Alexander Wang knocks sexual attack claims from several male designs

Text exchanges between Alexander Wang and a male model who accused him of sexual assault was launched on Monday as the fashion designer knocked accusations from numerous guys in an e-mail to staff.

Numerous claims have gathered after design and graphic designer Owen Mooney took to TikTok to share his supposed encounter with Wang in 2017, explaining how he ‘froze’ when Wang searched his crotch throughout a show in New York City.

Numerous others stepped forward with similar claims, triggering the fashion designer to release a declaration denying the ‘grotesquely false’ claims recently.

In a memo seen by and sent out to his staff on Monday, Wang composed: ‘I wanted to make the effort to compose to you all and thank every one of you who have been waiting me and the brand after the hard previous few days.

‘ You are my community, my top priority and I am totally aware that the current news has likewise affected you. I hope this note that I am sending out prior to we post on company socials later today, assists to address a few of your questions and relieve some concerns.’

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Alexander Wang shared a memo with staffers on Monday because of the current allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted male designs, claiming that he has never ever benefited from others, as it’s revealed that Lisa Flower will represent the declared victims

In a memo, seen by, and sent out to his personnel (shop visualized) on Monday, Wang composed that he remains ‘dedicated’ to his staff members and his brand ‘and will do whatever in my power to direct us through this process with the utmost openness’

Wang stated that he remains ‘committed’ to his employees and his brand ‘and will do whatever in my power to direct us through this procedure with the utmost openness’.

‘ Firstly, I want to seize the day to link directly with individuals who have assisted me grow this brand into what it is today and resolve the current false, made and mostly confidential allegations against me.

‘ While I have actually constantly been active in my social life, frequently going to numerous industry gatherings, parties and concerts where alcohol and drugs existed- but contrary to what has been stated, I have never ever benefited from others in a sexual way or required anything on anyone without authorization.

‘ I likewise have never ever mistreated my status or popularity for my own benefit. These unwarranted allegations were begun on social media by websites which consistently disregarded the worth and significance of proof or reality monitoring,’ Wang stated.

He then composed that he is making it his ‘concern to show these allegations are incorrect and are fueled by exclusively opportunistic intentions’.

‘ It is necessary for individuals to speak up about and be heard however there is a requirement to make sure allegations are credible, so that we don’t damage these important causes. Our team is doing everything in its power to examine these claims and we guarantee to remain honest and transparent throughout that procedure.

‘ We are fortunate to have actually received an overwhelming quantity of assistance over the last few days and are grateful to our personnel, customers and industry peers for standing by our side at this time,’ he concluded.

In addition to Wang’s memo to staff, his representatives likewise released text messages to that showed exchanges between Wang and among his accusers.

The text exchange involves Nick, an accuser who spoke with recently He stated that Wang performed sex acts on him while he remained in a blacked out state in a club.

The very first few texts are dated in late 2019 and show Nick informing Wang that he remains in Brooklyn with buddies.

In addition to Wang’s memo to staff, his representatives also launched text to that showed exchanges between Wang and among his accusers. The text exchange includes Nick, an accuser who spoke to recently.

Other exchanges sent out to from Wang’s group consists of one from May and June 2020. In May, the men discuss Nick vacating New York City after losing his task amid the coronavirus pandemic. In the June exchange, Wang told Nick that he was in Connecticut

‘ I’m out in Brooklyn at a pals– you ??’ Nick asks. Wang responds: ‘Simply left a shoot in BK. Heading back into city.’

On November 24, 2019, Nick informs Wang: ‘Damn sorry I’m missing you again.’

Wang doesn’t appear to have reacted to that message, but a little over a week later on Nick composes: ‘Hey how’s it going? Are you have a party next week with Adidas?’

It does not appear that Wang reacted to that message either.

On January 18, 2020, Nick wrote: ‘Alexxx are you out??’ Wang reacted: ‘Nope in your home. You?’

‘ Wish to come to China town?’ Nick asks.

The exchange appears to select back up on January 31, 2020, with Nick texting Wang about cigarette smoking and chilling together.

