, a Honda CR-V, had a visit from a rodent throughout lockdown, that made lunch out of a loop in the engine. My insurance provider, NFU Mutual, arranged for the car to be taken to a repair work garage in June.

Honda at first stated the part needed would be readily available in August, now it is saying January to March. It will not say why it is taking this long.

NFU and the garage have talked to Honda’s grievances department. My insurance company has been fantastic but Honda, in my mind, has been a disgrace.

A. L., Weston-super-Mare.

Hang on a minute. I understand your frustration, especially if you have actually not had the reaction you were wishing for. But to call Honda a disgrace is extending it. A rat ate through something. That’s not Honda’s fault.

As an outcome, your vehicle needs a new electrical wiring loom which is not readily available off the shelf. This part is not perishable or in demand.

Honda apologises, however says the part is being made and will be delivered to the UK. The pandemic has impacted both the factory and the supply chain.

Honda offered you with a hire cars and truck for a month as a goodwill gesture, and your insurer kept you mobile before this, from July to September.

There is no one to blame, and it is not fair to take your frustration out on Honda.


We have a family trust, established when my father died practically 20 years earlier.

The supreme recipients are his children, including me, though our mom could get earnings. Each year, the trust has to pay capital gains tax.

We are questioning whether the tax should be paid from the trust, or whether it might be paid by a third party– in this case my mother.

P. N., Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

The trust was established according to the provisions of your late dad’s will with ₤ 250,000, comparable to the estate tax (IHT) nil rate band.

At this time, IHT allowances might not be moved in between spouses. The trust secures the cash from IHT.

HMRC says the tax can be paid by anyone who wishes to pay it, however it would count as a present, which could have IHT implications for the estate of the person who pays it.

But if your mom were to make it through for seven years after making a present, the cash would have lost consciousness of her estate. In numerous methods, there is little to lose if she wishes to do this, especially if the bulk of her estate is because of pass to you and your siblings.

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