‘ Down to smoke and chill at some point,’ Nick composes, to which Wang responds: ‘Sat?’.

‘ Yea want to keep it chill?’ Nick asks.

Wang reacts: ‘Instead of …?’.

‘ Going to a club which we usually do,’ Nick says. Wang replies: ‘Oh Hahahaha yea. Gon na prob remain in tonight.’.

Other exchanges sent out to from Wang’s team includes one from May and June 2020.

In May, the men talk about Nick vacating New York City after losing his task in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘ Would be good to club once again prior to I go out lol,’ Nick informs Wang.

In the June exchange, Wang told Nick that he remained in Connecticut after getting a location there for the summertime. -.

On the other hand, it was revealed on Monday that Lisa Bloom (envisioned), will be representing the male designs who have actually brought accusations against Wang.

Last week, a 25-year-old male (envisioned) who only wished to be recognized as Nick described to how he fulfilled Wang at a club in Brooklyn in June of 2019. He declares that he was blacked out drunk and later woke up with Wang carrying out a sex act on him.

The outpouring of claims followed design and graphic designer Owen Mooney (envisioned) took to TikTok to share his alleged encounter with Wang in 2017, explaining how he ‘froze’ when Wang allegedly groped his crotch throughout a concert in New york city City.

Meanwhile, it was exposed on Monday by Page Six that Lisa Blossom will be representing the male designs who have brought accusations versus Wang.

Bloom stated she’s ‘happy’ to be representing a few of the designer’s accusers.

‘ The fashion business is long past due for a reckoning on its regular, disturbing mistreatment of designs. I have actually represented numerous alleging sexual misconduct recently, consisting of versus Paul Marciano, Bruce Weber and others,’ she informed Page Six.

‘ Designs are not props, and they have the very same rights to workplace respect as everybody else,’ she added.

Wang has actually been accused of sexual assault and increasing beverages with MDMA by multiple alleged victims who claimed Wang’s ‘predatory’ habits was an open secret in the fashion industry for many years.

Recently, a 25-year-old guy who just wished to be identified as Nick explained to how he satisfied Wang at a club in Brooklyn in June of 2019.

He claims one night in August of that year when he socialized with Wang, the designer was ‘aggressive’ and performed sex acts on him while he was in a blacked out state, once in a jam-packed club and later on that night in an Uber.

The young man told ‘This is not something I desired or something that I was going after and it must never ever have occurred, because method particularly.

‘ I’m truly pleased that someone did speak up about it because it made me realize my own circumstance was a lot various than what I had thought.

‘ I believe there was a great deal of control and I simply sort of feel played. The whole #MeToo motion has been more around women and people do not understand this can also occur to males, I being one of them. I believe it’s a huge awaken call to gay men.’.

Nick, who was residing in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn at the time, very first satisfied Wang at 3 Dollar Costs – a gay bar in East Williamsburg. He had actually gone to the place with a friend when he ran into Wang.

Nick said: ‘I kind of acknowledged him, however I didn’t understand it was him, however he kept kind of coming near me and my pal and dancing with us.

‘ Later on in the night, he was getting a little bit more aggressive, like pulling me, but in the club that’s simply type of normal. So I didn’t truly believe that much of it.’.

They exchanged contact information and Nick explained he thought Wang seemed ‘great and typical’, but said ‘when we began hanging out with his friends, it was a lot different, it was a lot more aggressive.’.

While Nick said he doesn’t believe his drink was increased with MDMA as other accusers have actually declared, he described he was consuming heavily around Wang, a lot so that he blacked out – the only time he’s ever done so.

He stated: ‘Each time I was blacked out, I would concern awareness, and he was doing something to me.’.

Nick added: ‘I am not a heavy drinker in general, but for me to black out I believe is very excessive.

‘ When we would go out we would be at a table, so as soon as a drink would be finished a brand-new one would currently exist. It was truthfully hard to keep track and then we ‘d be doing shots.’.

While Nick stated he doesn’t think his drink was surged with MDMA as other accusers have claimed, he explained he was drinking greatly around Wang, so much so that he blacked out – the only time he’s ever done so.

Wang is known for his bubbly, carefree personality and counts supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid (right), Kendall Jenner, starlet Zoe Kravitz (left) and singer Dua Lipa amongst his inner circle.

It was this kind of heavy drinking that would occur the next time Nick met up with Wang at a bar called Lola in the East Town on August 24, 2019 with Wang’s circle of pals. has seen texts and Instagram direct messages between Wang and Nick, with the designer encouraging Nick to satisfy him at numerous clubs.

In an exchange from August 24, 2019, Nick responds to Wang, asking where he’s at.

Wang offers Nick the address, stating ‘it’s enjoyable’. When Nick agrees to come, Wang texts back: ‘Take a few shots and catch up with me.’.

When he reached the location, Wang had a private table. Nick explained people recognized Wang and tried to take pictures or join their table, adding he was somewhat unpleasant remaining in a situation where people were always looking their way.

Nick explained a night of flowing drinks before he blacked out, and when he came to Wang was apparently providing him a hand task while they were dancing.

He stated: ‘I was surprised. I brushed him off, and he just chuckled it off.’.

Nick added: ‘I resemble beside all of his friends which were all women … so I’m kind of stunned that it was regular for them.’.

The group club hopped that night, and Nick stated he never truly understood where he was after the initial bar.

He explained: ‘I really just go out in Brooklyn, so I didn’t know the locations that we were heading out in the Lower East Side, because some were new to me.

‘ I was actually, really drunk. So as soon as I recognized I was unable to make it house alone because I was drinking too much, I asked Alex “where are we? What location?” and he simply would not inform me.’.

It sought the 3rd club that night when Nick said he ended up being alert in an Uber and found Wang carrying out a sex act on him.

He stated: ‘Again, I was blacked out and awakened to him providing me oral in the vehicle. This time I was telling him, “we are in a cars and truck!” His pals are also in the automobile, so that’s why it was so odd.’.

Nick stated: ‘I think there was a great deal of control and I just sort of feel played. The entire #MeToo movement has been more around women and people don’t recognize this can also happen to men, I being one of them. I believe it’s a big wake-up call to gay guys’. has actually seen texts and Instagram direct messages in between Wang and Nick, with the designer encouraging him to meet him out at different clubs.

But Nick said he thinks this is regular behavior for Wang, who didn’t seem phased by his shock or upset when he was told to stop.

‘ Each time he’s never truly stunned. Even if I end up being alert and jump, recognizing what’s occurring he simply acts like it’s typical,’ Nick stated.

Due to his drunk state, Nick wound up crashing at Wang’s home, going directly to bed and leaving in the early morning.

He discussed: ‘I believed it was more a friendly ambiance. I never ever desired a romantic thing or anything like that. I never desired anything sexual with him.

‘ For me, I was thinking he’s actually into me, with him being aggressive. I didn’t understand until reading other individuals’s experiences, it was something different on his side.’.

The next time Nick saw Wang in fall of 2019, he describes a similar night to his previous encounters, flowing drinks and partying.

He stated: ‘We consumed a lot again, but he wasn’t doing anything as crazy, it was more or less the usual.’.

The last time Nick said he saw Wang, was this June. He visited his apartment in downtown Manhattan where they hung out, talked and enjoyed TELEVISION.

While Nick stated Wang attempted to get cuddly with him and make a relocation, he brushed him off for the final time.

He stated: ‘It wasn’t as aggressive as the other nights, however I likewise brushed it off, I was like “all right, knock it off.”.

‘ I think he was ending up being conscious of that. I believe he probably understood I didn’t desire anything sexual, so there wasn’t really any point to hang out.’.

Beyond the two circumstances when Nick was too intoxicated to permission, the two males never had a physical relationship, Nick stated.

Various victims have kept that Wang’s behavior had been something of an open secret for months, if not years.

Nick said he’s sharing his story because it’s been ‘eye-opening’ for him.

He said: ‘I believed what was taking place was normal. The thing that’s so stunning about this, I felt all of this was normal till I began seeing other individuals’s stories and experiences and it sounded similar to mine.

‘ For gay guys, this can be typical and it’s tolerated and no one really discusses it.’.

Owen Mooney, a design and graphic designer, stepped forward with his story in a set of TikTok videos that went viral on Monday. In the very first video (left) Mooney declared that he ‘d been ‘touched up’ by a ‘really famous designer’ while he and his good friends were watching rap artist CupcakKe carry out at a club 3 years earlier. He didn’t supply a name up until the second video (right), after commenters guessed that it was Wang.

The accusations against Wang went viral on Monday, when industry watchdog Sh * t Model Management published stories from several various accusers on Instagram (imagined).

One supposed victim likewise declared Wang had actually done the very same ‘Molly water trick on me’, while another implicated him of drugging 2 pals in 2014.

Wang’s agents have actually denied Nick’s claims telling ‘The text messages that we have from this “Nick” character to our customer inform a very various story than the one reported.’.

‘ Despite declaring that Alex sexually attacked him twice in one night while he (Nick) was allegedly blacked out drunk, he has repeatedly and regularly connected to Alex since the alleged occurrences to welcome him clubbing, asking him to hang out, smoke weed, and chill. Even as just recently as last weekend, the guy was texting Alex happy birthday messages.’.

Accusations against Wang made news after Owen Mooney’s account of his experience went viral and industry guard dog Sh * t Model Management (SMM) started sharing screenshots of claims sent out in by anonymous users.

In 2 TikTok videos, Mooney alleged that he ‘d been ‘touched up’ by a ‘really well-known designer’ while he and his pals were viewing rap artist CupcakKe perform at a club 3 years earlier.

He didn’t provide a name up until the 2nd video, after commenters guessed that it was Wang.

‘ I was by myself at one point and this guy next to me clearly took at advantage of the truth that nobody might f ** king relocation,’ Mooney stated.

‘ And he just began touching me up. Like, completely up my leg, in my crotch. It made me freeze entirely me since I remained in a lot shock.

‘ Then I aim to my left to see who it was and it was a really well-known designer and I just couldn’t believe that he was doing that to me.’.

He described the incident as ‘truly f ** ked up’ and stated he needed to ‘gradually move away’ from the designer he branded a ‘sexual predator’ in his 2nd video.

Another accuser Nick Ward claimed Wang ‘got’ his crotch at a DJ event in Brooklyn in 2017.

‘ As he was passing, he swung, squeezed me, and kept walking,’ Ward informed Insider.

‘ By the time I understood what took place, I just revealed to my buddy: ‘that man simply grabbed my d ** k’ and they’re all like, ‘that was Alexander Wang.”.

Ward first detailed the incident in a Twitter thread on September 11, 2017, which was shared on Instagram by the fashion account Diet plan Prada, which boasts more than 2.3 million followers.

Among the unnamed accusers who spoke to SMM declared their pal, who is a trans male, had actually been riding in a limousine with Wang after a celebration ‘a while ago’ when the designer used him water and made certain he drank it all.

‘ A few minutes after, they saw they were rolling and had been giving molly water,’ the confidential individual declared.

‘ This was a routine event due to the fact that a year after being informed this story, I also heard other individuals confirm that they likewise got drugged on the way to any after celebration.’.

Another supposed victim likewise declared Wang had done the same ‘Molly water technique on me’, while a 3rd accused him of drugging 2 pals in 2014.

Diet Prada asserted that claims against Wang have been distributing for months if not years.

In its post the account shared screenshots from Instagram stories rapper Azealia Banks published in 2019 that included confidential accusations against Wang.

While Banks’ posts have actually because vanished from her Instagram, they were screencapped and archived by Twitter users.

On Tuesday, style advocacy company Model Alliance, released a statement in assistance of Wang’s accusers.

‘ We at Model Alliance stand in uniformity with those who have shared allegations of sexual assault by Alexander Wang,’ it said in an Instagram post.

‘ Lets be clear: The fashion industry’s absence of openness and accountability leaves all designs vulnerable to abuse, despite their sex or gender identity.’

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